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New horizons of perspective processing techniques

Evgenie Rudometov

From September, 7 till September, 9th in San Francisco (the USA, California) once again sotojalsja IDF — the Forum for implementators of hardware and the software, defined further development of semiconducting and computer branches.

Prompt development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques demands rational usage of resources and coordination of operation of experts of the numerous companies of the different countries. Scientific and technical seminars and conferences are these purposes. Participating in their operation, experts have an opportunity operatively to familiarise with advanced achievements and operatively to exchange the stored knowledge. Similar scientific and technical actions it is necessary to carry to number and become traditional Forum IDF (IDF - Intel Developer Forum), devoted to high technologies in the field of computers and electronics which is spent the eighth year.

Being the largest action for implementators of hardware and the software, Forum IDF is spent some times in a year. Thus IDF gathers leading representatives of a science and engineering for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing techniques and production of electronic branches, intended for personal computers, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits. IDF is technological conference largest in branch for leading implementators with involvement of representatives of mass media. At meetings IDF led in the different countries of the world, including Russia, within all year, key players of branch discuss the advanced processing techniques and products of electronic branches of the industry. It is necessary to mark, that these branches define the person of a modern civilisation and influence economy development, practically, all countries of the world.

Photo 1. The poster with an emblem of Forum IDF

The current Forum has taken place in San Francisco (the USA, California) during the period from September, 7 till September, 9th, 2004.

The centre of carrying out IDF Spring 2002 had been traditionally selected large exhibition centre of San Francisco — Moscone Center.

The given scientific and technical conference has opened an autumn series of Forums Inte for implementators of this year, organizuemyh under the common motto “Cooperation without barriers”. Over 5,5 thousand participants of the Forum from 46 countries have got acquainted with new processing techniques, have met experts of Intel and leading experts of branch. The countries and dates of carrying out of autumn session of Forum IDF are resulted on the Photo 2.

Photo 2. Places and dates of carrying out of autumn session of Forum IDF

The experts who have arrived on the Forum, have taken part in more than 150 technical sessions in following key areas:

        Transportable processing techniques — development of flexible transportable solutions for wireless style of a life.

        Rise of value of a corporate IT infrastructure — implantation of innovations, development and expansion of scaled corporate IT infrastructures and reliable client PCs for rise of efficiency of operation and profitableness.

        Intellectual and intuitively clear computing corporate systems — an expedition of development and reception of advantages by means of powerful client PCs.

Innovations in a communication infrastructure — usage of open standard modular systems for fast development and upgrade.

Development of idea of the digital house — a freedom in choosing of multimedia resources and handle of the digital information thanks to compatible network systems.

At the Forum by tradition with key reports representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel who have told about new and developed processing techniques of Intel and about vision of the future by Intel corporation have appeared. Among lecturers – Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the executive director of Intel on operations; Abi Talvalkar (Abhi Talwalkar), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Enterprise Platforms Group; Deborah Konrad (Deborah Conrad), vitse-prezident divisions Sales and Marketing Group and the general manager of division Solutions Market Development Group; Prasad Rampalli (Prasad Rampalli), vitse-prezident Finance and Enterprise Services services, the head and the leading implementator of division Architecture and Integration Platforms; vitse-prezident and the general manager of division Desktop Platforms Group; Anand Chandraseher (Anand Chandrasekher), the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group; Beat Sju (Bill Siu), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Desktop Platforms Group; Howard Babb (Howard Bubb), vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Communications Infrastructure Group; Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick P. Gelsinger), the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques of corporation of Intel.

Appearing at the Forum of Intel for implementators in San Francisco, the president and the executive director on operations of corporation of Intel Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini) has told about new solid-state technologies which will define a direction of development of the IT industry and will open new possibilities for the companies and users.

Photo 3. Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the executive director of Intel on operations

In the performance before more than five thousand engineers, implementators, designers and representatives of the leading companies of branch Otellini has cited the data illustrating razvitiie branches (the Photo 4 and the Photo 5).

Photo 4. Dynamics of sales of microprocessors and computers

Photo 5. Dynamics of sales of communication arrangements

The president and the executive director of Intel on operations has told about new tendencies and processing techniques on which further development of the IT industry will be grounded, from new processors with several kernels to innovative platforms.

Convergence became a reality, – has underlined Otellini. – Branch standards and mass production of hardware components have given the chance usages of processing techniques bolshemu to quantity of people. Digital processing techniques penetrate into the telecommunication industry and in show business, there are new models of usage, both the companies and private persons use new advantages of information technologies. It is accompanied by prompt growth of number of Internet users all over the world, that iljustriruet the Photo 6.

