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New usages of transportable processors of Intel

Evgenie Rudometov

Unique properties of transportable processors of Intel allow to use them as a basis of wide gamma of built in management systems

The modern computer market is not limited today to traditional transportable, desktop and server solutions. The increasing application is found by the systems oriented to medicine, the industry, power, defence, etc. Such solutions

Are presented basically by the compact products which are built in various arrangements or special racks which construction is adapted under specific conditions of service.

Implementators of built in systems even more often face two problems: balance support between productivity and energopotrebleniem, and also support of general-purpose and special functions in built in applications. To these conditions to the greatest degree satisfy the solutions created on the basis of efficient and economic processors and chip sets of Intel, traditionally used for transportable solutions.

To perspectives to development of the market and features of development of built in computer products was the press conference led recently in Moscow by the companies of Intel, Fastwel and the PROSOFTWARE (ProSoft) is devoted.

The size of the world market of semiconducting production for built in systems, despite certain specificity of this segment, exceeds 2,25 mlrd dollars, possessing quite good dynamics of growth - about 10 % a year, thus the share of components on the basis of Intel architecture makes about third, - has told Ketrin Martin, the director of Intel for sales of built in and communication production in the CIS countries.

Photo 1. Performance of the representative of company Fastwel

One of the main manufacturers of built in systems is the Russian company Fastwel realising the products through the Russian company the PROSOFTWARE, having representations in the different countries.

The hardware basis of the products released by company Fastwel, selects models of the processor of Intel of Pentium M with frequency to 2,0 GHz, developed by the company of Intel for application from transportable systems. However, as has shown experience of the given company, transportable processors can successfully be applied and as a basis of the built in solutions.

It is necessary to mark, that deliveries of production Fastwel are carried out both on Russian, and on the foreign market. By the way, for today the Russian company Fastwel is the first and while the unique manufacturer of industrial single-board computers in the Eastern Europe, releasing a lineup of appropriate production on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium M.

Company Fastwel occupies unique position in the market as not only develops, but also independently makes the most complicated equipment for automated management systems. A lineup of single-board computers on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium M with frequency to 2,0 GHz, made on 90-nanometer tehprotsessu, characterised by high dependability, productivity, and also low energopotrebleniem and compactness. Released products cover all spheres of application of a similar sort of systems.

Photo 2. Demonstrating of the cards created on the basis of transportable processors of Intel

Firms of various branches for which are necessary concern potential consumers of the built in solutions:

- The industrial computers, capable to soak a wide temperature range, vibration, the shock effects, the raised humidity and a dust content;

- Products for responsible applications, for example, for handle of a difficult procedure in the nuclear and chemical industry, crucial processes on transport etc.;

- Built in systems, for example, in onboard systems of automation in aerospace and motor industry, portable instruments, multimedia booths, on transport etc.

As an example it is possible to result such leading enterprises, as NPP Aviation and sea electronics, MNIIRE "Altair" and NPO the "Instrument", releasing wide gamma of hi-tech products.

The equipment equipped with single-board computers Fastwel, can function as on open space in enough hard climatic conditions, and in the closed industrial premises with a hostile environment - for example, in melting shop. Production Fastwel works in a band of temperatures from–40 to +85С, that expands sphere of application of built in products and raises dependability of finite systems, considerably simplifies design of a product and allows to allocate it compactly enough on small space. All new processor units are equipped by the temperature transmitter which at its rise to a critical mark automatically disables the arrangement that allows to protect the equipment from an overheat.

One more important criterion of applicability of production Fastwel – a quiescent operation at the raised mechanical loads. Separate units soak vibration to 5G, that corresponds to vibration level in a high-speed electric train, and also blows to 50G (for matching: it is force of blow about a concrete wall of the computer dispersed till speed of 100 km/h).

In cards the sentry timer, activating reboot in case of program lag is provided. Function Reset allows the system operator to restart far off it even if the equipment is in other building. Cards guarantee saving of crucial data at emergency deenergization, and the galvanic isolation provides a stable operation at the big surges.

The released products support all modern interfaces (Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, SerialATA), provide compatibility with actual peripherals (modems, external hard disks, displays, videocameras etc.), that guarantees maximum system productivity of ready solution. Unified konstruktiv products allows to make changeover of units and their upgrade, not assorting system tank. It is rather actual, as responsible applications demand high maintainability. At last, all products are characterised by the compact sizes and low energopotrebleniem, that provides space saving at allocation of the equipment and high uptime from secondary generators.

Photo 3. Examples of the products created for built in management systems

All it is reached thanks to features of the accessories created by corporation of Intel and possessing a unique set of technical parametres. And, first of all it concerns the popular set of models of processors of Intel of Pentium M, high efficiency and which profitability have made their perspective not only for transportable systems, but also for the industry.

Still the big perspectivity for built in solutions is represented by two-nuclear processors of Intel Core Duo. The products created on their basis, provide considerable productivity, low energopotreblenie and the high level of the flexibility necessary for implantation of innovations in built in systems. Processors of Intel Core Duo combine advantages of multinuclear calculations with low energopotrebleniem. The solutions fulfilled on a database of processors, help implementators to reach with built in solutions of high efficiency. Besides, two independent computing kernels allow to support simultaneously some OS that provides necessary flexibility at engineering of customised applications. Important and that the processor of Intel Core Duo combines high efficiency with innovative control functions energopotrebleniem that allows to reduce working costs to a minimum. Such possibilities as processing technique Enhanced Intels SpeedStep, regulate consumption of energy depending on the computing load defined by character of solved tasks. Besides, the given processing techniques allow to reallocate dynamically energopotreblenie between kernels, the cache memory and component interconnections according to change of computing requirements.

Possibilities of the processor of Intel Core Duo are supplemented with possibilities of the chipset of system logic of Intel 945GM Express for transportable PCs. This chipset supports the high-quality drawing, provides high capacity of a subsystem of input/output, fast access to storage devices and the level of dependability necessary for development of built in systems.

For support of implementators Intel corporation gives the complete set of special program tools, including effective compilers, analyzers of productivity and a resource of optimisation of fulfilment of streams of commands. The specified tools are intended to help implementators to reach maximum productivity of applications and to use all possibilities of concurrent execution of program streams.

Support of corporation of Intel provides abbreviation of design cycle, release and implantation of the built in products created as on the basis of traditional one-nuclear, and multinuclear processors. Mass release of appropriate products with multinuclear processors, predictably, will start in 2006.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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