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International IT-Форум IDF Fall 2003

Victor Rudometov,

Evgenie Rudometov

In September, 2003 in San Jose (California, the USA) has transited Intel Developer Forum (IDF) — the largest international developer forum hardware and the IT industry software.

In promptly developing informational society there are the events, making big impact on IT industry development. The traditional forum devoted to high technologies in the field of computers and electronics concerns their number, — IDF (IDF - Intel Developer Forum).

Being the largest action for implementators of hardware and the software, Forum IDF (further — the Forum) is spent some times in a year, gathering leading representatives of branch. It, perhaps, the world's largest, representative, action for implementators of modern computer processing techniques, hardware and the software. At the sessions of the Forum led in the different countries of the world within all year, experts of the IT industry discuss modern reachings and problems. The forum gathers leading representatives of a science and engineering for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing techniques and production of electronic branches, the intended for personal desktop and transportable computers, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits.

C 16 on September, 18th, 2003 in a city of San Jose (San Jose, California, the USA), allocated in the heart of the American Silicon valley has transited a traditional developer forum hardware and the software of computers and experts of electronics — IDF Fall 2003.

Фото.1. San Jose Convention Center, in numerous halls and which audiences actions IDF were carried out

Presented on IDF the newest products and processing techniques have put in pawn a basis of many directions of development of the branches linked from the IT industry. Considering increasing value of information technologies for a modern civilisation, it is possible to assert, that Forum substantive provisions long time will make the big impact on development of economy of the majority of the countries of the world. Popularisation of reachings of the IT industry it was substantially carried out through reports of leading experts of branch which number vice-presidents of corporation of Intel concern also.

Formally the Forum has opened on September, 16th, however for experts and representatives of mass media which number included also group of known Russian journalists, operation has started already the day before, on September, 15th.

From interesting events of this day it is necessary to mark a number of reports. During these reports have been presented a number of novelties of department R&D (Intel Research and Development — division of research and development of corporation of Intel). So, for example, Steve Pavlovski (Steve Pawlowski), the director for processing techniques of link and interconnections of Intel Labs has told about results of the researches linked to development network wireless processing techniques. During the report it has told about schedules of Intel of development of arrangements UWB — Ultra-Wide Bandwidth and has shown some samples. Thus he has once again confirmed intention of corporation of Intel to develop idea of the recustomized radio capable with ease to change used frequencies and pass-bands depending on character and complexity of executed tasks. Experts of Intel continue to develop ideas of "silicon radio (CMOS RF). In implementation of the given schedules wide usage of processing technique MEMS providing cultivation of mechanical units from silicon is planned.

Further development of these ideas is linked to processing technique UWB (Ultra WideBand), the digital information providing superbroad-band transmission. This processing technique is capable to give, for example, within 10 metres possibility of data transfer with a speed over 100 Mbit/with.

In the course of the report problems of certification and licensing of frequencies and protocols of wireless data transfer have been considered.

Despite the shown interest of an audience to substantive provisions of the report of Steve Pavlovski, the present hit became Personal Server — the personal server presented Rojem Vontoj (Roy Want), the engineer of laboratory of Intel in the city of Santa Clara.

This arrangement possesses following characteristics:

  • Mobility (is located in a pocket);
  • Great volume of the nonvolatile memory;
  • Possibility of wireless access to every possible arrangements (to computers, PDA, etc.)

For reaching of small dimensions and profitability of the arrangement has been decided to refuse the keyboard and even the display. The arrangement provides possibility of accumulation and storage of great volume of the information in what its basic function consists. By the way, by way of illustration possible application of similar arrangements following estimations have been used.

For writing of all audioinformation of a human life only 3 Tbyte for 80 years of a life is required at 16 hours per day of the active period. At existing rates of growth of possibilities of processing technique of an information storage necessary carriers for arresting of audio of the data stored during a life, will be already accessible in 2012, and to video writing — approximately in 2017.

The given transportable arrangement supplied with resources of wireless data transfer, differs from traditional naladonnikov and notebooks. Information presence on a personal remembering server means to use the indirect computer in which quality it is possible to apply both desktop PCs, and their transportable colleagues. According to experts of Intel necessary infrastuktura some years can be created already in the nearest. It will allow users of personal servers to take all advantages of the given transportable arrangements, for example, at the airports, railway stations, planes, etc ., where the public computers supplied as resources of input/output of the information will be installed and accessible.

The prototype of the given arrangement with the flash-memory in size of 1 Gbytes has been shown in the course of the report. Handle by it it was carried out by means of the miniature remote console fulfilled in the form of a watch.

Patrick Gelsinger (Patric Gelsinger), the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques of corporation of Intel has completed the given preliminary series of performances. It has answered numerous questions of the gathered audience. Thus among the set questions the greatest share was made by that concerned the processor expected with impatience created on the basis of kernel Prescott on processing technique of 90 nanometers.

Photo. 2. Patrick Gelsingera's performance (Patric Gelsinger), the vice-president and the executive director on processing techniques of corporation of Intel

He has marked, that operations over new processing technique go at full speed. All difficulties have been successfully overcome by scientists and engineers.

