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New horizons of derivation

Evgenie Rudometov

At the Moscow forum "New horizons of derivation" the chairman of board of directors of corporation of Intel Krejg Barrett who has told about educational activity of Intel and once again urged to develop an intellectual resource of Russia has appeared

The last years the largest foreign corporations render special attention to Russia possessing considerable raw, financial and manpower resources. Overcoming bureaucratic barriers and official a resistance, representatives of business invest considerable resources, open numerous offices and will organise productions.

The most develop and far-sighted successfully master and develop the Russian mental potential which is, the most perspective resource of Russia. As an example of such corporations it is possible to result corporation of Intel which systematically increases the presence in promptly developing Russian IT market. Realising the schedules, this corporation in the largest cities of our country creates centres of researches and hardware and software developments, will organise conferences and seminars with involvement of the largest scientists and engineers. Quite often on such actions there are bosses of corporation of Intel, giving special attention to the perspective Russian market.

Once again our country was visited by the chairman of board of directors of the company of Intel Krejg Barrett (Craig R. Barrett). The given visit became its sixth visiting of Russia. Here it is necessary to remind, that last year at annual meeting of shareholders of Intel in Santa Clara in connection with reaching of 65-year-old age doctor Barrett has handled reins of government corporation to the new president and the main chief executive to Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), and itself has been selected on a post of the chairman of board of directors. Having held of this post, K.Barrett has declared the intention and henceforth to make regular business trips abroad as the ambassador of the industry of information technologies. Doctor Barrett is the chairman of National engineering academy of the USA, a member of board of Advice on the international business of the USA. Besides, it is a part of board of directors of Association of the semiconducting industry of the USA and heads of the Silicon valley.

During present visits to Russia Krejg Barrett has taken part in operation of the international forum New horizons of derivation, the past at the Russian state humanitarian university where it has appeared with the report. The essential of performance of a steel of perspective of development IT in the field of the higher and secondary education, and also role IT as catalyst of development of economy and rise of competitiveness of Russia on international scene.

Photo 1. Krejga Barrett's performance, the chairman of board of directors of the company of Intel

Through participants of a forum he has once again accessed to the Russian manual and leaders of local pedagogical community with an appeal more actively to insert in educational processes modern technological reachings. Within the limits of the performance doctor Barrett has declared new initiatives of Intels routed on the extension of educational programs of Intel in Russia and other CIS countries.

For the last three years within the limits of the world charitable program of Intel Training for the future have been trained more than 240 thousand Russian teachers and students of pedagogical high schools (by the end of 2006 their number will increase for 140 thousand). Within the next five years it is planned to train in skills of usage of computer processing techniques in educational process about 1 million teachers.

Besides, for the last year at the initiative of corporation of Intel variety of high schools in Russia has received transportable computer classes in the instruction. In August of last year of Intel has extended to Russia one more corporate initiative under the name we Study from Intel. The program is aimed at development of the skills necessary for schoolboys in an adult life.

Expanding educational activity of Intel inserts in Russia the program Technological business - from the theory to practice, called to train students of is natural-scientific and engineering specialities to business and creation of the innovative technological companies. In 2006 within the limits of the given program of Intel will present a training course on technological business and will support competition business of schedules.

Within 2005 and a science in Russia and other CIS countries Intel corporation has spent for a support of education more than 2 million dollars. As a result the total sum of expenditures of Intel on these purposes for the last 8 years has already exceeded 10 million dollars.

The corporation continues to expand a network of the research and development centres. Now in the Russian Federation operates already such 5 centres: in Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, St.-Petersburg, Sarov.

Enumerated is only a part of the extensive program of Intel routed on development of the Russian IT market, depending on an educational level of experts. As Krejg Barrett considers, in the future the economy will depend much more strongly on the derivated people. Therefore nestings in derivation are very important for each country.

On the termination of the report doctor Barrett has held press conference on which has responded to some question.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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