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Travel to the near future

Evgenie Rudometov

On recently last traditional Developer forum IDF, the past in San Francisco (the USA, California), during key reports heads of corporation of Intel have told about long-term plans of development of IT branch

The intensive development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques which are carried out in the conditions of the international integration into areas of scientific researches and in production, demands coordination of efforts of the big number of scientists, engineers and businessmen. Developer forums IDF (Intel Developer Forum) which carrying out became kind tradition are devoted this purpose.

Being the largest action for implementators of hardware and the software, forum IDF is spent some times in a year. Thus IDF gathers leading representatives of a science and engineering for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing techniques and production of electronic branches, intended for personal computers, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits. IDF is technological conference largest in branch for leading implementators with involvement of representatives of mass media. At meetings IDF led in the different countries of the world within all year, key players of branch discuss the advanced processing techniques and products of electronic branches of the industry.

Next such Forum has transited recently in San Francisco (the USA, California). At this Forum with key reports bosses of corporation of Intel who have told about perspectives of development of semiconducting and computer branches have appeared.

In one other branch, except as in branch of high technologies, such rapid growth shown thanks to constant release of advanced newest production is not marked today, has declared Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the main chief executive of corporation of Intel (the Photo 1). He has informed, that the branch has taken new course on productivity rise on one watt. The leading head of corporation has told that Intel develops the microarchitecture of a new generation optimised from the point of view energopotreblenija, for permanently growing market of platforms of the digital house, digital firm, and also transportable platforms. Production of Intel with low energopotrebleniem will allow to create a new category of multifunctional arrangements of home electronics.

Intel corporation will present new microarchitecture in second half of 2006. This microarchitecture will combine the best features of today's microarchitecture of Intel NetBurst and architectures of the processor of Intel of Pentium M. In it the new functionality realised on a basis mnogojadernosti of processors also will be added.

Photo 1. Floor Otellini appears

During report Otellini for the first time has shown gathered the new processors carrying code names Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest and intended for notebooks, desktop systems and servers accordingly. These processors are developed for release on the most advanced of 65 nanometers tehprotsessu Intel. The head of Intel also has informed, that for corporation is available more than 10 projects chetyrehjadernyh processors, and also processors with even considerable quantity of kernels on one chip.

Otellini also has declared, that future production with low energopotrebleniem will allow to create a new category ultraenergosberegajushchih class arrangements Handtop the PC which will possess functionality of communication arrangements and computational capabilities of the PC, thus their power consumption will be less than one watt, and weight — less than 450 

Floor Otellini has informed, that in the conditions of constant global increase in a current consumption and a rise in prices for it considerable abbreviation energopotreblenija computers will help to save billions dollars thanks to appearance the next years hundreds millions new PCs and servers. The corporation of Intel and analytics predict, that only current year can be sold about 200 million new PCs.

It is not disregarded and branch of entertainments developing by high rates. In this area the corporation closely co-operates with appropriate corporations. In particular, Intel is engaged in development of platforms and appropriate processing techniques. So, for example, during IDF Intel corporation announced processing technique of Intel Viiv (it is said as [vajv]) which will allow to create new generation home PCs next year.

Telling about this processing technique, Don McDonald (Don MacDonald), the vice-president and the general manager of division Digital Home Group of corporation of Intel has marked, that in its advancement of Intel has decided to put the strategy of Intel Centrin. The processing technique of Intel Viiv is a multiplexing of innovative solutions, various digital devices, the first class entertainments and the advanced processing techniques, providing to users new possibilities for digital leisure. To make a platform of Intel Viiv more convenient in usage and to improve general impressions of users, Intel corporation realised in it some possibilities of home electronic arrangements. So, all PCs on the basis of processing technique of Intel Viiv will be delivered with a remote control, OS of Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition and multimedia ON thanks to what the computer can be controlled the same as the TV. Multi-channel sound and TV-tuner, flexible structure and easy retargeting – only a part of features. Two-nuclear processors of Intel allow to use one PC at once to the several people who are in different rooms at home.

As implementation of such ideas Intel corporation has presented conceptual model of the PC Golden Gate in the compact, stylish tank, constructed on base dvuhjadernogo the processor of Intel of a new generation under code name Yonah. The combination of two ysokoproizvoditelnyh computing kernels and energosberegajushchej platforms allows to create set of compact and stylish constructive solutions. The conceptual PC Golden Gate allows to play back video of a high-resolution and the realistic drawing in games, and also includes built in TV-tuner.

