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Yes Russia talents will not become scanty

Evgenie Rudometov

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Celebration of young triumphers has taken place on June, 3rd in a hotel conference hall "Grand Hotel Europe" where numerous journalists from different cities of Russia have been invited. Except heroes of the festivities, in a hall there were teachers of school, centre "Laboratory of continuous mathematical derivation", leading higher educational institutions, including the St.-Petersburg State University (St.Petersburg State University).

Hotel Conference hall "Grand Hotel Europe"


Teacher Ilja Aleksandrovich Chistjakov


The dean of matematiko-mechanical faculty SpbGu Gennady Alekseevich Leonov

In celebrations Alexander Palladin and the manager of the company of Intel, supervising the academic programs in countries of Eastern Europe, Kamil Isaev have taken part the director of the press-service of corporation of Intel in the CIS countries and Baltic. They warmly welcomed participants of a celebration.

With a salutatory word Alexander Palladin, the director of the press-service of corporation of Intel in the CIS countries and Baltic appears


Kamil Isaev, the manager of the academic programs of Intel in countries of Eastern Europe

In report Kamil Isaev has marked, that Intel corporation pays the big attention to a support of education in Russia. The program (the Academic program of Intel in Russia) is declared on April, 22nd, 1997 by the head of Intel Krejgom Barret. The main objects of this program are four leading Moscow HIGH SCHOOLS and the Nizhniy Novgorod university. Recently program frames are essentially expanded at the expense of carrying out of open competitions. Total investments of Intel into a Russian education have exceeded $3 000 000  .

Except a straight line financial and technical support of educational institutions, Intel corporation holds competitions and conferences, for example, such as Intels ISEF routed on revealing and support of talented youth.

Marked by awards of Intel ISEF of operation of the Russian schoolboys bring the essential contribution to development of natural sciences. For example, the project which was carried on within a year by Alexander Anosov is the serious application form for participation of the author in development of new directions of fundamental sciences. Its operation expands application of the theorem of the Gauss-Bonn — one of key in topology. The project of its companions — Nikolay Klishina and Alexey Volkova — "Research of several types of iterative sequences" can receive practical application in refinement of a way of iterative process. By the way, at the analysis of the given operation of jury doubted, on what category it is necessary to estimate it — "Mathematics" or on more applied — "Information technologies".

"The Russian education, especially elite, remains very much excellence, and in the mathematician, the physicist, to chemistry and to some extent in computer sciences gives the best in the world preconditioning. Schoolboys of Russia and of some the CIS countries with enviable stability achieve successes in the World reviews of scientific and engineering creativity of the young: for five years of performances by them it is won more than fifty awards, the manager on operation with educational and Intel government agencies in Russia and countries of Eastern Europe has marked Kamil Isaev.

In summary it is necessary to congratulate once again our children on outstanding results and to mark, that undoubtedly the number of prize-winners would be essential more if for us in the country the effective government program of support of young, capable children (and also science and education) as it is made, for example, in China, at last, it has been accepted.

It is published in log "the Computer the Price"

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