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PC: customisation, optimisation dispersal — 2 izd.

Rudometov V, E.
PC: customisation, optimisation dispersal
Изд.2-е, dop. — SPb.: BHV-Санкт-Петербург. 2000. — 336с.

The book contains guidelines and help substances on customisation, maintenance and dispersal of the main subsystems of the computer for the purpose of reaching of maximum productivity. Features of a choice of parametres BIOS Setup, optimisation of operation of memory, drives and videoadapters are considered; operation of some the service routines facilitating customisation, operation optimisation, testing and monitoring of computers is described. The detailed information on configuration of peer-to-peer networks and on maintenance of the main subsystems of the computer in the forced modes providing essential increase of productivity both obsolete, and new computers is resulted; problems are parsed and guidelines on their overcoming are given; results of testing of computers of a different pattern are resulted.

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The summary
1. Introduction
2. Customisation BIOS Setup
3. Optimisation of operation of hard disks
4. Compression of hard disks
5. Caching hard and compact discs
6. Optimisation of operation of a video subsystem
7. Optimisation of operation of dynamic storage
8. Upgrade BIOS of the motherboard
9. Testing, monitoring and diagnostics
10. A local area network under Windows 95/98
11. The forced modes
12. Requirements to dispersed units
13. Dispersal of processors
14. Dispersal of videoadapters and hard disks
15. The step-by-step circuit of dispersal
16. Testing of the dispersed systems
17. Motherboards and chip sets of the forced modes
18. Methods and cooling resources
19. Examples and results of dispersal
20. Web-addresses
The index

The complete maintenance of the book


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