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The future is forged today

Evgenie Rudometov

At a specialised exhibition autumn IDF in San Francisco perspective processing techniques have been shown

On a court yard the twenty first century, and historians from a science cannot come till now to the consent concerning the list of the processing techniques personifying the last century. Leaving this problem to experts, it is possible to assert, that in this list, certainly, it is necessary to include electronics. Its fast development has led to creation of many interesting arrangements, the central place among which, certainly, occupy computers, pronikshie in all spheres of human activity.

Modern computers can very many. Created all a little tens years ago for defensive departments they for short period have transited path from huge "tsifrodrobilnyh" the complexes occupying hundreds of square metres of conditioned premises and consuming hundreds watt of the electric power, to the general-purpose, compact, economic, multimedia arrangements exceeding quite often in thousand of time on computational capability monstropodobnyh of predecessors. These arrangements which are freely located on desktop, are capable not only to introduce corrective amendments in our representation about intellectual work, but also to change our leisure and a life, having incurred functions of numerous electronic assistants.

As an example it is enough to result the TV, audio and videorecorders, CD and DVD-players, FM-radio receivers, multi-channel audiocomplexes, etc . And still computers are the information centres, capable to fulfil function of a fax, phone and a telephone answering device, and also to provide Internet connection with all its possibilities and advantages. In addition to enumerated probably handle and various arrangements. Thus the computer appears not simply as the electronic timer, advising to switch on and off certain instruments and mechanisms, and to carry out the difficult program control, including thanking hallows of modern multinuclear processors artificial intelligence units.

Much of computer possibilities has found the reflexion in the concept of the Digital House several years ago offered by engineers of Intel and repeatedly sounded during numerous performances of heads of this corporation of different level. Development of the given concept long time it was illustrated by exclusively multimedia possibilities of computers. As to control functions they had theoretical character in absence sort in the market of appropriate sensor controls and executive mechanisms.

However the situation with the given components step-by-step varies. So on autumn IDF (Intels Developer Forum), the past recently in San Francisco, during a specialised exhibition of the newest processing techniques initiated and supported by corporation of Intel, have been presented numerous journalists various sensor controls.

They linked among themselves by wireless channels had outputs on computers. It provided continuous data transfer and tracing of their relative positioning. That it allowed to explain easier, eventually, on an example.

The employee showing to possibility of system, had a sensor control fulfilled in the form of a watch on the right hand. Before it on the big desktop the set of subjects has been spread out. Each of them has been supplied by the small labels by the form similar to that use in bookshops for protection against unfair buyers (the Photo 1).

Photo 1. A sensor control, examples of subjects with sensors and information mapping

In the course of demonstrating of possibilities of system the implementator has taken a cup. There and then on the screen monitor screen there was a cup map, and in the output table — writings: the user name, a cup, time, moving distance, etc . After in the given cup have been put a bag to tea and from a teapot were water is poured, on the screen monitor screen there were appropriate maps and writings in the table are made.

Further on the screen and a voice reminders on necessary medicines have been made and the appropriate control is carried out. Besides, on the screen monitor pulse, localisation in a room, distance and speed of moving of the owner of a bracelet were output in the schedule and in digits. To all generated data remote access or on the contrary – their sending on the selected computer by means of usage of standard electronic resources is possible: e-mail, a mobile phone, etc .

The system is taken up a position as intellectual control devices for children and aged parents. However, considering, that each computer in a state to watch tens and even hundreds the various sensors, similar systems can use in various public institutions, for example, kindergartens, schools, hospitals. As sensors can be made by the extremely miniature, similar solutions can be applied and in security systems with output of the information to computers of law enforcement bodies.

Estimating perspectives of the described system, it is necessary to mark, that in this case the computer operates rather with a small number of objects. Really while their tens, well, can be hundreds. And it is possible for itself to present hundred thousand? And millions? And if not to watch, and to effect, promoting moving of units.

And here we pass to one more shown processing technique — processing techniques which has every chance to pass from fantasy bit in a reality. This processing technique by its implementators as a changeable (programmed) matter is named.

The essence of the given development consists in effect and to mutual moving of separate standard units. In the long term such units can be many millions, and their size — microns (a thickness of human hair makes about 50 micron). Further units are not eliminated, whose size will be already calculated in nanometrah, and their number in billions.

What does it give? One cliques the chair will appear a mouse of the computer — and from shapeless weight, for example, another of cliques — and the chair turns to a seat or desktop. As a fantastic film frames from a demo movie, devoted to operation of the designer of the future are perceived. Some pressing the shapeless weight consisting of millions of units, — and from it appear car model. Are fulfilled prompt passy over the keyboard and as a result the model some times changes colour. And then this model have put on a floor, and it has gone, varying on a movement course. Today the given scenario seems fantastic, but, according to creators of the given processing technique, it will be already realised the next ten years. And what today?

And today the separate figures constructed of several units are shown, each of which has the sizes in some centimetres (the Photo 2).

Photo 2. Interaction of two units, examples of possible units

Someone, having looked similar frames, will tell, that centimetres are much. Really it is, a lot of, while. But even these units successfully change layout among themselves, submitting to commands of the computer. Thus signals and power supply moved on one of group units, and through it and on other units of group. According to the received commands units as though go for a drive the friend on the friend, being held by the built in magnets, saving integrity and compactness. But for mutual moving the energy provided at the expense of feed of power supplies (the Photo 2) is required.

Also power supply, probably, sceptics will tell. Yes, power supply, anyhow? But it is necessary to mark, that power supplies and handle signals move only at the moment of transformation of figures, and this shortest time. Also that the most important — with reduction of the sizes energopotreblenie decreases, as the weight of each of units decreases, and to advance all units at all and not without fail. It is enough for micromovings and the built in sources. Microsecondary generators or even capacitors can fulfil their role. As the last can appear, for example, ionistory or traditional capacitors. And the charge on capacitors can be created by means of, for example, routed microwave emanation or frame aerials. By the way, frame aerials were brought with themselves by creators of processing technique of a changeable matter.

In the long term minimiatsija the sizes of units and solution of problems energopitanija and handles will allow to realise frames from a demonstration film (the Photo 3).

Photo 3. Frames from a demonstration film

Certainly, between demonstrating and implantation big enough distance, but already today were the miniature units which sizes were already less than millimetre are shown some. Remains a little more: to reduce units several times and to release them some millions, to troubleshoot energopitanija, to learn to handle fast signals to a considerable quantity of units, to write transformation programs, etc. And what after that the fantasy becomes a reality? It is not eliminated.

It is necessary to mark, that in a real life a lot of surprising sversheny, only not always we have time them to notice. However it is enough itself to present epoch ZHjulja It is true, when the future submarines, planes, radio and a television seemed even more fantastic, than computers existing today, hardware-software providers in the Internet, kommunikatory, smart phones, GPS, mnogogibajtnye optical and the magnetic disks, capable to contain the information of hundreds libraries, etc. By the way, such arrangements on IDF was shown very much, and came to to nobody mind to name it as a fantasy.

That we will wait a little and we will look, as the processing technique of a changeable matter will be realised. For now it is expedient to continue acquaintance to other, already realised processing techniques, among which and besprovodnyj USB, and new multi-channel version Wi-Fi, and vysokoemkie electric power supplies, processors with tens kernels and much-many other things. But it already subjects of other articles.

Article is published in log Magic of the PC.

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