Intel corporation is not gathered to give to competitors of a business direction. Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick Gelsinger), the high vice-president of corporation of Intel and the general manager of division Digital Enterprise Group (the Photo 2), has told, how Intel solutions help heads of IT divisions to raise flexibility of handle IT‑инфраструктурой of the company providing possibility of adapting of the environment to fast changes of business requirements. Substantial increase of productivity will reach usage of the multinuclear processors supplied with resources of lowering energopotreblenija. One of perspective products is the new processor with code name Sossaman which will be released in first half of 2006. This processor which is only one of many new solutions of Intel with lowered level energopotreblenija, will be oriented to usage in the servers mounted in a rack, and servers with high density of allocation of components. The main condition of implementation of new ways of usage of processing techniques and supports of computational capability development of platforms on the basis of multinuclear processors.

Photo 2. Patrick Gelsinger appears

One of priority directions of development of new processing techniques is the voice transfer on IP protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP) which provide twice more excellence of a sound transmission, than modern phone lines. On IDF it has been declared, that the companies of Intel and Skype have banked efforts for the purpose of joint development of effective VoIP applications for Intel platforms.

About development of transportable arrangements to participants of the Forum has told SHon Melouni (Sean Maloney), the executive vice-president and the general manager of division Mobility Group of corporation of Intel.

Escalating popularity of notebooks among businessmen and usual consumers speaks a considerable quantity of advantages which give transportable PCs. SHon Melouni has told about some new technological innovations which it is planned to realise in a transportable platform of Intel of following generation with code name Napa. They should help to reduce consumption of energy and to improve graphics possibilities, and also to expand possibilities of a wireless communication.

As an example of innovative activity in the field of development of transportable processing techniques, some characteristics of the future multinuclear processor for transportable arrangements under code name Merom which should appear in second half of 2006 have been opened. Within the next years the microarchitecture energosberegajushchego multinuclear processor Merom will help to raise three times productivity at the rate on 1 watt. This characteristic, according to experts of Intel, is the main requirement for near future arrangements.

In performance SHon Melouni has slightly opened schedules of Intel in the field of creation of new components of platforms of 2006 for mobile phones and wireless arrangements of following generation. Their structure will include processors of Intel XScale of following generation under code name Monahans. This set will allow to satisfy growing requirements of users of mobile phones, smart phones, a handheld computer and arrangements of home electronics. It is expected, that processor Monahans in some years can provide fivefold rise of productivity along with smaller consumption of energy in comparison with the previous platforms of Intel. To addition SHon Melouni has presented a graphics coprocessor of Intel of following generation with code name Stanwood.

Implementation ambitsionnyh corporation schedules it is impossible without further development of semiconducting and appropriate computer processing techniques, including controls for arrangements. Appearing, Dzhastin Rattner (Justin Rattner), the high deserved contributor of corporation of Intel and the head of division Corporate Technology Group, has explained, that practically is not present now processing techniques thanks to which electronic arrangements could adapt to needs of concrete people.

Photo 3. Appears Dzhastin Rattner

As a result users are forced to give to technological systems much more time, than it would be desirable. The future of electron technologies will be defined by requirement for more simple and intuitive modes of work with arrangements and the processing techniques helping people to do that it is necessary for them. However to reach this purpose, it is necessary to develop a new generation friendly to users platform processing techniques.

To provide possibility of creation of more intellectual platforms and to help to satisfy requirements of people, Intel corporation plans to release the processors including tens and even hundreds of computing kernels with low energopotrebleniem in the future. Each such processor will support dynamic allocation of tasks on separate kernels or their sets, and also dynamic reallocation of resources of memory and capacity of a network between concrete applications, such as systems of pattern recognition and sounds, the unit of support of safety of a network, game and the unit of the analysis of commands of users.

Estimating results of operation IDF, it is necessary to mark, that since October, 2002 of session of the Forum of Intel for implementators are annually led and in Russia. Novosibirsk and Moscow became cities in which this authoritative action was carried out, already repeatedly. Once again the capital of Russia becomes a place of carrying out IDF from October, 11 till October, 12th. The forum will go under the slogan Multinuclear platforms. We will accelerate future approach.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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