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Autumn Forum of Intel 2004

Evgenie Rudometov

In San Francisco (the USA, California) has once again taken place IDF, opened autumn session of the Forum for implementators of hardware and the software.

The modern industries linked c by high technologies, demand high concentration financial, raw and manpower resources, the scientific and technical conferences for which example Forum IDF - Intel Developer Forum is are planning and which optimal usage. This become already traditional Forum is devoted problems and reachings of high technologies in the field of computers and electronics. It is spent the eighth year. Being the largest action for implementators of hardware and the software, Forum IDF is spent some times in a year. It gathers leading representatives of a science and engineering for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing techniques and production of electronic branches, intended for personal computers, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits. Forum IDF is technological conference largest in branch for leading implementators with involvement of representatives of mass media. At meetings IDF led in the different countries of the world, including Russia, within all year, key players of branch discuss the advanced processing techniques and products of electronic branches of the industry. It is necessary to mark, that these branches define the person of a modern civilisation and influence economy development, practically, all countries of the world, starting from technological developed and finishing the countries of "the third world.

The current Forum in which operation took part over 5,5 thousand experts from 45 countries, has taken place in San Francisco (the USA, California) during the period from September, 7 till September, 9th, 2004. In its operation took part more than 600 journalists from all world, including delegation from Russia, and on numerous benches production of 280 companies has been presented. The carrying out centre had been traditionally selected large exhibition centre of San Francisco — Moscone Center, possessing the big number of convenient halls and the audiences allocated on three floors.

Photo 1. Exhibition centre Moscone Center

The given scientific and technical conference has opened an autumn series of Forums of Intel for implementators of this year, organizuemyh under the common motto “Cooperation without barriers” (the Countries and dates of carrying out of visiting sessions of an autumn series of Forum IDF of 2004 are resulted on the Photo 2).

Photo 2. Places and dates of carrying out of autumn session of Forum IDF

Considerable quantity of participants of the Forum from the different countries have got acquainted with new processing techniques, have met experts of Intel and leading experts of branch. The experts who have arrived on the Forum, have taken part in more than 150 technical sessions in following key areas:

        Transportable processing techniques — development of flexible transportable solutions for wireless style of a life.

        Rise of value of a corporate IT infrastructure — implantation of innovations, development and expansion of scaled corporate IT infrastructures and reliable client PCs for rise of efficiency of operation and profitableness.

        Intellectual and intuitively clear computing corporate systems — an expedition of development and reception of advantages by means of powerful client PCs.

        Innovations in a communication infrastructure — usage of open standard modular systems for fast development and upgrade.

        Development of idea of the digital house — a freedom in choosing of multimedia resources and handle of the digital information thanks to compatible network systems.

At the Forum by tradition with key reports representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel who have told about new and developed processing techniques of Intel and about vision of the future by Intel corporation have appeared. Among lecturers – Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the executive director of Intel on operations; Abi Talvalkar (Abhi Talwalkar), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Enterprise Platforms Group; Deborah Konrad (Deborah Conrad), vitse-prezident divisions Sales and Marketing Group and the general manager of division Solutions Market Development Group; Prasad Rampalli (Prasad Rampalli), vitse-prezident Finance and Enterprise Services services, the head and the leading implementator of division Architecture and Integration Platforms; Anand Chandraseher (Anand Chandrasekher), the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group; Beat Sju (Bill Siu), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Desktop Platforms Group; Howard Babb (Howard Bubb), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Communications Infrastructure Group; Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick P. Gelsinger), the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques of corporation of Intel.

Appearing at the Forum of Intel for implementators in San Francisco, the president and the executive director on operations of corporation of Intel Floor Otellini ( 3) has told the Photo about new solid-state technologies which will define a direction of development of the IT industry on immediate prospects.

Photo 3. Floor Otellini, the president and the executive director of Intel on operations, shows solution on the basis of chip "Rosedale"

In the report before more than five thousand engineers, implementators, designers and representatives of the leading companies of branch the president of corporation of Intel has cited the data illustrating development of branch (the Photo 4).

