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Moscow conference Cisco Expo 2007

Evgenie Rudometov

In Moscow the three-day conference CiscoExpo2007 which has transited under the slogan Intellectual informational network Cisco – a platform for new possibilities has taken place

Development of a modern civilisation is not possible without regular dialogue of experts. Despite impressing reachings of communication facilities, an urgency of seminars and conferences does not decrease. Moreover, even increases. It can be observed on an example of conferences Cisco Expo which is the largest annual actions, led by company Cisco Systems. The given actions traditionally gather thousand experts in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and also in many other things the world countries. Conferences CiscoExpo are annually led in such states, as Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Poland.

Next conference CiscoExpo has been led in Moscow on October, 16-18th 2007 and has received name CiscoExpo 2007. It has transited under the slogan Intellectual informational network Cisco  — a platform for new possibilities and has been devoted innovative developments of company Cisco in the field of the network processing techniques changing ways of human dialogue, link and cooperation.

The program of conferences CiscoExpo of 2007 is devoted creation of the protected intellectual informational network as platforms for innovations and development of information technologies. Now the computer network becomes centre of innovations. It is for a platform for allocation of the adapted and personalised possibilities necessary for users of the XXI-st century, as a delivery system of new services, rises of productivity of firms of any scale, the organisation of entertainments and services in real time. Company Cisco at the expense of multiplexing of the base solutions (IP) with intellectual possibilities offers powerful communication platforms which form a basis for convergence of systems of data transfer, voices, video and a mobile communication in the protected and integrated architecture.

Have opened a plenary part of conference CiscoExpo of 2007 performances of representatives of the companies-sponsors: PANDUIT (the gold sponsor), Emerson (the silver sponsor) and AMT Group (the bronze sponsor). They have told about development of business of the companies.

After them with reports of "a development Direction" and “Processing techniques for the varying world” have appeared the head of department of vertical sales Cisco Mark Miller (Mark Miller) and the head of department of engineering systems Cisco Aksel Klauberg (Axel Clauberg).

Fig. 1. The head of department of vertical sales Cisco Mark Miller

Fig. 2. The head of department of engineering systems Cisco Aksel Klauberg

In the performances these heads Cisco have told about development of perspective processing techniques. Implantation of such processing techniques promotes growth of gross national product and improvement of quality of a life of people (a Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Technological progress promotes growth of gross national product and improvement of quality of a life

Besides, lecturers have led an estimation of an existing situation in the market and have made a number of interesting forecasts. In particular in the performances they have marked fast growth of computational capability of computer arrangements. So, for example, according to Hans Morovetsa's estimation (Hans Morovec, robotics institute, Carnegie-Mellon's university) computing power of the computer in cost of 1000 dollars will be equivalent: in 2020  — productivity of a brain of the person, in 2030  — cumulative productivity of a brain of the people living in small settlement, in 2050  — cumulative productivity of a brain of all people on the Earth. It is thus taken into consideration, that computing power of a human brain makes about 100 billion operations second, and a memory capacity — nearby 100 terabyte.

One more characteristic of our time is rough informational growth: the size of the stored data annually doubles. So, for example, the size hranimoj worldwide information counting on one person in 2005 made 4 Gbytes, but in 2010  — 128 Gbytes, and in 2020  — 131 Tbyte. Thus the fastest growth of accumulation of the information is observed in a wide-area network. Really, informational size of a network the Internet annually doubles. Following digits testify to it: in 2003 through the Internet it was handled 1,8 petabajt data ( 390 000 DVD-disks are equivalent ), but in 2005 through the Internet it was handled already nearby 1000 petabajt data (increase in 500 times for 2 years). According to the forecast speed of accumulation of the information only will be prompt to increase. Thus the most interesting is, perhaps, that the considerable part of the information contains in a "shadow" part of the network allocated behind numerous corporate internetwork screens. Affirms, that there is in 500 times more data, than in shirokodostupnyh wide-area network sections.

It is necessary to mark, that all specified informational riches are accessible to users. And one of the major characteristics of the world today is a constant interconnection with local and global computer networks. Moreover, users require moment access to huge size of the network information. It is promoted by the newest processing techniques which development is promoted by company Cisco (a Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Development of processing techniques Web

However a variety of existing methods of operation in networks limits information interchange. For this reason developments of new types of the networks creating the uniform environment for users are actual. As appeared heads Cisco have predicted, in the future the corporate environment becomes more intellectual and intuitively clear. It will bank experience of various users with principles of handle of business processes, and also to promote implantation and usage of difficult applications. So, for example, the employee in virtual immersivnoj to the environment will receive more possibilities, it will be more active, is more informed, is more accessible. As a result of its operation it becomes much more effective in comparison with the existing level providing usage of traditional solutions.

