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Evgenie Rudometov
Victor Rudometov

Long time personal computers were considered as tools of elite. However lowering of their price and prompt information of a society have made their widespread household appliance.

In competitive struggle for a commodity market corporations-manufacturers create new design solutions. But this process is not lagged behind also by users, decorating the favourites.

It was possible to get acquainted with some results of similar creativity on IDF Fall 2002 (San Jose, the USA). Photos of some curious exhibits are more low resulted.

The browse can be started from the computer in which the system unit represents something in sort whether an original copper, whether any turbine. This system unit is jointed to a power supply unit a cable in a metal-sleeve.

The computer. In the foreground a system unit of the computer and a power supply unit (chest)

The following exhibit is the computer which system unit is created in the form of an aquarium in which there is a cube. The effect forms by system of mirrors. But at the block, of course, there are all traditional components of the computer. It is possible to be convinced of it if to look in the special window allocated in a least upper bound of a parallelepiped of a system unit. The window is made in the form of a star.

The computer. A system unit in the form of an aquarium

One more variant has reminded an ancient radio receiver of the thirtieth-fortieth years.


The computer in style of radio equipment of the fortieth years

One more variant of beautiful solution. The computer in the form of the cylinder. By the way, the given system has powerful enough processor. Here it is used Intel of Pentium 4 2.0 GHz. As the accompanying tablet testifies, the author has spent 100 hours for creation of the given construction.

The computer in the form of the cylinder

The following exhibit as if has appeared from fantastic films. Meet, the Computer-monster. For some reason in memory the film "Strangers" emerges. The construction possesses mystical attractiveness and any original charm.

The computer-monster

To this exhibit there was curious enough history. Stray keystroke on a jaw of "monster" has called promotion of a tray of the optical drive. However the monster had the weak jaw keeping on plasticine. It there and then also has fallen off, that it is possible to observe on a series of the presented photos.

Process of loss by "monster" of a jaw

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