Photo 4. Dynamics of sales of microprocessors and communication arrangements

After sharp reduction in demand, and, therefore, and productions a third year stable growth is observed. Moreover, on sales of processors and computers the branch has reached pre-crisis level, and in communications even has exceeded metrics of the safe 2000 characterised record for all prior period economic in parametres.

After the analysis of tendencies of development of branch the president of Intel has told about new tendencies and processing techniques on which further development of the IT industry will be grounded.

Continuing to increase productivity of processors, Intel corporation, as well as earlier, is engaged in the developments oriented to rise of efficiency of usage of computers, including implementation of multitasking, safety, dependability, controllability and a wireless communication.

Three years ago at the Forum of Intel for implementators we said, that Intel corporation will create fundamental processing techniques and the new possibilities of the integrated chips providing new possibilities and functionality of computer systems, – has told Otellini. – Processing technique Hyper-Threading and processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs became the first examples such, oriented to the user, the approach. Now we plan to continue operation in this direction several kernels in our production.

It is necessary to mark, that processing technique Hyper-Threading became the important step on path to processors with several kernels. After its release software developers began to create more applications with support of parallel processing of streams. As a result the majority of existing development tools possibilities of processors with several kernels substantially are ready to use.

Upgrade of all main sets of processors becomes the central component of the new strategy of corporation of Intel. Together with increase in frequency growth of productivity of processors, and, therefore, and computers will be provided by new architectures of chips. In 2005 there are a reality processors with two kernels, that is in tank of each processor will be as a matter of fact two processors, capable to work in a parallel way. It will provide doubling of number of simultaneously solved tasks. And the subsequent some years there will be processors with even big number of kernels. It becomes a reality thanks to implantation of the new semiconducting processes operating in the lesser scales. So in 2005 mass release of the chips which transistors will have the sizes of 65 nanometers will start. During the report Floor Otellini has shown a silicon slice with the semiconducting crystals of the chips created on given perspective processing technique, intensively mastered corporation of Intel. Here pertinently to remind, that scale reduction provides growth of number of the units making a basis of the internal arrangement of central processor units. And if the modern hi-tech products of this group presented by models of Intel of Pentium 4, created on the basis of kernel Prescott, consist from more than 120 million transistors at Forum IDF Floor Otellini has shown the processor of Intel Itanium 2 carrying code name Montecito and having even more of units. This two-nuclear processor contains 1,7 billion transistors and 24 Mb of the built in cache memory (on 12 Mb on each kernel). By the way, Montecito architecture processor will be also multithreaded, and it means, that one product possessing two kernels, the operating system will already see as four processors. It will provide additional growth of productivity in comparison with classical two-nuclear solution.

It is necessary to mark, that Montecito – only one of several projects of processors with several kernels for notebooks, desktop PCs and servers which Intel corporation has presented at the Forum of Intel for implementators. According to experts of Intel, in 2006 already more than 40 % of the PC, 85 % of servers and more than 70 % of notebooks will possess two-nuclear processors. By the way, despite the constant criticism of the known Law of Moore, distributed recently in increasing frequency, its positions continue to operate. To it testify not only new processors of corporation of Intel, but also other accessories and units, and also all evolution computer and solid-state technologies.

It is necessary to add, that in due course processors with several kernels will allow to improve considerably productivity of user interface, protection against viruses and risks of safety. Besides, they will allow to raise considerably general efficiency and productivity of operation of the future systems.

Continuing to raise high-speed performance, Intel corporation the special attention gives to support of safety, dependability, controllability, wireless calculations and the multitask modes quite often realised within the limits of uniform concepts and platforms. Convergence became a reality, – has underlined Otellini. Now multiplexing in one arrangement of computing and commutative possibilities is observed. As the further extension of these possibilities it is possible to consider perfection of wireless processing techniques, for example, such as already well-known and popular radio interface Wi-Fi, and also promptly developed WiMAX, computers providing transportable usage. As the proof of the serious intentions linked to the presence on given sector of the market, Intel corporation has presented ready chip Rosedale — the first-ever completely integrated WiMAX-chip corresponding to specification IEEE 802 and realising wireless DSL on considerable distances. Besides WiMAX-components, Rosedale includes and 10/100 Ethernet the functions, the built in resources of safety, the TDM-controller (time sharing of channels), allowing simultaneously to realise reception-data transmission and voices, and also a number of service functions for operation with multimedia data.