Certainly, extremally thin locks are the reason of increase in a leakage current. Really, modern oksidnye transistor locks which common thickness hardly more than one nanometra consists approximately of five atomic layers. It leads to problems of a high heat release. With reduction of the sizes of the semiconducting units making a basis of the internal circuit of chips, in game new physical mechanisms enter. They demand careful research and new solutions. For example, constant innovative retrieval has led corporation of Intel to development of the transistor with a threefold lock which becomes a basis of the future perspective architectures of the semiconductor chips created on even more thin processing techniques, than mastered 90 nanometers process.

Nevertheless, despite all features of the physical laws, the new processing technique of 90 nanometers provides to kernel Prescott smaller disseminated thermal power, than for kernel Northwood on the same frequency. However new processors will have the big clock rate and the cache memory of the considerable size that leads to high values teploobrazovanija. Moreover, these parametres can appear more considerable, than for modern Intels of Pentiums 4 created on the basis of kernel Northwood on processing technique of 130 nanometers.

Further development of ideas of the Forum has received the development during key reports, since September, 16th.

Has opened the Forum Patrick Gelsinger, which on the scene has replaced Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the chief executive of corporation of Intel.

Photo. 3. Performance of Floor Otellini (Paul Otellini), the president and the chief executive of corporation of Intel

Convergence of computers and communication facilities, and also the solid-state technologies which prompt evolution provide constant growth of productivity of processors was the report essential, predictably.

Considering questions of economy and perspective development of corporation of Intel and all branch, Floor Otellini has marked, that the share of the USA and Europe is step-by-step reduced against prompt growth of a share of the Asian countries. Moreover, by 2010 China becomes the largest world market of computer equipment.

During the report have been shown kommunikator a new generation including the smart phone, a videocamera and the wireless interface 802.11. The number increase testifies To increasing popularity of wireless processing techniques hotspotov (hotspots).

Except questions of development of transportable processing techniques and arrangements, the processing technique of data protection LaGrande declared at an autumn Forum of last year has been considered.

Except the enumerated questions, Floor Otellini has stopped on aspects of perfection of processing techniques of processing of multimedia resources of wireless networks Wi-Fi, and also new bus PCI Express.

Development of these computer resources and the extension of their potential possibilities is impossible without perfection of solid-state technologies. Thus if technological norms decreased (coefficient 0,7) each three years now the same reduction occurs for two years. In spite of the fact that in the computer market while practically there are no the serial chips created on processing technique of 90 nanometers, now experts of Intel carry on hard works on mastering of the next process characterised by norms of 65 nanometers. And by 2011 Intel corporation in production of the products plans transition to scale of 10 nanometers on which I will be released the processors oriented to wide gamma of products: from transportable arrangements to servers.

Mike Fister (Mike Fister), the high vice-president of corporation and the general manager of its division of Intel Enterprise Platforms Group has shared plans for development of server solutions. He has told about perspectives of 64-bit processors of the set of Intel Itanium, and also further perfection of models of processors of Intel Xeon.

Photo. 4. Mike Fistera's performance (Mike Fister), the high vice-president of corporation of Intel and the general manager of division of Intel Enterprise Platforms Group

So for example, already the processors of Intel Itanium 2 created on the basis of kernel Madison on processing technique of 130 nanometers in the near future will be presented  . Clock rate will exceed 1,5 GHz, and size of the cache memory of the third level (L3) — 9 Mb.

Further development of processors of the given bar will lead to models with kernel Montecito (90 nanometers) as a part of which chips will be already two kernels. In process of perfection of processing technique and the architecture of processors 64-bit models with a reduced voltage of power supply of a kernel will be released also, that in any measure makes related them with transportable processors.

It is necessary to mark, that development of transportable solutions is one of priority directions of corporation of Intel. Therefore it is no wonder, that appropriate key performances have been devoted the given questions. During these reports it has been told about advanced model of the processor of Intel of Pentium M (a code name - Dothan), a new computing platform on the basis of processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs (code name Sonoma) and about the processor preparing for release on the basis of processing technique of Intel XScale for mobile phones and pocket computers (code name Bulverde). The chipset with new functions energosberezhenija and the integrated graphics solution with more high efficiency, intended for notebooks on the basis of processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs has been besides, presented.

Anand Chandraseher (Anand Chandrasekher), the vice-president and the general manager of division Mobile Platforms Group of corporation of Intel, has told about modern and perspective models of production on the basis of processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs. It also has stopped on the initiatives routed on improvement four key making mobility which users demand from transportable PCs: the integrated possibility of access to local wireless networks, unprecedented productivity for the transportable PCs, increased time of offline work, ease and compactness of notebooks.

