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Intel about perspective units of the market

Evgenie Rudometov

In June of this year Intel corporation has held official Russian presentation of newest server production — innovative platforms and the newest processors realising advantages of the two-nuclear architecture. The presented developments are intended for construction of the IT Infrastructure of firms of different level.

Now the major role in functioning of all business is played by the information technologies inserted by numerous IT divisions. Operating with considerable financial assets, these divisions are forced to prove, that they are of use for business, raising efficiency, efficiency and quality of services at simultaneous abbreviation of working costs. However according to analysts Gartner, today about 80 % of IT budgets it is spent for service of already available systems, thereby on development, implantation of innovations and rise of efficiency of business remains very few resources. Managers are in a situation when they should control the increasing quantity of corporate resources. But set of hardware use not completely: on statistican average loading of servers makes only 15 % from their computational capabilities.

Fast growth of quantity of systems in corporate data-processing centres in turn carries on to rise of a metric of cumulative cost of possession for a company IT Infrastructure. There are also the problems linked to growth energopotreblenija, complexity of handle and a lack of physical space. All it affects profits of the companies.

To find optimal solution of the majority of the given problems many known computer corporations, for example, such as Intel try.

From time of the invention of the first processor Intel company has turned to powerful corporation. Not being limited to frames of the manufacturer of accessories, it the increasing attention gives to development of server processing techniques and the products, capable to make a corporate infrastructure more effective, protected and controlled. Underlining, that productivity it is not simple clock rate, experts of Intel develop fundamental processing techniques and the resources doing servers on the basis of processors of Intel more functional and economically attractive. For 10 last years it has been sold more than 40 million servers with Intel architecture. According to experts of this most powerful corporation, the share of systems with Intel architecture makes more than 80 % from a total number of sold servers.

Intel corporation sees the mission in development of processing techniques and platforms. With release dvuhjadernyh processors of Intel Xeon of a series 5000 for server platforms of a new generation the corporation of Intel puts at disposal of the companies of solution with possibilities of the virtualization, reduced energopotrebleniem and high dependability of operation. One of such platforms is the server platform known under code name Bensley. It is calculated for powerful modern processors and embodies implementation of the newest processing techniques in which basis the microarchitecture of Intel Core lays.

Developments in the field of modern server systems were presented recently in Moscow by the vice-president of corporation of Intel, the director of division Digital Enterprise Brand Management Uill Svoup (William A. Swope). It was helped by representatives of the Russian companies which are leaders in the field of production of a firmware.

Photo 1. The Vice-president of corporation of Intel, the director of division Digital Enterprise Brand Management Uill Svoup

The solutions created on the basis of presented production, personify the last reachings in the field of corporate computing systems: productivity growth at simultaneous essential reduction energopotreblenija, the best controllability of systems and lowering of operational costs, a virtualization etc.

Deliveries of components of platform Bensley have started in May, 2006. In it the processor of Intel Xeon of a series 5000 (earlier known under code name Dempsey) uses.

In the near future Intel corporation upgrades platform Bensley, having equipped with its processor of Intel Xeon of a series 5100 (code name Woodcrest) which will allow to reduce energopotreblenie to 35 % and to increase computational capability by 80 %. This platform is intended for the organisations which aspire to standardise the data-processing centres, using dvuhjadernye processors. New processors with energopotrebleniem 80 W have three times the big productivity on one watt in comparison with one-nuclear server processors of the set of Intel Xeon.

Here it is necessary to remind, that the new microarchitecture of processors is development of the solutions for the first time tested in transportable processors of Intel of Pentium M. Among the key innovative processing techniques realised in new microarchitecture, it is possible to name Intel Wide Dynamic Execution, Intel Intelligent Power Capability, Intel Advanced Smart Cache, Intel Advanced Digital Media Boost and Intel Smart Memory Access. The newest microarchitecture became a basis for processors of all three sectors: transportable, desktop and server.

In the third quarter 2006 Intel corporation plans to start deliveries of the processor with code name Conroe — the first processor optimised for desktop PCs. A code name of transportable variants — Merom. All these processors, including, server Woodcrest, will have uniform microarchitecture of kernels as a basis.

During performance Uilla Svoupa were also has promulgated schedules on release first-ever chetyrehjadernogo the processor. The processor with code name Clovertown will be compatible on the plug to platform Bensley, its release is planned for the beginning of 2007.

Did not remain without attention and system with processors of Intel Itanium. The corporation namerena and further to develop the appropriate bar of 64-bit servers. However multinuclear models of processors become its basis.

Photo 2. An example of a modern server of the Russian assemblage

Intel schedules have supported the largest Russian companies. Among them group of companies ARBYTE, HELiOS IT OPERATOR, Klondike Kompjuters, Kraftway. All of them have declared release of appropriate systems and have shown a number of the working systems created on the basis of the newest platforms and processors.

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