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New solutions from Intel

Evgenie Rudometov

Intel corporation has presented the vision of a new generation of a platform for desktop systems

Thanks to successes of solid-state technologies manufacturers of chips with an enviable regularity change used processes. As a result that else seemed yesterday perfection top, becomes today the ordinary, and tomorrow can call disappointment. As will seem strange, but the era of processing technique 0,13 microns step-by-step is ended and becomes history. Today already surprise nobody new scale of the lithograph which have reached of a boundary of 90 nanometers. As a result processors are characterised still by a considerable quantity of the semiconducting units working on even big frequencies. Despite all difficulties of a transition period, and them was very much, the quantity of the processors released in week on processing technique of 90 nanometers, is calculated by already six-place digits. Thus functionality, and further and frequency potential, promises fast growth.

But not all so is brilliant, as can seem to optimistically customised potential users. The matter is that to realise many advantages of the newest products extremely difficultly within the limits of existing platforms. Really, whether will be to use from the high-speed processor if its potential will be constrained by other subsystems of the computer much? Easier speaking, the processor is capable to "mill" multimedia data delivered to it, but these data are delivered to it irregularly. Here this perfect unit as productivity of other components mismatches its possibilities also stands idle.

The solution providing an output from this lockup, — change of platforms, as in present the moment a situation in the computer market, being on lifting after severe crisis, more, than favorable. Here of this situation the corporation of Intel which have offered the vision of perspective solutions, the effective creation effective and depthbalanced systems also has taken advantage.

To start the given short browse follows from a new construction of the processor and the plug.


Fig. 1. New konstruktiv the processor of Intel of Pentium  4

But for implementation of possibilities of the processor as it already was underlined repeatedly, the optimal surrounding is required. Provides it the appropriate architecture of motherboards as motherboards substantially define possibilities of computers. And a basis of these extremely important accessories are chip sets — chipsets of system logic.

Considering it, there is nothing strange, that simultaneously with new konstruktivom high-powered processors, Intel corporation has presented also appropriate chip sets.

Fig. 2. Structure of the computers created on the basis of new chip sets

According to experts of corporation of Intel release of new products testifies to the most considerable for the last decade changes in the architecture of the computer platforms oriented to the market of desktop solutions.

The chip set of Intel 925 Express becomes a new set of high-powered systems. This chip set provides still bolshy a performance level, than earlier created high-powered Intel 875.

Fig. 3. Matching of productivity of systems with Intel chip sets 875P and Intel 925X Express

It is reached, for example, at the expense of optimisation of the pipeline of the data flow for dynamic storage channels, by the way, in which quality units of new standard DDR2 with frequency of 533 MHz use .

Besides, in new sets bus PCI Express X16 uses in exchange AGP. Capacity of new solution it is considerable above the previous variant.

It is necessary to add, that the bar of new chip sets provides presence of models with the built in drawing. Considering possibilities of the built in graphics resources, it is necessary to mark, that new solution has appeared much more efficient on matching with the predecessors.

Fig. 4. An estimation of productivity of graphics resources

In new chip sets have found the development and resources of high-quality reproduction of a sound — Intel High Definition Audio. The given resources which have come in the stead to traditional solutions AC ’ 97, provide support of 192-kHz, a 24-bit, 8-channel sound.

Besides, in new chip sets performance levels and data protections are raised. It is provided with firm resources of Intel Matrix Storage, one of which functions is RAID.

One more feature which deserves a mention, is the processing technique of Intel Wireless Connect providing support Wi-Fi of standards 802.11b/g (54 bytes per second) with all relying attributes.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that the enumerated features do not settle all innovations inserted now by corporation of Intel in a new generation of platforms for desktop systems. Here attempt only is made to enumerate some of them. More detailed consideration demands separate articles, that, bessomnenija, will be made in the near future.

In article open substances of corporation of Intel have been used

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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