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Forum of high technologies

Evgenie Rudometov
Victor Rudometov

On February, 18th, 2003 in San Jose (California, the USA) has opened next IDF.

Contrary to a popular belief the modern production grounded on market principles, cannot develop without the scientific analysis, planning and regulation. In the conditions of a hard competition the price of errors can be very high. For this reason hi-tech industries are in great need in tools of the forecast of the further development. To number of such effective tools installing necessary reference points and representing the big public value, it is necessary to carry become traditional forum IDF (IDF - Intel Developer Forum), devoted to high technologies in the field of computers and electronics.

Being the largest action for implementators of hardware and the software, forum IDF is spent some times in a year. Thus IDF gathers leading representatives of a science and engineering for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing techniques and production of electronic branches, intended for personal computers, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits. IDF is technological conference largest in branch for leading implementators with involvement of representatives of mass media. At meetings IDF led in the different countries of the world within all year, key players of branch discuss the advanced processing techniques and products of electronic branches of the industry.

Krejg Barrett, the main chief executive of corporation of Intel (Craig Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation).

It is necessary to mark, that these branches define the person of a modern civilisation and influence economy development, practically, all countries of the world. Leading scientists, technicians, and the higher managers of the largest corporations which are engaged in development and release of hi-tech products take part in Forum operation.

Floor Otellini, the president of corporation of Intel (Chief Operating Ofiiicer Intel Corporation)

Forum sessions declared many technological innovations, represented perspective specifications and architectures, for the first time showed finished articles. The newest developments presented at these sessions have put in pawn a basis of development of many directions of the modern industries linked to high technologies.

Here only some historical marks of last sessions IDF.

Forum sessions

Processing techniques, architectures, products

IDF Spring 1998

  • The transportable version of the processor of Intel of Pentium II

IDF Fall 1998

  • The processor of Intel of Pentium MMX with low energopotrebleniem

IDF Spring 1999

  • Transportable variant of the processor of Intel of Pentium III with clock rate of 700 MHz
  • DIG64 (Developer Interface Guide) for IA-64

IDF Fall 1999

  • Set of system logic of Intel 850Chipset
  • The processor of Intel Celeron with clock rate of 433 MHz

IDF Spring 2000

  • First products USB 2.0
  • Processor Itanium platform
  • The first products of the industry the flesh-memories created on processing technique of 0,18 microns

IDF Fall 2000

  • The processor of Intel Xeon with clock rate of 1 GHz
  • The architecture of Intel XScale

IDF Spring 2001

  • The products created on the basis of the set of network processors of Intel IXP1200
  • Transportable variants of processors of Intel of Pentium III with clock rate of 1 GHz and Intel Celeron with clock rate of 750 MHz
  • InfiniBand

IDF Fall 2001

  • Transportable variants of processors of Intel of Pentium 4
  • Digital camera Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Intel PCA (Personal Internet Client Architecture)
  • 64-bit applications working under Microsoft Windows

Further at the Forum have found reflexion of processing technique of high-speed data transfer — Gigabit Ethernet, server processors and, of course, the transportable solutions which basis was made by the processors coded for the time being with code name Banias.

Also one of priority directions of development of branch — convergence of the computer with communication processing techniques has been sounded, perhaps , major of which will be wireless ways of data transfer. During reports and seminars the newest products have been presented and perspective paths of development are planned.


Patrick Gelsinger, the vice-president and the main technical director of corporation of Intel (Patrick Gelsinger, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Intel Corporation).

It is necessary to mark, that in the past 2002 one of sessions of the Forum of Intel for implementators has been organised for the first time in Russia. Intel corporation has selected Moscow, centre of roughly growing Russian branch of information technologies and telecommunications, for carrying out of the Forum of Intel first in countries of Eastern Europe for implementators. Intel plans to organise following IDF in Russia in 2003.

For now sights of experts are chained to San Jose where once again there will be leading experts and will tell to the world about the newest developments which, probably, once again will change our life to the best.

Predictably, at the Forum will find consecration the newest processing technique of Intel Centrino. This processing technique provides usage of the new transportable processor of Intel of Pentium M, before known as Banias. Besides, the basis of this processing technique is made by the new set of sets of system logic of Intel 855, and also the wireless communication unit.

One more hit will be, certainly, new processor Prescott created on processing technique of 90 nanometers and possessing the cache memory of the second level in size of 1 Mb.

Will find the reflexion and novelties of the server sector linked to products of bar Itanium 2, such, as Madison, the supplied 6 MB of the cache memory.

And, of course, all expect details concerning processor Manitoba oriented on naladonniki, phones and kommunikatory.

And still there will be new processing techniques, architectures, platforms, predumatrivajushchie usage of new buses.

And so, meet, the first Forum of high technologies of 2003 has opened new sequence of the most interesting events!

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