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One more IT company in Peter

Evgenie Rudometov

Within the limits of the extension of the world service network company T-Systems has made to organise solution within the limits of Russian division T-Systems CIS the St.-Petersburg Industrial Centre

The last years the largest foreign corporations render special attention not only raw, but to intellectual resources of Russia. Their development and maintenance allows them to raise the level of competitiveness in market economy severe constraints. Overcoming existing bureaucratic barriers, and the resistance is frequent also official, representatives of IT business invest considerable resources in opened research laboratories and development centres. It allows to master the most perspective domestic resource — a high mental potential of domestic engineers and scientists. Now many tens the working collectives organised in different cities of Russia are already included. Thus it is considered one of perspective areas St.-Petersburg which rates of development are one of the highest in the country. It is linked both to a geographical position of our city, and with high level of scientifically-engineering frames. Using these features of St.-Petersburg, many large corporations have already opened the centres. And it is recently declared, that to their number known company T-Systems was added also.

Company T-Systems is strategic division of European telecommunication group Deutsche Telekom and takes leading positions in the European market of allocation IT of services. It services large commercial and state firms more than in 20 countries of the world. Is the official partner of the companies of IBM, SAP AG, Microsoft — leading world suppliers of products and solutions in the field of information technologies. As many large transnational companies, she aspires to the extension of the business, covering the increasing quantity of the countries and locales.

For business development in Russia and the CIS countries Russian division T-Systems CIS which enters into wide-area network T-Systems responds. The company successfully works in the market since 1995 and continues to develop dynamically.

About company T-Systems and some schedules of further Ж-Systems CIS extension have told at recently led press conference (the Photo 1): Vladimir Kalinenko — general director T-Systems CIS, Vasily Suvorov — the director of branch T-Systems CIS in St.-Petersburg, Martin Klingshporn (Martin Klingsporn) — vice-president IDN, division of system integration T-Systems Enterprise Services (Senior Executive Vice President IDN T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH Systems Integration International Delivery Network), Gjunter SHikler (Guenter Schickler) — the head international industrial divisions of system integration of centres T-Systems Enterprise Services (Head of ES SI IDN Production).

Photo 1. Heads T-Systems Enterprise Services and T-Systems CIS

The annual turnover of company T-Systems by results of 2006 has made 12,6 billion euro. Company T-Systems increases the presence at Russia, thereby, strengthening own positions of one of leaders of the world telecommunication market. Now within the limits of the extension of the world service network of the company the staff of Industrial Centre T-Systems CIS in St.-Petersburg is formed. A main objective of this Centre is development, testing and software support.

In 2006 turn T-Systems CIS has made more than 9,3 million euro. The company offers customers a wide spectrum of services. Among them implantation of management systems (ERP-system), consulting services in the field of information technologies and training, software engineering, system integration, maintenance and service of computing infrastructures, service of office systems, technical support and outsourcing of information technologies, telecommunication service.

Now in company T-Systems CIS works more than 100 highly skilled experts. They are advisers, implementators, engineers. They possess a profound knowledge and have a considerable operational experience in sphere of information technologies. The extension of staff of Industrial Centre is linked to substantial growth of size of orders. Experts of Centre will be involved in software engineering for customers of group T-Systems as in Europe, and all over the world.

Now rekrutingovye the companies carry on active operation on selection of new employees for T-Systems CIS. However this way of engaging of experts is not the only thing. Soberly estimating existing problems in the market of the qualified IT frames, company T-Systems CIS already long time co-operates with profile HIGH SCHOOLS of St.-Petersburg. On a contractual basis these HIGH SCHOOLS carry out some years target preconditioning of the graduates specialising in area of programming, testing and support of the software of different levels of complexity.

Till the end of 2008 it is planned to expand states of Industrial Centre T-Systems CIS not less, than twice annually. As a result during rather short time it is planned to increase number of employees to four hundred. Thus with growth of orders in the long term probably further increase in staff of experts.

It is necessary to mark, that expansion in St.-Petersburg of centre on the software engineering, formed as a part of company T-Systems, once again confirms the tendencies of the last years testifying to fast development of computer processing techniques in our country. Thanks to this development Russia step-by-step becomes the second world centre of programming, actively restricting on the upper step of a pedestal India which is the recognised leader in the field of development of the custom software.

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