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Artificial reason from ASUSTeK

Evgenie Rudometov,

Victor Rudometov

Implementators of ASUSTeK corporation have created and have released a series of motherboards AI. In these cards a number of the perspective processing techniques which have allowed implementators to name multiplexing of these processing techniques "Artificial reason" is realised, as has found the reflexion in the name of the given series.

In the conditions of a strong competition in the market of computer accessories for saving of the reached level manufacturers should invent permanently original products and to insert perspective processing techniques. Thus one of them licence and repeat another's developments, others prefer to insert own innovations. ASUSTeK corporation concerns number of the last (ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.), being the leader not only among released motherboards and profit received by means of given products, but also in implantation of the newest computer processing techniques.

For creation of convenient user interface, ASUSTeK corporation has presented a series of the newest motherboards AI — Artificial Intelligence — "Artificial reason". These motherboards are equipped by functions of automatic diagnostics and handle for 1 From local area networks, a six-channel sound, processing technique of restoring BIOS and many other things possibilities. Among set of innovations implementators of a series of motherboards AI select following perspective processing techniques:

·        AI Audio — Intellectual processing technique of detection of hooking up of audio-arrangements

·        AI Net — the Intellectual utility of diagnostics of a state of a network

·        AI Overclocking — Intellectual customisation of frequency of the processor

·        AI BIOS — Intellectual function of selfrecovery BIOS and many other things

AI Audio — intellectual processing technique of detection of hooking up of audio-arrangements

As is known, modern kompjutrnye systems possess wide multimedijymi possibilities among which the important role is played by resources of processing of the sound information. These resources in posledenee even more often integrate time into structure of motherboards that allows to refuse appropriate audio-expansion cards.

Motherboards of series AI from ASUSTeK use the intellectual audio-codec in the structure. Six-channel audio-codec ADI AD1985 automatically detects and identifies the arrangements included in audio-plugs and informs on misconnection that eliminates tangle at hooking up of numerous audio-arrangements in Line-in plugs (a linear input terminal), Line-out (a linear output) and Mic (microphone).

For example, if the user is mistaken in commutations and inserts a microphone into the green plug of a linear output. In this case processing technique AI-Audio realised in hardware-software resources of motherboards of series AI at once notifies on wrong hooking up and instructs in correct hooking up. It is carried out by means of generation of diagnostic messages and the guidelines added with appropriate explaining figures.

Certainly, some users can assert, that the advantage of similar processing techniques is represented doubtful. However for such sceptics it is enough to remind known laws Parkinsona and Murphys asserting, that any possible errors are realised sooner or later. Besides, it is necessary to remember, that is far not all owners of computers are experts who, by the way, also can be mistaken, as well as nonprofessional users. For the same who was mistaken in commutations processing technique AI will be obviously useful.  

AI Net — the utility of diagnostics of a state of a network

In the architecture of modern motherboards the built in network tools step-by-step prevrashajutsja in a standard component, obepechivajushchy system hooking up to a local computer network. However for implementation of this possibility it is necessary to provide not only correct, optimal operation of the given integrated units, but also all resources providing an information transfer. Motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation of series AI support 1 From a network by means of the built in controller 3COM 3C940 and are equipped by the unique utility of diagnostics of a state of a network — VCT (Virtual Cable Tester). The controller defines the interconnection status on distance to 100 m, automatically warns about errors and is capable to inform distance to a fault in a cable, and also instructs on optimisation of operation of a network. Experts know, that the utility of such class usually costs about $1000 in the market and for the first time is delivered with the motherboard for desktop computers. As a result, it became much easier to control transfer of big videos and audio of files.

It is necessary to mark, that the utility of diagnostics of a state of network VCT, delivered together with motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation of series AI, tests the equipment and gives to users of computers of data on faulty interconnection on removal from a workstation to 100 m.

AI BIOS — processing technique of autodetect and customisation

Implementators of ASUSTeK corporation have included in the given group some the unique firm processing techniques providing operations with BIOS of the computer and expanding functionality of its other subsystems.

CrashFree BIOS 2

As is known, working capacity of the computer substantially depends on programs, hranimyh in read-only memory BIOS chip. However in some cases probably deformation of a being program code. It can be called, for example, activity of the viruses, incorrectly written applied and system programs, and also errors and the glitches occurring at a stage of upgrade of program code BIOS. In this case the computer becomes completely disabled. However even at arisen program either a machine failure or information loss by operation BIOS processing technique ASUS CrashFree BIOS 2 allows to reboot and fulfil intellectual function of selfrecovery BIOS. It is carried out with the help a compact set of a disk of support of the motherboard, a part komlektov motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation of series AI.


Modern high-powered computer accessories are characterised by heat release high levels. For support of normal maintenance of such accessories the powerful coolers supplied with cooling fans which high speed of rotation calls the raised noise levels use. Thus the greatest noise level, as is known, accompanies operation of a cooler of the central processor unit. This unit brings the greatest contribution to the common noise level and creates not comfortable conditions for the user of the computer.

Processing technique ASUSQ-Fan automatically regulates speed of rotation krylchatki the processor fan depending on system load. The given processing technique allows to take temperature of the processor and to instal optimal speed of rotation cooling vetiljatora, a part processor cooler. It ensures functioning of the user of the computer at the minimum noise.

ASUS POST Reporter

The vocal message at performance of procedure POST notifies on presence of the system errors which have occurred at this stage. Now the user does not have necessity for decryption of sound or LED signals! It is necessary to add, that there is a possibility of a choice of language support from extensive library of samples.

AI-Overclocking — The intellectual adjuster of frequency of the processor

The unique option BIOS, allowing to disperse system to 33 % (depends on the processor and memory) without special efforts. She will automatically detect and optimises all parametres of system. As a result of the given operations maximum productivity is reached at support of comprehensible stability of system. BIOS in motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation of series AI contains all necessary customisations for dispersal. These customisations concern:

·        Dispersal on processing technique JumperFreeTM from BIOS.

·        SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection - a smooth choice of frequency) to 400 MHz (1600 MHz the bus) with step in 1 MHz.

·        Nastaivaemyj a multiplication factor of the processor for processors with the unblocked multiplication factor.

·        Customization of a supply voltage of memory and AGP

In conclusion of the given short browse it is necessary to mark, that the resulted intellectual processing techniques realised in motherboards of ASUSTeK corporation, really expand functionality and facilitate maintenance of computer systems, a little reducing level of the necessary competence of users.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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