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IDF already in Novosibirsk

Evgenie Rudometov

In Novosibirsk has transited regional Developer forum IDF in which course some developments of the Russian computer corporations have been presented not only to processing technique of world leaders, but also.

The economy of the majority of the advanced countries substantially depends on a level of development of the high technology productions which basis makes now semiconducting and computer processing techniques. These processing techniques are a concentrate of work of millions the highly skilled experts which work demands appropriate coordination. It is promoted by the scientific and technical conferences promoting an exchange of the information and popularisation of results received by branch.

One of the largest such actions for implementators of hardware and the software, having big scientific and technical and public value, is Forum IDF (Intel Developer Forum) is led twice a year, gathering leading representatives of branch. During the Forum the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing technique and production for the PC, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits are considered. It is characteristic, that practically half of the substances devoted to solutions, it is represented at conferences IDF not Intel corporation, and other companies.

Series IDF are arranged twice a year – in the spring and in the autumn. First they were led only in the USA, but the last years will be organised also in India, China, on Taiwan, in Japan, and also in Europe. The main and most numerous Developer forum by tradition is led in the United States. On spring session IDF-2004 of year in San Francisco have gathered about 4800 participants from 40 countries. It was offered to their attention about 200 hours of plenary reports of technical sessions and laboratory practical works.

At the Forum it is possible to see many heads of Intel, to communicate to employees of research laboratories of corporation and, the main thing, firsthand to hear the technological and grocery announcements defining development of the industry on the next years. All over the world the most perspective directions of development of the IT Industry become key subject IDF. This year a spring series of conferences of Forums transits under the motto Convergence of processing techniques, the extension of possibilities.

The president of corporation of Intel in Russia Steve Chejz was one of those who initiated idea of carrying out IDF Russia. In its opinion, these actions bring the essential contribution to development of sector of information technologies to Russia. “For carrying out of visiting sessions IDF the countries occupying in the lead position in the locales are selected, and decision-making on Forum carrying out in Moscow was affected by impressing metrics of growth of the Russian computer and telecommunication industry", - Steve Chejz has underlined. The Skill level of the Russian implementators of information technologies is very high, and IDF Russia becomes a place of representation of domestic developments. “To us it is very important, that the market of information technologies developed dynamically and confidently, - speaks CHejz. – That it occurred, events like IDF in which course the industry companies-leaders could inform to the Russian implementators the information on high technologies, and in all its depth” are necessary.

In the autumn of 2002 IDF has come and to Russia. In October, 2002 the Forum has been led in Moscow where in this case there has arrived the main chief executive of corporation of Intel Krejg Barrett.

After a year in Moscow there has again transited one of autumn sessions IDF. In comparison with the first Russian Forum of Intel for implementators, the Forum has gathered almost in one and a half time of more participants — about 1200 engineers, experts in the field of IT, implementators, heads of IT divisions of firms, experts in marketing, analysts and journalists from more than 60 cities of the world, and with key reports five top-managers of Intel have appeared at once: high vice-presidents of corporation Michael Fister and Sunlin CHzhou and three vice-presidents: Claude Legliz, John Devis, Eric Menttser.

The autumn of this year in capital of Russia will lead next, already the third under the score Russian IDF, and before this event in the middle of May in Novosibirsk the regional Forum for the first time has taken place. It has allowed to expand even more geography IDF and has given possibility still bolshemu to number of the Russian experts to receive the detailed information on the newest processing techniques. At such extension of geography IDF that to many Russian implementators not simply to visit similar actions abroad for a variety of causes was considered also, including, financial and language.

Novosibirsk is selected by a place of carrying out of a regional Forum of Intel not casually. By Intel estimations, Russian market IT – one of most fast growing in the world, and Novosibirsk is widely known as large centre of the computer industry, a smithy of highly skilled scientific and technical frames. Within many last years Intel successfully realises here various marketing, educational and educational programs. In the autumn of 2003 of Intel has opened in Novosibirsk the regional representation first in Russia, aspiring it is even more to expand scales of the business in Siberian region.

Photo 1. The representative of Intel who have incurred duties of the leader

Participants of the taken place Forum could discuss distribution and influence of the completed solutions in the conditions of the started lifting in the industry of information technologies and to learn about the last world tendencies in the field of development ON.

On Novosibirsk IDF pressing questions of development of the advanced information technologies, production for the PC, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits, and also the software have been considered. Participants of the Forum of a steel about 500 implementators hardware and the software, heads of IT departments of the state and commercial structures, scientific employees and representatives of mass-media. Participants of this action could discuss distribution and influence of the completed solutions in the conditions of the restored world lifting in the industry of information technologies and to learn about the last world tendencies in the field of development ON.

Representatives of administration and academia, and also bosses of corporation of Intel that testifies to great value of the given action have taken part in operation of Novosibirsk Forum IDF.

Photo 2. The Vice-governor of Novosibirsk

Photo 3. Vice-president SOAN

Photo 4. John Devis (John Davies), vice-president Sales and Marketing Group, director Solutions Market Development Group of corporation Inte

Photo 5. Kurt Oppengejmer (Kurt Oppenheimer), the director of division Technical Sales of corporation of Intel, i.o.regionalnogo the technical director of Intel in the CIS

Photo 6. Richard Virt (Richard Wirt), the high honourable employee of corporation of Intel (Senior Fellow), the general manager of division Software and Solutions Group in structure Enterprise Platforms Group

The program of a Novosibirsk Forum has been divided into 5 streams:

        corporate solutions,

        the software,

        transportable applications, wireless access and novini a hardware,

        research and development developments and telecommunication solutions,

        laboratory operations.

Besides, participants of the Forum could visit an exhibition of processing techniques, products and the solutions, allocated on benches with demos-expositions from the leading Russian and foreign computer companies.

For participants regional IDF in Novosibirsk the wireless local area network of the standard 802.11b with a transfer rate on a radio channel to 11 has been developed Mbit/with. For the organisation of operation of a wireless network, a usual LAN and access to the Internet on three floors of a building 12 points of access have been installed. It has provided to the participants equipped with notebooks with processing technique of Intel Centrino, or a handheld computer with Wi-Fi access to e-mail, Internet resources, corporate intelligence systems and the other information.

Specially for journalists on IDF in Novosibirsk the press centre with the several workstations equipped with computers and telephony has been organised.

Photo 7. Press conference

Forum operation was supported by sponsors: IBM corporation (the general technological sponsor), companies Kraftway (the "gold" sponsor), R-Style, "Ah-teko" ("silver" sponsors).

During the led actions questions of development of the advanced computer processing techniques, production for the PC, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits, and also business solutions on their basis have been considered. The largest Russian computer corporations have presented results of the developments in the field of hardware and the software. These solutions, according to experts, correspond to the international level and cover a band from a handheld computer and notebooks to multiprocessor server systems from Intel Itanium II.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that the regional Forum held in Novosibirsk (we will hope, that it becomes tradition) has once again shown fast development and perspectivity of the Russian market of IT processing techniques. The forum has transited. Experts of computer corporations sum up. However not time to relax, as ahead of next Forum IDF in Russia. It will take place in Moscow already in third time. Date of this action is already known — on October, 19-20th, 2004. To a meeting on IDF.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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