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Ambassadors of IT processing techniques

Evgenie Rudometov

rud ometov

Despite traditional seasonal calm, the large companies do not leave the attention Russia which, as is known, is one of the largest and perspective commodity markets of products of sector IT. Supplementing the held presentations of the next newest products and processing techniques, Moscow and St.-Petersburg were visited by leading heads of corporation of Intel, appeared with reports before experts and representatives of mass-media

In June of this year it was executed ten years to the program of corporation of Intel linked to support of the local computer industry of Russia and the CIS countries. This program has been declared in 1995 during Steve Pula's Moscow press conference (Steve Poole, supervised at that time over all activity of Intel in EMEA) and Steve Chejza (Steve Chase, the post of the president of Intel now holds in Russia). For expired decade the program has gained the big scope in Russia. Now it covers territory from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

For involvement in the press conference devoted to given anniversary, there has arrived the vice-president of corporation of Intel, director Sales and Marketing Group Anand Chandraseher. In the performance he has declared the further extension of the program of support of the local computer industry in Russia and other CIS countries. As a result of the undertaken efforts by the end of 2005 the specified initiative of Intel will operate in 118 cities of the CIS. The quantity of the local companies-participants has reached 6398.

Photo 1. Performance of the vice-president of corporation of Intel, director Sales and Marketing Group Anand Chandrasehera

The program of support of the local computer industry has paramount value for our company, - Anand Chandraseher who is carrying out a global manual by activity of corporation of Intel on sales and marketing has underlined in the performance in Moscow. – sales through this channel provide Intel third of all incomes

The extension of the program of Intel in support of the computer industry of Russia and other CIS countries provides carrying out of some actions. For example, within 2005 two conferences — Intel Channel Conference (ICC) with involvement of the local companies occupied in the given corporate initiative are planned . Within the limits of everyone ICC trainings and industry shows will be organised, ample opportunities for an exchange of experience are created.

Except conferences ICC, assistance of Intel in upgrade of the local computer industry at the expense of adjustment of mass production of computers on the basis of the newest platforms of corporation of Intel, and also the organisation Weeks of digital processing techniques, carrying out of "Days of computer knowledge of Intel, etc. is provided .

Estimating educational programs, it is necessary to mark, that within this year Intel corporation namerena to spend for development of a Russian education and a science more than 2 million dollars. Thus, the total sum of expenditures of Intel on these purposes for the last 8 years will reach 10 million dollars.

Relay race of performances of bosses of Intel after couple of days was picked up by Krejg Barrett, the chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel, showing, by the way, the honourable professor of the Moscow State University. With transition to a post of the chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel K.Barrett is intended during the foreign trips to fulfil a role of the ambassador of the industry of information technologies, on what it has all underplates: recently K.Barrett has been selected by the chairman of National engineering academy of the USA, besides, it is the co-chairman of the Coalition of business circles of the USA in support of derivation perfection (Business Coalition for Excellence in Education) and a member of board of Advice on the international business of the USA, and also is a part of board of directors of Association of the semiconducting industry of the USA and Silicon Valley Ledership Group.

The given visit was the fifth visiting of our country for the last 8 years. It provided carrying out of press conferences in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and also a meeting the country top management.

It is necessary otmetitit, that being the convinced supporter of idea of the accelerated development of business of Intel in the countries with developing market economy, K.Barrett has played the major role in distribution of corporate programs to Russia and other CIS countries. As a result, from the point of view of Intel activity, our locale has turned to one of key in EMEA. Growth of number of employees of the corporation which are engaged in research and development activity testifies To it (in Russia 5 Centres, at the Petersburg Centre – more than 100 persons). The given circumstance gains special value because in the beginning of this year Intel manual has started scale reorganisation of all activity of corporation which aims at development of the completed technological platforms more and more. In these conditions the role of employees of Intels which are engaged in researches and developments in a number of the countries of the world, including Russia, will increase. About it, and also about the common strategy of corporation of Intel concerning Russia and other CIS countries Krejg Barrett in the report has told Informational and communication processing techniques – one more natural resources of Russia at press conference in St.-Petersburg.

Photo 2. Krejga Barrett's performance, the chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel

The chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel has cited the data, testifying that Russia still too slowly masters informational and communication processing techniques that should undermine its competitiveness. So, according to the World economic forum, from the point of view of readiness and ability to use advantage of such processing techniques the Russian Federation occupies 62 place in the list of 104 inspected countries, essentially lagging behind from the states of Baltic. Unfortunately, tendencies do not inspire optimism in spite of the fact that in the modern world of IT processing technique raise competitiveness. Nevertheless, by word Intel corporation does Krejga Barrett and will use the best efforts to improve a situation with implantation of computer processing techniques in Russia.

With that end in view the chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel Krejg Barret as a part of the largest American businessmen has met next day with Prezedentom Russia.

And as have marked mass-media, at this meeting behind oval desktop of one of halls of a palace of St.-Petersburg, except the Russian president and members of its command, there was "an enormous concentration of the capital" — 12 persons inspecting more of $1 billion (current capitalisation of Intel - $196,87 billion)

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