Photo 6. Growth of number of users by the Internet

However application of modern digital processing techniques in different branches means, that it is necessary to add simple computational capability with possibility of satisfaction of wider set of requirements and requirements of users. All it demands appropriate perfection of the architecture of multimedia platforms and completing computing systems. Besides, further development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques is necessary. History of their development illustrates the Photo 7.

Photo 7. Development of computer units and processing techniques

Continuing to increase productivity of processors, Intel corporation also is engaged in developments on purpose to raise efficiency of usage of processors and to give to PC users of advantage of multitasking, safety, dependability, controllability and a wireless communication.

Upgrade of all main sets of processors by models with several kernels becomes the central component of the new strategy of corporation of Intel. In due course processors with several kernels will allow to improve considerably productivity of user interface, protection against viruses and risks of safety, and also to raise general efficiency and productivity of operation.

Three years ago at the Forum of Intel for implementators we said, that Intel corporation will create fundamental processing techniques and the new possibilities of the integrated chips providing new possibilities and functionality of computer systems, – has told Otellini. – Processing technique Hyper-Threading and processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs became the first examples such, oriented to the user, the approach. Now we plan to continue operation in this direction and to insert processors with several kernels in our production.

Processing technique Hyper-Threading became the important step on path to processors with several kernels. After its release software developers began to create more applications with support of parallel processing of streams. As a result today many programmers, and also the majority of existing development tools are ready to use possibilities of processors with several kernels.

The new processing technique of corporation of Intel not simply allows to place two kernels on one wafer, – has noticed Otellini. – the Processing technique of processors with several kernels will allow implementators to use available resources and tools to give to end users new advantages.

As an example of the future processor of Intel with several kernels Otellini has shown the working processor of a new generation of the set of Intel Itanium under code name Montecito. Processor Montecito differs not only presence of two kernels, but also that in it contains more than 1,7 billion transistors and 24 Mb of the built in cache memory. Montecito – only one of several projects of processors with several kernels for notebooks, desktop PCs and servers which Intel corporation has presented at the Forum of Intel for implementators. It is necessary to add, that, despite the constant criticism of the known Law of Moore, its position continue to operate, to what testify not only new processors of corporation of Intel, but also all evolution of computer processing techniques (the Photo 8).

Photo 8. Magic of the law of Moore (evolution of computer processing techniques)

At taken place Forum IDF Intel corporation also has presented the new innovative functional resources opening new possibilities for electronic arrangements. A number of perspective processing techniques are presented on the Photo 9.

Photo 9. The perspective processing techniques of Intel providing new functionality

One of these new processing techniques will be included in the future chipsets to simplify handle of an IT infrastructure for IT managers. The processing technique of Intel Active Management (IAMT) is developed for support of handle by park of the PC using various platforms - from pocket communication arrangements to servers. It will save IT managers of a situation when about 80 percent of the IT budget are spent for handle instead of development and implantation of innovative solutions for rise of efficiency and efficiency of operation of users.

Besides new functionality, Intel corporation plans to include in the future processors and chipsets of system logic processing technique of a virtualization (it is known under code name Vanderpool, or VT) which will allow to start simultaneously on the computer some operating systems, considerably raising flexibility and dependability of maintenance of systems. Besides, such future processing techniques of safety as LaGrande (LT), will help to protect the corporate and private information from unauthorized access and destroying program attacks, and new multimedia processing techniques will allow to cut down expenses and will open new possibilities for the house and office.

Razitie the ideas sounded by Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the executive director of Intel on operations has found reflexion in the subsequent reports of heads and leading experts not only Intel corporations, but also other corporations which representatives have taken part in operation the Forum. It was possible to get acquainted with results of researches and the newest developments of these corporations at the exhibition of processing techniques led within the limits of led actions IDF.

Narrating about past IDF, it is necessary to mark, that sponsors of the Forum of Intel for implementators of a steel of the company of Microsoft, NVIDIA, Rambus, Samsung Semiconductor and Silicon Graphics (“Gold sponsors”); ATI Technologies, D-Link, Kingston Technology, Infineon Technologies, HP and Supermicro Computer (“Silver sponsors”); Memory Implementers Forum, PCI Express Technology, The Digital Home Community and Trusted Computing Group.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that at the Forum the big number perspective tehnolgy and products, for example, such as completed solutions WiMAX, the newest platforms for the Digital house and transportable systems, interfaces and products Wireless USB and UWB (superbroad-band wireless access), CE-ATA, Serial ATA 3 Gbit and many other things has been announced . But it already subjects of other articles.

In article open substances of Forum IDF have been used

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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