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Travel to the computer future

Evgenie Rudometov

In San Francisco (the USA, California) has once again taken place traditional IDF  — a scientific and technical Forum for leading experts of the world in the field of computer processing techniques, the software and electronics. To visit at such meeting, all the same, what to glance in the future.

Here eight years on end, on some times in a year worldwide there transit spring and autumn sessions of this forum. They transited in in the different countries of Asia, Europe, and already three times in Russia — two times in Moscow (2002, 2003 ) and once in Novosibirsk (2004 ). This forum led by corporation of Intel defines the future in computer science sphere. It both the advanced computer processing techniques and production of the electronic branches, intended for personal computers, servers, both the communication equipment, and pocket computing circuits. So to visit at least at one such session all the same, what to appear in the future. Only here it is possible to see results of researches of legislators of computer realities.

It approximately also as couturiers of Paris dictate a fashion, also these forums dictate development of computer processing techniques. Moreover, Intel corporation has enough financial and intellectual power to inspect this sphere worldwide. To judge how much actively and in large quantities transit such actions, it is possible to judge at least on digits from the last forum. In it took part over 5,5 thousand experts from 45 countries. From September, 7 till September, 9th, 2004 has transited more than 150 technical sessions. And it only one forum from a huge number of such meetings.

By tradition representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel, have told about new and developed processing techniques of Intels defining development of branch. Among lecturers there were such known experts, as Floor Otellini, the president and the executive director of Intel on operations; Anand Chandraseher the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group; Beat Sju, vitse-prezident and гeнeральный мeнeджeр подраздeлeния Desktop Platforms Group; Patrick Gelsinger, the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques of corporation of Intel and other heads of corporation of Intel.

Appearing, Floor Otellini has cited data on branch development. After sharp lowering, there has occurred the period of stable growth, on sales of processors and computers it has reached the pre-crisis period, and in communications even has exceeded level of safe 2000.

However in development of processing techniques of stagnation was not, and in the near future branch revolutionary processing techniques and products wait. And not only qualitatively productivity of processors, and, therefore, will increase and computers, moreover there will be new architectures of chips.

In 2005 there will be processors with two kernels, that is in tank of each of processors will be as a matter of fact two, capable to work in a parallel way. It will allow to double number of simultaneously solved tasks.

And the subsequent years there will be processors with four kernels, the number of kernels all time will grow. It will allow to work even faster and more effectively. Almost on olimpijski - faster, better, it is more!

It is possible thanks to implantation of a new semiconducting procedure of the smallest scales. In 2005 mass release of the chips which transistors will have the sizes less than 65 nanometrov (for an example a flu virus – about 100 nanometers) will start . The tip of your hair for such transistor is all the same, that Palace square for the butterfly. And if modern Intels of Pentium 4 consist from more than 120 million transistors the newest two-nuclear processor of Intel Itanium 2 (Montecito), shown by Floor Otellini, contains 1,7 billion transistors and 24 Mb of the built in cache memory. Such memory size can contain in itself the novel "War and peace" some times and still remains many - a lot of place for your photos.

As well as in a fashion, in modern computer science, there are main currents. Now the main thing from them is a tendency to bank in one arrangement computing and commutative possibilities. It allows to perfect wireless processing techniques thanks to which computers can become truly transportable.

The processing technique of Intel Active Management (IAMT) is developed for support of handle by PC park, - from pocket communication arrangements to servers. It will save IT managers of a situation, when about 80 % of the IT budget are spent for handle and support (to semibillion dollars a year, in the world) instead of retrieval and implantation of innovative solutions for rise of efficiency and efficiency of operation of users. Moreover, thanks to it the know-how, such expenditure will be reduced in times.

Also Intel corporation plans to include in the future processors and the chipsets of a resource allowing simultaneously to start on the computer of some operating systems and applications, considerably raising flexibility and dependability of maintenance of systems.

And such future processing techniques of safety as LaGrande (LT), will help to protect the corporate and private information from unauthorized access and destroying program attacks, and new multimedia processing techniques will allow to cut down expenses and will open new possibilities for the house and office.

On IDF schedules and developments of Intel for the digital house and office have been presented. One of examples of such solution are schedules of Intel on release of multinuclear processors for all sectors of the market, since appearance of the two-nuclear processor of Intel for desktop PCs in 2005. And already by New Year's holidays in sale some variants of entertaining PCs (Entertainment PC) will arrive.

Created on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium 4, EPC combine possibilities of audio and videounits with power of the PC and are fulfilled in the form of the compact arrangement. ERS gives the chance to users to gather a personal photo, audio and a video picture library and to view it by means of one remote control.

And it is finite, to very high rate there is a development of resources and processing techniques of transportable sector. For example, the data transfer safety issue in such arrangements is actively developed. Roughly goes

Development of the transportable processors presented by two-nuclear models. Besides, perfection vysokoemkih zinc secondary generators will provide offline work of notebooks till 8 o'clock by 2010.

Much says that fact, that such serious companies, as became sponsors of the Forum of Intel: Microsoft, NVIDIA, Rambus, Samsung Semiconductor and Silicon Graphics, ATI Technologies, D-Link, Kingston Technology, Infineon Technologies, HP and Supermicro Computer, Memory Implementers Forum, PCI Express Technology, The Digital Home Community and Trusted Computing Group.

In summary I will mark, that at the Forum the big number of perspective processing techniques and products, for example, such as the newest platforms for the Digital house and transportable systems, interfaces and superbroad-band wireless access (to semigigabyte a second), development of the Internet and many other things has been announced. But this subject already other articles.

It is necessary to remind, that in October of this year the Forum traditionally will transit and in Moscow, fourth time in Russia.

In article open substances of Forum IDF have been used

Article is published in log Business the Class.

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