However application of modern digital processing techniques in different branches means, that it is necessary to add computational capability increase with the appropriate functionality linked to constant growth of inquiries of users. All it demands appropriate perfection of the architecture of multimedia platforms and completing computing systems. Besides, further development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques is necessary. History of their development illustrates the Photo 5.

Photo 5. Development of computer units and processing techniques

At taken place Forum IDF Intel corporation has presented the new innovative resources expanding possibilities for electronic arrangements. However rise of possibilities of hardware, including wire and wireless multiplexing of computers, demands also appropriate resources and processing techniques on handle of arrays of computing circuits. One of such newest processing techniques, received name IAMT, will be included in the future chipsets to simplify handle of an IT infrastructure for IT managers.

The processing technique of Intel Active Management (IAMT) is developed for support of handle by park of the PC using various platforms — from pocket communication arrangements to servers. It will save IT managers of a situation, when about 80 percent of the IT budget are spent for handle and support (to semibillion US dollars a year) instead of development and implantation of innovative solutions for rise of efficiency and efficiency of operation of users.

Besides new functionality, Intel corporation plans to include in the future processors and chipsets of special resources of a virtualization (are known under code name Vanderpool, or VT) which will allow to start simultaneously on the computer some operating systems and applications, considerably raising flexibility and dependability of maintenance of systems. Besides, such future processing techniques of safety as LaGrande (LT), will help to protect the corporate and private information from unauthorized access and reserved destroying operations, including the planned program attacks, viruses, hearts and permanently delete. L. And the realised and new planned multimedia processing techniques will allow to cut down expenses and will open new possibilities for the house and office.

Here pertinently to remind, that separate units of implementation LT and VT, and also EM64T already are present at structure of kernel Prescott. Unfortunately, their implementation and development substantially restrains backwardness of the appropriate software. Predictably support LT and VT will appear in Longhorn operating system, and EM64T — in OS of Windows 64 bit.

Development of the ideas sounded by Floor Otellini, have found the continuation in the subsequent reports. So, for example, Deborah Konrad has told about initiative SOE (Service Oriented Enterprise – the extension of service services). Essence SOE consists in the modular approach to the architecture of an infrastructure of firm. SOE combines units of mobility, network calculations and controllability. It will help IТ-менеджерам to use some of these processing techniques for conversion of the business. It also gives a basis for implantation of such new services, as RFID and telephony VoIP. The purpose of initiative SOE – to raise response IТ-инфраструктуры and controllability of various systems as the companies type the increasing sizes of data. Deborah Konrad illustrated the performance by examples of implantation SOE in operation of the large companies, such as Procter&Gamble, and also of some oil and gas corporations.

About some details of development of an IT infrastructure of the corporation of Intel has told Prasad Rampall. In particular, he has marked, that transportable computers have the majority of employees of Intel and variants Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11.a/b/g enter into a corporate network by means of these arrangements. Often it is carried out with usage of wireless processing techniques of an information transfer, in which quality use).

And in the name of one of leading experts — Abi Talvalkara the corporation has announced schedules in server sector of the computer market which basis are processors of Intel Xeon and Intel Itanium 2 in one - two (DP) or multiprocessor (MP) variants.

Development of server processors

The two first processor of Intel Xeon MP on the basis of process of 90 nanometers known under code names Cranford and Potomac, will appear in first half of 2005. They will include support of processing technique of Intel EM64T, This processing technique provides 64-bit calculations on advanced 32-bit processors. Besides, in these processors processing techniques of lowering of a heat release and rise of dependability of calculations, and also the newest PCI Express and memory DDR2 will be realised.

