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The Petersburg computer summer

Victor Rudometov, Evgenie Rudometov.

Large computer corporations more and more attention give to the perspective Russian market. These corporations provide with implantation of the newest products, processing techniques and an appropriate infrastructure its fast development.

The Russian public after decades of informational isolation pays the increasing attention on world reachings of high technologies. Mobile phones, computers, the Internet — here it is far not the complete list of the innovations which have become by the characteristic of the occurred epoch. Thus even more often it is possible to meet in printing issuings and to hear on a radio receiver, the TV and even in the street such terms, as processors, operating systems, communication circuits, modems, access, etc . Having brought corrective amendments in a social system, the country promptly enters during an informational era.

It, of course, could not remain without attention of leading manufacturers of the firmware substantially defining progress in the field of high technologies. These corporations, having realised high perspectivity of the Russian market, try to draw all resources attention to production. Having started from Moscow, they give recently the increasing attention to other cities and the locales of our country which earlier were not representing for them considerable commercial interest. Also it is necessary to mark, that the special place among them occupies St.-Petersburg by right named as cultural and scientific capital of Russia. Promptly growing authority of our city draws attention not only diplomats, but also businessmen among whom it is a lot of those who represent computer processing techniques.

The largest computer corporations among which not few known names, promptly expand the presence at St.-Petersburg. Despite traditional summer calm, in our city with an enviable regularity meetings with representatives of the press and computer experts are held. At these meetings the newest products and processing techniques are represented.

And, to really, these largest corporations to eat than be proud. So, for example, on one of the actions led in St.-Petersburg the corporation of Intel in the name of the representatives once again has informed some results of the activity.

Igor Sysoyev, the manager responsible for the corporate market, Michael Fechin, the representative of the corporation of Intel in the Northwest, Alexander Palladin, the director of the press-service of corporation of Intel in the CIS countries and Baltic

As is known, in April, 2002 by calculations of analytical company Gartner Dataquest the quantity of the personal computers sold all over the world has exceeded one billion.

For Intel corporation this epoch-making event has special value as its contribution to microprocessor technology development has in many respects defined present reachings of the computer industry. In the majority of them products and processing techniques of Intel have been used. From a chip of Intel 8080, used in computer Altair, through the processor of Intel 8088 with clock rate 4,77 Mgts on which base in 1981 IBM PC have been created, to Intel of Pentium 4 with clock rate 2,53 Ggts - such is historical path of development of processors of Intel, and remove also all computer branch. And, as has stated in the reports on IDF in San Francisco and Munich the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques Pet Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger), existing rates of development will be saved, at least, the next 10-20 years. Other bosses of Intel, despite the tightened crisis of the branches linked to high technologies adhere to similar opinion also.

Against existing crisis Intel reachings in the Russian market look especially impressing. Here only some digits and the facts which are not demanding remarks.

Intel carries out close cooperation with 322 companies registered in the Northwest. Thus in St.-Petersburg 11 corporations by which the status "the Prime minister the Provider of Intel" is assigned. Through them 60 % of sale are carried out almost. For 2 months of the second quarter the share of the sold computers with processors of Pentium 4 has made 48 %.

And some digits characterising the Russian market.

Approximately 45 % of the market have made retails and 55 % - corporate sector, 8-10 % from the all-Russian market - St.-Petersburg, 25-30 % - Moscow.

Growth of sales of transportable systems overtakes a similar metric for desktop systems. Thus the Russian market has won first place in the first quarter on sales volumes of transportable systems among Europe, the Central Asia and Africa. Approximately 71 % of systems were provided with corporate sector of the market.

Intel share makes now by estimations of experts of this company approximately 86 %. Since last year the gain has made 2,5 % in piece expression.

High rates are shown by server sector of the market. Thus sales in Russia are carried out even better, than in the Western Europe.

Quite often with initiatives in the Russian market together with Intel appear both other large foreign and Russian corporations. Recently carried out action devoted to opening of Centres of the competence on processing techniques of general-purpose access within the limits of the new joint project of companies BCC testifies to it, HP, Intel and Microsoft. This event has been led simultaneously in three cities of Russia: Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Krasnodar.

Alexey Reshtenko (Microsoft), Valery Lipkin (BCC), Igor Kornetov (HP), Stephen Chejz (Intel)

This not ordinary project for the Russian market, banking world leaders in the field of information technologies and a leading Russian system integrator, urged to give a new life to concepts and the ideas linked to processing techniques of terminal access. The companies — participants of the project have put forward the concept of general-purpose access to the information which is further development of the traditional terminal processing techniques applied any more of one tens of years.

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