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The extension of assortment of products ASUS

Evgenie Rudometov

Company ASUSTeK, not stopping on traditional computer accessories which motherboards concern, videoadapters and optical drives, continues to expand listed products with brand ASUS.

Many large computer corporations which are carrying out development and release of the products in hard competitive struggle, aspire to the extension of assortment of released products. Such policy allows not only to lift incomes, but also to increase stability of the business. As an example of such corporations it is possible to result company ASUSTeK.

Among domestic users company ASUSTeK does not require special representation, as its many products released under brand ASUS, well-known in the Russian market. Some of examples of numerous products of this company will be resulted more low as a number of interesting products for some reasons usually drops out of a public field of view.

The short browse should be started all the same from motherboards, especially considering that the nomenclature of these of the major computer completing all time extends and refreshed.

The motherboards created and released by company ASUSTeK, are prestigious, as they differ excellence, productivity and wide functionality. Tens models of the cards calculated for processors of different manufacturers, cover a band of applications from Low End to High End. Among these cards are available as budgetary OEM the models oriented to rather inexpensive computers, and Retail the packages intended for construction of high-powered multimedia systems with the big number of integrated controllers.

The company develops and releases the bar of motherboards with integrated into architectures of these cards firm resources Wi-Fi  ASUS  Wi-Fi@HOME, hooked up by means of special interface ASUS WiFi. These resources provide a wireless information transfer under standard IEEE  802.11b  — to 11 Mbit/with, to 100 m. the models some of this number concern number of such motherboards are presented in Table 1. Parametres of resources ASUS  Wi-Fi@HOME are resulted in Table 2.

Table 1. Models of motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation with interface ASUS WiFi

  • P4C800 Deluxe
  • P4C800
  • P4C800-E
  • P4P800 Deluxe
  • P4P800
  • P4P8X
  • P4P800S
  • P4P800S-E
  • P4P800S-E Deluxe
  • P4S800
  • P4S800D
  • P4V800D
  • A7V600
  • K8V
  • K8V Deluxe

Table 2. Key parametres ASUS Wi-Fi@HOME

The standard

IEEE 802.11b


Firm interface ASUS WiFi

Transfer rate

11 Mbit/with (with automatic transition on 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbit/c)

Number of computers (terminals)

Maximum 31

Maximum radius of operation

Office / the house — 30 m
Street / open space — 300 m

Frequency band

2,4 ~ 2,5 GHz


Possibility 64 and 128-bit enciphering,
Everyone includes 4 keys set by the user


Complete compatibility with standard products 802.11b

Supported OS

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP.

Wi-Fi components

The motherboard, card Wi-Fi, the external aerial;
Manual on the simplified installation of CD of support (Drivers + Utilities)

One of models with ASUS  Wi-Fi@HOME — ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe is resulted on the Photo 1. Its key parametres are presented in Table 3.

Photo 1. Motherboard ASUSP4P800-E Deluxe with Wi-Fi

Table 3. Motherboard ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe Key parametres

Chip set, CPU (Socket), FSB, AGP, PCI



Input/output interfaces

The additional information

Pentium 4 (478),
The bus of 400/533/800 MHz,
AGP 8x,
ASUS WiFi slot

ATA100 and 2 SATA c RAID0, RAID1;

Promise PD20378:
1 ATA100
and 2 SATA c RAID0, RAID1, RAID0+1, Multi-RAID

Two channels
DDR  400/333/266,

Sound 5.1,
LAN Gigabit,
To 8 (4+4)
USB 2.0,
2(1+1) 1394,

Dispersal JumperFree, reg.naprjazhenija on CPU/Mem/AGP, C.P.R., monitoring and functions ASUS;
Wi-Fi (802.11.b)

It is necessary to mark, that thanks to high consumer properties motherboards from company ASUSTeK well-known all over the world. As a result, the given company already stably occupies for a long time the upper lines in a rating of manufacturers on number of released cards, a turn and received profit.

Videoadapters of this company, differing are not less known for high functionality and quality of manufacture also. Constructed on the basis of wide gamma of graphics adapters from different manufacturers they support different interfaces. Videoadapters of this company, also as well as its motherboards, are intended for different sectors of the computer market.

To the enumerated groups of the major computer accessories it is necessary to add and optical drives. Many users have estimated excellence of CD-ROM of this company. As is known, danye arrangements provide reading of the information from a high speed even from bad quality carriers.

As further development of the perspective processing techniques realised in optical disk drives ASUSTeK, it is possible to consider appearance of the drives supporting standards DVD. Among these products it is necessary to mark the arrangements providing not only reading, but also writing of optical disks of CD/DVD. As an example of such arrangements it is possible to result model of built in drive ASUS DRW-0804P (the Photo 2), key parametres of this drive — in Table 4.

Photo 2. Optical drive ASUSDRW-0804P

Table 4. Key parametres of optical drive ASUS DRW-0804P


DVD/CD standards


Speed of writing


8X (ZCLV), 6X (CLV), 4X, 2.4X
4X (CLV), 2.4X
8X (ZCLV), 6X, 4X, 2X, 1X
4X (CLV), 2X, 1X
24X (ZCLV), 16X (CLV), 8X, 4X
24X (ZCLV), 16X (CLV), 10X, 4X

Maximum read rate


12X (CAV)
40X (CAV)

Access time


140  msec
130 msec

It is necessary to underline, that the resulted examples of arrangements are among traditional products of company ASUSTeK. Thus, as shows experience, in most cases to potential users motherboards and videoadapters are widely known, first of all, and it is less — optical drives.