For the purpose of development of the most effective tools company Cisco develops new architectures of networks. Considering existing tendencies, Cisco considers computer networks as a platform, allowing to solve enough challenges. The important characteristic of networks of new type is their universality reached thanks to high-speed multifunctional making components. The important characteristic of perspective architectures is possibility of transmission of audio and a video information with possibility of operative interaction. By the way, importance of the visual traffic follows, for example, from this, that 30 % of a bark of a brain are occupied by processing of visual sensations, 8 % – tactile and 3 % – acoustical, and more than 60 % of dialogue – nonverbal.

Now systems with high allocation are applied, but in the future become a reality completely virtualizovannye the environments. Nevertheless, already today new network solutions Cisco allow to handle the various information that promotes rise of an overall performance of users. Existing, and the main thing — future solutions Cisco will allow to change how the world lives, works, plays and studies. Many of them have been considered during conference.

It is necessary to mark, that operation Cisco Expo 2007 has been organised on four technical streams: routeing and switching (Routing&Switching), safety (Security), the unified communications (Unified Communications), data-processing centres (Data Centers). Special sessions on solutions for communication statements, to processing techniques of construction of wireless networks, optical solutions, service routines Cisco, questions of the organisation of a network infrastructure and educational programs Cisco have been besides, organised.

Within the limits of the led press conferences and the organised technical streams various questions of usage of traditional and new products Cisco have been considered. In particular, experts have told about ujazvimostjah infrastructure units, and also recommended resources and measures for preventing and constraining of attacks. Also the main techniques intended for handle by various network resources have been considered.

It is necessary to mark, that on Cisco Expo 2007 very big attention has been given safety issues, as it is no wonder. And development in sphere of informational safety company Cisco annually spends For researches about 300 million dollars a year. It exceeds an annual turnover of many foreign companies working in the market of informational safety. Such approach provides Cisco lead practically in all segments of the market where its solutions on information protection are presented. The considerable part from them is devoted concept development to "a self-protected network (Self-Defending Network) and strategies of development of solutions Cisco on informational safety. In a number of reports last novelties Cisco in the field of detection and preventing of the threats, realised as in the infrastructural equipment — routers and commutators, and in specialised solutions on safety — multifunctional arrangements Cisco ASA, systems of preventing of attacks Cisco IPS, Anti-X unit, system of personal protection Cisco Security Agent, management system Cisco MARS etc. have been considered   . The part of performances has been devoted research of safety issues of broad-band access to the Internet, and also the main tendencies in development of the modern automated management systems by a procedure (EXPERT TP) and about the risks of informational safety linked to it and safety of a procedure. The subject of protection of the unified communications is closely co-ordinated to these questions.

It is necessary to mark, that in the field of the unified communications company Cisco gives to developments a lot of attention. A part of reports at conference it has been given the organisation of systems of processing of messages in corporate networks. To listeners browses of the main possibilities of last versions Cisco Unity 5.0 and Cisco Unity Connection 2.0, and also solutions for an IP-telephony and, of course, have been presented systems of double-sided visual communication. Among last the visible place occupies processing techniques and the ready solutions Cisco TelePresence realising double-sided visual communication with effect of virtual presence.

From advantages of system Cisco TelePresence it is necessary to mark, that added with modern hardware-software units of broad-band link she allows to reduce flights of employees and to raise speed of decision-making.

Fig. 5. Cisco TelePresence

Rise of efficiency of usage of arrangements of IP-communications is promoted by firm solutions of data processing which network data-processing centres (TSOD) concern. To consideration of the architecture of such centres have been devoted a number of performances of experts Cisco.

Wireless processing techniques have not been forgotten also. In a number of performances possibilities of last version Cisco Unified Wireless Network, and also questions of implantation of new functions and standards, such as processing techniques Enterprise MESH and IEEE 802.11n have been considered .

And it is finite, the big attention has been given optical solutions Cisco, such, as systems of multi-channel data transfer with usage of spectral compaction — DWDM. Such systems allow to construct an effective and well scaled transport network.

Certainly, complexity of modern information technologies forces many firms to think of how to raise an overall performance of IT divisions. The increasing number of the Russian firms shows interest to methodology ITIL, as to a resource of improvement of quality of operation of IT divisions and reduction of expenses by maintenance of intelligence systems and a network infrastructure. For solution of some problems experts Cisco offer firm soft hardware. About some of them it has been told on a number of sessions.

It is necessary to add, that some of the enumerated solutions have been presented at an exhibition in which company Cisco and conference partners have taken part.

In summary, it is necessary to mark, that all is rather small list of events of conference Cisco Expo 2007. Narrow frames of article do not allow to capture everything, however some processing techniques and products will be considered in the future publications of log "Computer Price".

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