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Moscow IDF

Evgenie Rudometov

Successful development of semiconducting and computer processing techniques demands timely information interchange. It is promoted by Developer forums IDF (Intel Developer Forum), led in the different countries, including Russia which capital already in fourth time became a place of carrying out of Forum IDF.

On this prestigious action traditionally organised in a building of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and transiting under the motto Multinuclear platforms. We will accelerate future approach (Multi-Core Platforms. Accelerate Your Future), results of some the perspective researches fulfilled by experts of Intel and of great importance for further development of computer industries have been presented.

Photo 1. A building of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Plenary reports of representatives of the top management of corporation of Intel became the central event of the Forum. Their subject of a steel not only multinuclear processors and appropriate platforms, but also processing technique of a virtualization, wireless solutions, processing techniques for the digital house and digital firm, the built in solutions and processing techniques of rise of controllability of a corporate IT infrastructure, the solution, allowing to lower consumption of energy, etc.

The best way to expect the future is to invent the future. Alan Keja's this known phrase has opened an official part of the Forum Christian Morales (Christian Morales), vice-president Sales and Marketing Group corporations of Intel and the general manager of Intel in locale EMEA. In the performance he has told about Intel activity. It has given an appreciation to rates of development of IT processing techniques in Russia, having marked fast growth of expenditures. K.Moralesa's performance traditionally contained an appeal to leaders of the domestic IT industry and to the governmental circles to stir up activity on adapting of leading-edge technologies and development of local branch resources.

Further reports of Volume Kilroja (Tom Kilroy), the vice-president of corporation of Intel, the general manager of division Digital Enterprise Group and Renata JUsupova, high vice-president Kraftway, have continued a subject of development of computer processing techniques.

It is known, that Intel corporation outputs new processor microarchitecture which will incorporate the best features of modern transportable, desktop and server developments on the market. Productivity rise basically will be reached not so much at the expense of growth of clock rates, how many thanks to increase in number of processor kernels. Correct operation of new processors will be supported by new OS, ON and surrounding units. Appropriate program and hardware are developed all sectors, including the transportable solutions which rates of sales are very great.

The subject of development of transportable solutions has found the lighting in Muli Eden's report (Mooly Eden), the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group. The newest processing techniques considered in its performance will be realised in platform Napa. As its basis the processor with kernel Yonah will serve. Release of a two-nuclear variant is planned in first half of 2006. The processor is characterised by high efficiency and low energopotrebleniem. It is reached thanks to new processor solutions and processing techniques.

The subject of perspective architectures and processing techniques became a basis of reports of known experts Kevina of Caen (Kevin Kahn), Steve Pavlovski and Richard Virta (Richard Wirt). So, for example, except features of implantation tehprotsessa 65 nanometers, they have told about the new server processors known under code names Tulsa and Sossaman, expected in 2006.

Korpratsija Intel has declared availability of the first dvuhjadernyh processors of Intel Xeon with support of processing technique Hyper-Threading of the dual-processor servers of initial level oriented to creation. Processors Sossaman not released on the market and Monahans have been besides, shown yet, whose code names have been announced for the first time in the end of August at Intel Forum in San Francisco. Here pertinently to remind, that Sossaman represents future dvuhjadernuju model in the bar of processors of Intel Xeon and it is designed for server systems with reduced energopotrebleniem. In its structure the same microprocessor kernel, as in transportable processor Yonah will be used. At the same time processor Sossaman is not the transportable chip in server packing. The processor carrying code name Monahans becomes the central component for phones, a handheld computer, smart phones and home electroequipment. On matching with the predecessors processor Monahans possesses more high efficiency at considerably lowered energopotreblenii.

In addition to plenary reports within the limits of the Moscow Forum it was offered over 60 hours of technical seminars and 20 hours of laboratory operations within the limits of 11 streams. Among them have been presented: scientific and technical developments, standardization and branch standards, development cross-country-architectural ON, processing techniques and solutions for the digital house, components of hardware platforms, solutions and platforms for digital firm, processing techniques for business, innovations in the field of transportable platforms and communication processing techniques, performances of sponsors. Participants of the Forum could hear to some courses on Intel developments in sphere of parallel and multinuclear calculations, a virtualization, broad-band wireless networks, processing techniques energosberezhenija and power managements. Various arrangements on the basis of microarchitecture of Intel XScale which tablet and pocket PCs concern, personal multimedia players have been shown, and also prototypes hardware are presented and the software for the arrangements supporting Wireless USB, etc. details about 65 nanometers of industrial processing technique of Intel, and also silicon lasers have Not been ignored also . A lot of attention has been given developments specialised ON.

At the seminars mentioning a subject of mobility and communication processing techniques, it has been told about unification of telecommunications, multiplexing of data transfer, a voice (VoIP) and the multimedia information.

It is necessary to mark, that 13 companies have appeared as sponsors of different level at the Russian Forum of Intel, and still from above 20 have presented the expositions at an exhibition, organizuemoj within the limits of the Forum. Company Kraftway became general sponsor IDF this year, as well as in the past. Among gold sponsors of a forum this year 7 grandees of the world computer industry appear: ATI Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Hynix Semiconductor, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oracle. Informational support to a forum was rendered by the largest domestic publishing houses.

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