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"PC: Overclocking, Optimization and Tuning" 2-nd Edition

Brief contents of the book

Chapter 1: BIOS Setup
Chapter 2: Optimizing Hard Drives
Chapter 3: Compressing the Hard Drive
Chapter 4: Caching Hard and Compact Disks
Chapter 5: Optimizing the Video Subsystem
Chapter 6: Optimizing RAM
Chapter 7: Updating the BIOS
Chapter 8: Testing, Monitoring, and Diagnostics
Chapter 9: Windows 9x/NT/2000 Local Area Networks
Chapter 10: Overclocking Modes
Chapter 11: Requirements for Overclocked Elements
Chapter 12: Overclocking the Processor
Chapter 13: Overclocking Video Adapters and Hard Drives
Chapter 14: Overclocking: Step-by-Step
Chapter 15: Testing Overclocked Systems
Chapter 16: Motherboards and Chipsets for Overclocking Modes
Chapter 17: Cooling Devices and Methods
Chapter 18: Examples and Results of Overclocking
Chapter 19: Web Addresses


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