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In Peter again a computer holiday

Evgenie Rudometov

On November, 25th, 2003 in St.-Petersburg the exhibition of the last reachings in the field of computer processing techniques the Carnival of digital processing techniques Intel which is organised at support of companies BMW, Microsoft, Samsung has opened. Informational support of action in logs "Computers Price", "Express electronics", Magic of the PC, IT Manager render, Telecom Price, "Terabyte", newspapers St.-Petersburg sheets, "Tehnopodium" and IT News. The given issuings shine operation of an exhibition and bring the feasible contribution to popularisation modern kompjuernyh processing techniques.

Fig. 8. Brisk spread of knowledge

Fig. 9. Production of one more leader

For simplification of the given educational function ustraiteli a holiday have arranged press conference for leading Russian journalists. There journalists could set burning questions to representatives of Intel and city administration.

Fig. 1. Ustraiteli exhibitions at press conference

Visitors of an exposition could familiarise with possibilities of application of the most powerful PCs, and also learn to use them. Thus ustraiteli have organised not only numerous benches, but also have given possibility to try happiness in numerous lotteries.

Fig. 10. A white-blue bird of happiness of a lottery

Fig. 11. Rozdacha "elephants" pobeliteljam the next quiz

It is necessary to mark, that St.-Petersburg became the ninth large Russian city where the Carnival of digital processing techniques Intel is organised, led by corporation regularly not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. Similar actions are routed on popularisation of the advanced information technologies among various strata of society of the CIS countries.

Fig. 6. Procedure of opening of a computer holiday

At an exhibition led in our city it is possible not only to see, but also to try in operation digital processing techniques which were considered until recently as a fantasy, and today become a reality, turning in an integral part of our daily life.

One of the central benches is the Digital house, controlled by means of computers.

Besides, there are the benches showing non-limiting possibilities of modern powerful computing systems, created on the basis of the newest processors.

Experts of the company Multimedia Club show the last novelties in this area. Here the sound studio with interface FireWire from company M-Audio, computer audio-video centre and a house cinema of class High-End is presented, to digital TV-tuner for USB-2.0 PCTV Deluxe and standalone system for writing of video and creation DVD from Pinnacle/Porshe.

Fig. 3. Development and demonstrating of multimedia disks

Fig. 4. House audiostudio in operation

On the audio-bench it is possible to write in real-time mode to the computer independently composed piece of music which thus is present on the bench the DJ or the sound producer help with arrangement and writing of the future hit.

On the video-bench any visitor by means of a powerful house videostudio on the basis of the modern PC can become to itself the director, having removed and having mounted an own film. Modern computer processing techniques allow also wishing to turn to the virtual actor and to play in the own version of a favourite film.

The company of Intel and the telecommunication company of Joint-Stock Company Computer networks (the trade mark "KomSet") have shown possibilities of transportable PCs on the basis of processing technique of Intel Centrino. Visitors of the Carnival can be hooked up on a wireless network to the Internet (on processing technique Wi-Fi) and to feel all advantages of wireless access.

And, of course, at an exhibition it is possible to estimate possibilities of modern game benches. So, for example, company BMW has kindly given the car of 3rd series equipped with the computer system on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium 4 with processing technique HТ. This system models movement on a route with a realness high-scale.

Fig. 2. Car BMW of 3rd series equipped with the computer system on the basis of the processor of Intel of Pentium 4 with processing technique HТ

On the Carnival of digital processing techniques Intels in St.-Petersburg are presented computer reachings and for women who could by means of the modern PC simulate the new image.

Fig. 12. Tendency to beauty through new image

It is necessary to mark, that the interposing carries not only entertaining-informative character. The matter is that simultaneously with an exhibition the program started the Powerful computer - in each house!. Within the limits of this program any interested person can gain the modern computer with the processor of Intel of Pentium 4 with processing technique HT on credit for 12 months. The program overall objective - to provide possibility of acquisition of the powerful high-powered computer for each Russian family. In St.-Petersburg Intel corporation realises this program in cooperation with the St.-Petersburg branch of bank the First Island of Century K, with the assistance of the leading local companies - manufacturers and hardware vendors: Joint-Stock Company "Svega-plus", "Computer-centre KEJ", the Computer World, Computer service, Computer centre POLARIS, "M-video", "Microbit", Open Company "Roman empire", K-sistems Neva.

Fig. 5. Benches of computer grandees of a city

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