Appropriate development will be received also by processors of Intel Itanium 2. The advanced two-nuclear processor of Intel Itanium 2 which have received code name Montvale, becomes first processor Itanium on the basis of processing technique of 65 nanometers. Its release is planned after Montecito. Multinuclear solutions with IA-64 architecture will appear approximately in 2007, after development and release of kernel Tukwila planned for sector of multiprocessing systems of 65 nanometers. For dual-processor solutions the chip of the architecture of kernel Dimona will be created and released.

It is necessary to add, that the future processors for corporate sector will contain processing technique of virtualization Silvervale (server clone Vanderpool) and other resources for dependability and safety support.

Developing server sector, the corporation does not leave the attention and the mass market presented by traditional PCs. At Forum IDF schedules and the developments of Intel oriented for the digital house and office about which has told have been presented Beat Sju.

One of examples of such solution are schedules of Intel on release of multinuclear processors for all sectors of the market, since appearance of the two-nuclear processor of Intel for desktop PCs in 2005. And already by New Year's holidays in sale some variants of the multimedia PCs oriented to sphere of leisure — Entertainment PC will arrive . Created on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium 4 with processing technique Hyper-Threading and a chip set of Intel 915 Express, EPC combine possibilities of audio and videounits with power of the PC. They are fulfilled in the form of the compact thin arrangement, capable it is logical to be entered in an interior of modern dwelling. ERS gives the chance to users to gather a personal photo, audio and a video picture library and to view it by means of one remote control. Manufacturers of the software develop various applications for support of these possibilities. Intel corporation actively co-operates with such companies as Activision, Digital 5, Electronic Arts, Movielink, Napster and Real Networks.

As an example of successful cooperation with the enumerated corporations, it is possible to result adapter Netgear DMA development. With this arrangement users can transfer the protected multimedia information from the PC on other electronic arrangements.

At the Forum Intel corporation has declared creation of the specification 2004 ERS Platform. Well and such leaders OEM, as companies Alienware and NR will release ERS. Well and the software, which basis make operating systems,  is already area of such corporations as Microsoft about which some operations has told during the report Beat Sju the general manager of Microsoft Windows eHome Division Joe Belfore. During the performance from has shown operation of Windows Media Center.

Except problems and reachings of development of the digital house, Bill Sju has paid attention and concepts of digital office. The main essence of the given concept consists what to give possibility non-limiting in time and access space to network resources and to provide constant problemless link. Necessity of it is linked, first of all, by that business becomes prompt now global, and it demands appropriate level of performance of office tasks, including units and processing techniques of link. Besides, recently more and more claimed becomes tasks of safe storage, processing and an information transfer.

All these and many other things of the task linked to operation of the small, average and big companies, urged to solve digital office, the concept and which resources already long time develops and Intel corporation perfects.

Carefully having analyzed all enumerated problems, Intel corporation has defined four strategic directions of development of digital office:

        Development of controls by the IT Infrastructure,

        Development of resources of collective operation,

        Creation of resources of round-the-clock link

        Informational support.

Intel corporation develops processing techniques and platforms for all these directions.

And it is finite, Intel corporation will continue to develop resources and processing techniques of the transportable sector which development occurs to very high rate exceeding by some estimations of 20 % year (in some locales – more than 40 %). Corporation Long-term plans were traditionally sounded by Anand Chandraseher presiding operations, linked to development of transportable sector of corporation of Intel.

During the performance it not only has told about schedules, but also has presented a number of interesting products. In particular, Anand Chandraseher has shown a board for the windsurfing, supplied with resources of wireless information transfer Wi-Fi, and also the highly reliable notebook which has saved working capacity even in an aquarium (the Photo. 6). Besides, it has presented a number of the products created on the basis of processors of Intel XScale, such as PDA and videoplayers with the multimedia accelerators developed by corporation of Intel.