Photo. 5. Anand Chandrasehera's performance (Anand Chandrasekher), the vice-president and generalnog the manager of division Mobile Platforms Group of corporation of Intel, and Rhone Smith (Ron Smith), the high vice-president and the general manager of division Wireless Communications and Computing Group Intel corporations

At the Forum in the name of the leading experts Intel corporation has declared availability of the new chipset of system logic (chip sets) of Intel 855GME with new possibilities of saving of energy. This chipset in a combination to memory modules of type DDR333 raises productivity of a graphics subsystem of notebooks on the basis of processing technique of Intel Centrino for transportable PCs. Intel chipset 855GME supports processing technique energosberezhenija Intel Display Power Saving (DPST), reducing energopotreblenie the display of a notebook with saving of excellence of the map. Depending on customisations of the given function and character of usage of a notebook energosberezhenie on highlighting can reach 25 % at the minimum deterioration of visual characteristics of the map from the point of view of the end user. In a combination to a memory module of type DDR333 Intel chipset 855GM allows to reduce energopotreblenie new vysokointegrirovannogo a graphics kernel. It occurs at the expense of automatic lowering of its clock rate at transition from the network power supply of an alternate current to a battery supply. Intel chipset 855GME will be included in the program of Intel Stable Image Platform. This program is aimed at rise of stability of platforms and allocation to clients of corporation of Intel of manuals on transition to stable platforms for the purpose of lowering of expenditures on administration and support of images ON.

Workgroup Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group (group of the computer companies from all world, jointly working over increase in time of offline work of transportable PCs) also has presented today new guidelines. These guidelines provide uniform and unambiguous measurement of power of a display subsystem within the limits of all branch of production of liquid crystal displays for transportable PCs. The document Guidelines on measurement of power of a display subsystem (Display Subsystem Power Measurement Recommendations) urged to provide compatibility of the observed data which are carried out by various suppliers, and eventually, is routed on that power consumed by a display subsystem has decreased to the planned level — 3 W or less.

Within 2003 solutions for wireless access to networks of standards 802.11a/b and 802.11b/g and the processor of Intel of Pentium M of following generation (code name Dothan) will be released.

Consisting of 140 million transistors the processor with kernel Dothan will have advanced microarchitecture and the integrated cache memory 2 levels in size of 2 Mb with optimised energopotrebleniem, providing the accelerated memory access.

Developing at Forum IDF a subject of convergence of computing and communication arrangements, heads of corporation of Intel have marked, that besides implementation of wireless communication facilities in some transportable PCs, leading manufacturers of mobile phones and pocket computers have created production on the basis of Intel hardware, expanding computational capabilities of communication arrangements.

Ron Smith (Ron Smith), the high vice-president and the general manager of division Wireless Communications and Computing Group Intel corporations, has told, how Intel corporation provides further rapprochement of processing techniques in new models of phones and in perspective arrangements. Intel corporation has shown some new functions and the tools realised in the most perfect models of phones of known manufacturers thanks to processing techniques of corporation and to its possibilities to create the completed client solutions.

The successes reached in a direction of convergence of arrangements, mean something bolshee, than simply release of new arrangements, — R.Smith has declared. — to realise new possibilities and powerful functions, creation whole ekosistemy the software and specialised tools was required. The community of implementators recognised a key role of corporation of Intel in this segment and now actively aspires to use the possibilities given by convergence of computing and communication arrangements.

Besides demonstrating of the newest arrangements on the basis of existing processing techniques of Intel, have been shown also perspective which will support convergence in more long-term future. For example, the processor preparing for release on the basis of processing technique of Intel XScale (code name Bulverde) with reduced energopotrebleniem which will allow to carry out photographing by means of mobile phones and pocket PCs, and also will provide the expanded multimedia possibilities.

About network infrastukturah Eric Menttser (Eric Mentzer), holding has told a post of the vice-president of corporation of Intel and responsible for network processing techniques. And Patrick Gelsinger with the key report on researches and developments (R&D — Research and Development) Intel corporations has completed a series of the main performances .

Photo. 6. Patrick Gelsingera's performance

It is necessary to mark, that at the Forum there were many novelties. So, for example, the declaration of the "extremal" version of the processor of Intel of Pentium of 4 microarchitecture of Intel Netburst — Pentium 4 HT Extreme Edition became unexpected news to the majority present    . This variant of the processor has been presented by model with clock rate of 3,20 GHz, frequency of processor bus FSB of 800 MHz, presence of the cache memory of third level L3 in size of 2 Mb. This memory is integrated into structure of a chip of the processor. The given processor created as well as its predecessor on the basis of kernel Nortwood on processing technique of 130 nanometers, is characterised very much by productivity high levels. Support of processors of the given type is carried out by the motherboards created on the basis of chip sets Canterwood (Intel 875) and Springdale (Intel 865).

Photo. 7. Luis Burns's performance (Louis Burns), the vice-president and the head of the division which is engaged in workstations and house computers.

In summary, it is necessary to mark, that at the Forum new versions of popular standards which concern USB and Serial ATA have been announced and the concept of the digital house and its implementation is presented. And still there was an exhibition of sponsors and many interesting meetings.

Unfortunately, within the limits of small article it is impossible to tell about all innovations presented at the Forum by leading experts of the IT industry as them was much. All it becomes the consideration and analysis object in future articles.

In article substances and Intel press releases have been used

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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