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IT in Intel

Evgenie Rudometov

The last years the largest foreign corporations render special attention raw, financial and to manpower resources of Russia. Overcoming bureaucratic barriers and official a resistance, representatives of business invest considerable resources, open numerous offices and will organise productions. Thus the most develop and far-sighted successfully master and develop the most perspective resource of Russia — a high mental potential of domestic engineers and scientists. As an example of such corporations it is possible to result corporation of Intel which already the second ten years increases the presence in the Russian IT market.

Within the limits of this activity became kind tradition regular visits to our country of its higher heads. For the last year Russia experts of the top echelon have visited Krejg Barrett, Floor Otelini, Patrick Gelsinger and many other things. At Forums IDF in Moscow and Novosibirsk, and also during personal visits they repeatedly urged to master and develop IT sector which step-by-step becomes the main motive power of progress and a source of riches of the developed countries.

As continuation of these efforts it is possible to consider press briefing recently led in St.-Petersburg with Martin Menarda's involvement (Martin Menard).

Martin Menard supervises over department Product Capability Group which is a part of division Information Services and Technology Group (ISTG) Intel corporation. Primary goal ISTG consists in preconditioning and implantation of informational solutions for all divisions of Intels which are engaged in development and implementation of new processing techniques. The department headed by Martin Menardom has played a key role in formation of the Nizhniy Novgorod centre of Intel on researches and developments with which the similar centre of corporation in St.-Petersburg closely co-operates. The press briefing with M.Menarda's involvement was led by the director of the press-service of corporation of Intel in the CIS countries Alexander Palladin.

In the performance Martin Menard ( 1) on an example of corporation of Intel has told the Photo about optimisation of modern business by means of computer processing techniques.

Photo 1. Martin Menard (Martin Menard), the head of department Product Capability Group of corporation of Intel appears

Intel corporation expands the presence in fast growing markets of the countries with developing market economy and is frequent in the conditions of bad power supply and not developed communication infrastructure. The own IT division of Intel plays a key role in the organisation of activity of corporation in such locales. The given division urged to provide local employees of Intel with all necessary for effective operation in the shortest periods.

In 2004 IT division activity India and Russia has helped Intel corporation to expand twice the presence at the countries with developing market economy that has allowed Intel to start operation in 577 such states new cities, as China. Intel IT division has provided an infrastructure for opening of 54 new offices, including eight regional trade missions and 11 new global centres of processing of orders. It has allowed Intel corporation to increase possibility of reception of profit in bystrorazvivajushchihsja business areas. Efforts of IT division of Intel have provided the extension of activity of corporation and have helped to involve in cooperation set of talented people all over the world.

Russia where one of the purposes of activity of Intel is fast development of the local resources linked to development of hardware-software resources that allows to reduce time of an output of production for the market became one of such locales and to satisfy requirements of customers. So, for example, in research resources the resources reducing since 9 days till 1 day a response time on inquiries of customers have been created. It has been as a result handled 14 thousand inquiries on standard samples that has allowed to save last year more than 300 thousand dollars. The extension of presence of Intel in Russia and to development of the domestic IT market will be promoted by integration of the Russian experts of companies "Elbruses" and "unipro" in staff of corporation of Intel. New qualified personnel will allow to raise speed of development and output of the major projects to the market. Also a number of the advanced development supervised by IT division is already fulfilled.

In further schedules of IT division of Intel an object in view by 2009 to increase time of productive operation of each employee of Intel for one day in a week. Solutions for increase in possibilities of teamwork without geographical limitations have been with that end in view inserted. Considering, that in the majority of workgroups of Intel there is at least one worker who is in other time zone, Intel IT division develops new methods of carrying out of the conferences covering of some time zones at once.

It is necessary to mark, that effective activity of the division, making the big impact on activity of all corporation it is impossible without appropriate frames and means. Whereas demand for IT production and Intel service grows record rates, the corporation IT division on the structure remains practically invariable.

Here some the digits resulted in the report, concerning structures of IT division of Intel: 9379 workers, 6469 regular employees (7125 in 2005), 2254 workers under the contract, 79 IT representations in 27 countries, 26 data-processing centres, 159 thousand sites of a local area network, more than 66300 servers, 3,2 petabajt hranimoj information, 5900 servers of an infrastructure, on the average 1 expert supports 488 servers. It allows to support: 124 thousand workers, 85 thousand regular employees, 39 thousand workers under the contract, 124 offices of Intel in 57 countries, 356 direct customers, 10200 suppliers. According to spirits of the times transportable and wireless systems develop in Intel: 220 buildings with wireless networks, at Intel offices are 4360 points of wireless access, 75 thousand notebooks.

The effective utilisation of available resources has allowed Intel IT division to provide corporations in 2004 the additional income more than in one billion dollars (50 % growth).

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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