However these arrangements do not settle all diversity of production from company ASUSTeK. Moreover, production assortment in which name ASUS characters appear, permanently increases. As proof it is possible to result some more examples.

According to the tendency of growth of the market of wireless processing techniques the listed products, realising these processing techniques increase also. Except already mentioned motherboards, as one of such examples it is possible to result ASUS WL-500b 802.11b Wireless LAN Router, resulted on the Photo 3. Short technical parametres are resulted in Table 5.

Photo 3. ASUS WL-500b 802.11b Wireless LAN Router

Table 5. Key parametres ASUS WL-500b 802.11b Wireless LAN Router

The standard

IEEE 802.11b

Frequency band

2,4 ~ 2,5 GHz

Transfer rate

11 Mbit/with, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbit/with

Power output

12~15 dBm


CCK (11, 5.5 Mbit/c), DQPSK (2 Mbit/c), DBPSK (1 Mbit/c)

Processing technique


Maximum radius of operation

Office / the house — 40 m
Street / open space — 310 m


40/128 bits WEP, it is possible upgrade before support WPA


Complete compatibility with standard products 802.11b

Wi-Fi components

ASUS WL-500b 802.11b Wireless LAN Router, the documentation, the adapter of power supplies from 220 In, CD with drivers and utilities, cable RJ-45 Ethernet.

Considering examples of resources of a wireless information transfer, it is not necessary to forget, that exist also other models of similar arrangements supporting, by the way, both other protocols and standards. But are available also maps PCI (WL-103b, WL-230) and CF Card (WL-110).

Besides, it is necessary to mark such products vysokokih processing techniques, as PDA  — a handheld computer — pocket personal computers. These arrangements in many cases can substitute notebooks, by the way, considerable which number of models have in the name brand ASUS. The bar of the handheld computers which have received name MyPal, carry on the family tree from model ASUS MyPal A600 created on the basis of the processor of Intel PXA  of 250 microarchitecture of Intel XScale.

Photo 4. Handheld computer ASUS MyPal A600

Further the given model having already budgetary price, have replaced more perfect ASUS MyPal A620, ASUS MyPal A620BT, ASUS MyPal A716. And recently on the basis of the processor of Intel PXA  270 model ASUS MyPal A730 with is liquid-crystalline display having the permission not traditional 240х320, and 480х640 has been released.

With these arrangements smart phones which thanks to the architectures and the internal arrangement promptly realise possibility of multiplexing — convergences of computational capabilities of computers and communication arrangements are intersected . It also is observed in smart phones which bank functionality of a handheld computer and mobile phones. It is reached thanks to the expanded possibilities of modern accessories, mainly central processor units, for example, such, as processors of microarchitecture of Intel Xscale.

However both notebooks, and a handheld computer, and smart phones concern a youngish class of arrangements. Coming back to desktop solutions, it is necessary to mark, that the area of interests of company ASUSTeK is not limited to motherboards, videoadapters and optical drives of CD/DVD. Possibly, being guided by desire to mark on all computer, the company has adjusted release of screen monitors ASUS, tanks of system units ASUS. Besides, in the computer market coolers ASUS for central processor units and power supply units ASUS are presented still.

As an example of coolers it is possible to result ASUS Crux P4 AM7. The given model incorporates the patented slim-heat sink from ASUS. This heat sink thanks to layout of cooling edges of the heat sink gives the heat sink in four directions. It provides not only lowering of temperature of the central processor unit for which the cooler is developed, but also computer components round it. Appearance of cooler ASUS Crux P4 AM7 is presented on the Photo 5, short parametres — in Table 6.

Photo 5. Cooler ASUS Crux P4 AM7

Table 6. Key parametres of cooler ASUS Crux P4 AM7

Supported processors

Clock rate to 3.4 GHz

Thermoresistance, °C/W


Connector, pin


Weight, g


Heat sink substance


The heat sink sizes, mm

83 x 69 x 36

The fan sizes, mm

70 x 70 x 15

Speed of rotation, rpm

5400 +/-10 %

Maximum stream, CFM (cubic foots a minute)


Admissible power, In


Rated voltage, In


Consumption current, And


Resource, hour

 50 000



There are coolers of an original construction — game, and also some models under central processor units of Intel and AMD. In total on firm site ASUSTeK 11 models are presented.

As an example of a power supply unit of the computer it is possible to result model ASUS A-30G, vneshy which sort is presented on the Photo 6, short parametres — in Table 7.

Photo 6. Power supply unit ASUSA-30G and output plugs

Table 7. Key parametres of power supply unit ASUS A-30G



Input potential

110 IN / 220  IN

8А / 4.5 IN

Output potential

+3.3 IN

28 AND

+5 IN

30 AND

+12 IN

18 AND

-5 IN

0.5 AND

-12 IN

0.8 AND

+5 IN SB


At a block construction pritanija there is only one fan in diameter of 120 mm. Speed of its rotation depends on load and increases with power consumption growth: from approximately 900 rpm at the minimum load to almost 2000 rpm at its maximum value. Stability of an output potential is very high at a low level of pulsings. It is reached by carefulness of the fulfilled circuit and thanks to excellence of used accessories. Not in the last instance it is linked to usage on an input terminal and an output of capacitors of high size, and also all relying filters on which so unfair manufacturers often save. The internal arrangement of a power supply unit is resulted on the Photo 7.

Photo 7. The internal arrangement of power supply unit ASUSA-30G

In the given short browse all products of company ASUSTeK are presented far not. For example, here server solutions by which the considerable attention is paid have not been considered. However even the resulted samples well illustrate width of a band of released products.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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