Photo 6. Anand Chandraseher, the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group, shows a board for the windsurfing, supplied with resources Wi-Fi, and a highly reliable notebook

In addition to it he has told about operations on increase in safety of wireless data transfer in transportable arrangements and development of the transportable processors presented by two-nuclear models. These schedules are realised through following generation of a transportable platform with code name Napa. This platform will be presented transportable two-nuclear 65 nanometers by the processor to which name Yonah is assigned, with support of processing techniques LaGrande and Vanderpool, chip set Calistoga with the improved graphics kernel, and the perspective controller of wireless communication Golan. Development of descendants of this platform, development of processing techniques energosberezhenija and perfection of secondary generators, for example, vysokoemkih zinc secondary generators from Zinc Matrox Power, will provide durable standalone functioning of notebooks — till 8 o'clock by 2010. It will give not only possibility of uninterrupted processing of office information, but also more long operation in an Internet network.

By the way, to a problem of development of a global informational network was the separate report made Patrick Gelsingerom is devoted. By the way, he has invited to this action Vintona Surf (Vinton Cerf), being one of creators of a network of the Internet. In the performance the executive director of Intel on processing techniques has marked, that the wide-area network created originally for program exclusively simple, of course, to modern measures of computer data, is now for the environment for transfer of the diversified multimedia information of different structure and size. Besides, during existence and wide-area network development is multiple the quantity of users has increased. Also it is process proceeds the accelerated rates. All it generates weight of problems among which the escalating role is played by safety issues and network uninterrupted operation. For their solution he has suggested to alter in the radical wide-area network structure, having raised its intellectual level at the expense of the accelerated implantation of the computers created on the basis of high-powered processors with hardware implementation of appropriate processing techniques, supported by specialised software. As a basis of net points Patrick Gelsinger recommended solutions from Intel corporation.

Narrating about last Forum IDF, it is necessary to mark, that sponsors of this Forum of Intel for implementators of a steel of the company of Microsoft, NVIDIA, Rambus, Samsung Semiconductor and Silicon Graphics (“Gold sponsors”); ATI Technologies, D-Link, Kingston Technology, Infineon Technologies, HP and Supermicro Computer (“Silver sponsors”); Memory Implementers Forum, PCI Express Technology, The Digital Home Community and Trusted Computing Group.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that at the Forum the big number of perspective processing techniques and products, for example, such as completed solutions WiMAX, the newest platforms for the Digital house and transportable systems, interfaces and products Wireless USB and UWB (superbroad-band wireless access to semigigabyte a second), resources of development of the Internet, CE-ATA, Serial ATA 3 Gbit and many other things has been announced .

In particular, many known computer companies, whose benches have been organised at an exhibition within the limits of a led Forum, have presented the big variety of workstations and server systems on a basis of one - two-and multiprocessor solutions on the basis of Intel Itanium 2 and Intel Xeon different konstruktiva and a wide band of functionality of a firmware. Thus the considerable part of systems has been created on the basis of processors with kernel Nocona (90 nanometers, 200 MHz FSB, now maximum clock rate make 3,6 GHz). These processors, as is known, provide support of 64-bit calculations on the basis of implementation of processing technique EM64T and support of the developed system of lowering energopotreblenija, and, therefore, and teploobrazovanija — processing technique DBS (demand-based switching).

Much was also variants of the computers which basis is made by processors konstruktiva LGA775 with support of memory modules DDR2, cards PCI-Express and disk drives with the serial interface. All it, by the way, testified to acceptance by branch of the given standards and processing techniques supporting them.

Certainly, except server and desktop solutions, the big variety of transportable computers — from wide gamma of the notebooks, differing by the architecture, productivity, weight, time of offline work and design to PDA, smart phones and phones of a different construction and parametres has been presented also . At what a number of corporations was offered by the completed hardware-software solutions including wireless transmission media of the information and their usage. Besides, there were solutions on an IP-telephony through the Internet and on transmission of the vocal information through radio interfaces — Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But it is subjects already other articles.

It is necessary to remind, that Forum IDF already was three times led also Russia — two times in Moscow — in October 2002 and 2003 , and once in Novosibirsk — in May, 2004 It confirms special attention which large corporations give to our country. As on October, 19-20th this year Forum IDF again will take place in Russia, already in fourth time. The place of carrying out of autumn session traditionally selects Moscow for which this event will transit in third time.

In article open substances of Forum IDF have been used

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