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Forum IDF again in Moscow

Evgenie Rudometov

On October, 19-20th, 2004 in Moscow in a building of presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences opens traditional IntelDeveloper Forum (IDF) — the largest international Developer forum hardware and the software of products of computer branch

The fast development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques which are carried out in the conditions of the international integration, demands coordination of operation of experts of the different countries. It is promoted by Forums IDF held already to the eighth year aimed at direct dialogue of implementators hardware and the software with engineers of Intel and leaders of the industry. It provides a timely exchange of knowledge and carrying out of discussions in the field of the newest semiconducting and computer processing techniques.

A present autumn series has opened IDF in San Francisco (the USA, California), and continue sessions in other countries.

Since 2002 the Forum became traditional computer action for Russia. The current Forum is led already in fourth time in Russia: in October 2002, 2003, and now and in 2004 , — in Moscow, in May, 2004 — in Novosibirsk.

During Forum actions its participants get acquainted with the last developments in the field of high technologies, and also with results of their implantation in various spheres of a life, starting from the industry, large, average and a small-scale business and finishing derivation and leisure.

Estimating value of Forum IDF, it is necessary to mark, that at its sessions many outstanding processing techniques and idelija have been announced. So for example, on IDF such developments as the transportable version of the processor of Intel of Pentium II (1998), the platform of the processor of Intel Itanium and the architecture of Intel XScale (2000), transportable variants of processors of Intel of Pentium 4 (2001), etc. And still were Gigabit Ethernet, Intel Centrino, Wi-Fi for the first time have been sounded  . And it far do not weigh the list of revolutionary developments.

The enumerated products and processing techniques became major landmarks in history of development of computers. They have made the big impact on all branch of high technologies. And bessomnenija, the Russian session of the Forum will leave the track not only in the domestic computer market, but also on all world process of development of computer processing techniques.

About a role of Russia and that attention which is given to this market by the largest manufacturer of hardware-software resources, says that fact, that the first IDF in 2002 was opened by the chief executive of corporation of Intel Krejg Barrett (Craig Barrett).

Photo 1. Krejg Barrett, the main chief executive of corporation of Intel, on IDF 2002

The subsequent years our country was visited repeatedly by many bosses of Intel who have read a significant amount of lectures. At these lectures they shared the experience of implantation of perspective processing techniques in various branches of an economic mechanism.

Photo 2. Floor Otellini, the president of corporation of Intel

Besides, together with the Russian experts they gave forecasts of development of computer processing techniques, marked planning errors, and quite often and criticised slow rates of their implantation.

Photo 3. The forecast of expenditures for information technologies, data on IDF 2002

In the performances bosses and leading experts of corporation of Intel called the Russian government, leaders of business and processing techniques of Russia to create and insert processing techniques of a new generation for support of competitiveness of the country in the world market.

Bessomnenija constructive dialogue will be continued and within the limits of current Forum IDF in Moscow on October, 19-20th where with plenary reports representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel will appear. The pressing questions standing today before corporation of Intel and branch as a whole become subjects of their performances most.

So, opening the Forum, the president of Intel in Russia Steve Chejz (Steve Chase) will analyze perspectivity of developments in computer area on an example of the researches led by corporation of Intel in Russia.

Photo 3. Steve Chejz, the president of Intel in Russia, on IDF 2002

As the expert sodokladchikom Steve Chejza the head of the research project of Intel in Russia academician Boris Babayan will appear.

The research and development subject will be continued by vice-president Corporate Technology Group, director Industry Technology Programs of corporation of Intel Frenk Spindler (Frank Spindler). It will make the traditional browse of researches which are carried out in laboratories of the company of Intel worldwide and are a basis for release of semiconducting arrangements in the present and the future.

Besides, reports will make Richard Virt (Richard Wirt), the general manager and high honourable employee Software and Solutions Group Intel corporations, and John Dejvis (John Davies), vice-president Sales and Marketing Group, director Solutions Market Development Group of corporation of Intel.

The subject of transportable and wireless processing techniques will be mentioned in performance of the vice-president of corporation of Intel, general manager Business Operations and Services divisions of Intel Communications Group Sandry Morris (Sandra Morris). It will make the browse of development of modern communication processing techniques and Intel strategy in this sphere.

Intel forum will transit within the limits of an autumn series of Forums of Intel for implementators under the motto Cooperation without barriers. The forum will give to participants possibility to familiarise with the newest processing techniques and arrangements of corporation of Intel.

It is expected, that 1500 persons will take part in forum operation from above. Besides 5 key reports of representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel, gathered will hear also 3 plenary reports from the companies-leaders of the industry and the largest consumers of information technologies. Besides, 50 hours of technical seminars within the limits of 7 streams (cross-country-architectural the software, a hardware, mobility and convergence of processing techniques, telecommunication solutions, solutions for firms and experience of their usage, scientific and technical developments, a sponsor's stream), 18 hours of the laboratory operations, open desktops with leading experts from various areas of the computer and telecommunication industry will be offered to participants of the Forum. Participants of the Forum can visit also an exhibition of processing techniques, products and the solutions, the allocated on more than 80 benches.

To a meeting on Russian IDF.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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