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The new processing techniques, new products

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Expanding the presence in the Russian market, Abit corporation widely known for the motherboards and videoadapters, has opened recently the representation in Moscow. In honour of this event its representatives together with the corporation of Intel and group of the companies NORM have held a seminar on which announced the newest products created with application of modern units and processing techniques.

Production of computer accessories is one of the most dynamical industries. Its development according to existing economic laws is non-uniform: the development curve abounds with liftings and recessions. On well-aimed expression of one of founders of corporation of Intel — Andy Grove, for all crises is one remarkable feature: sooner or later they come to an end. And it is real, despite burst the deepest in history of development of high technologies crisis, branches linked to them though and slowly, but truly quit crisis. Computer processing techniques successfully develop, development and release of new products proceeds. Known corporations continue to expand the activity in the Russian market.

Recently Abit corporation with the assistance of Intel and group of the companies NORM has held a seminar. This seminar has been devoted opening of Abit corporation of office in Moscow, and also to acquaintance to representatives of this corporation and, of course, release of new perspective products which already appear in our market. These products and the announced processing techniques were so interesting, that some moments of the given meeting demand special attention.

Seminar has opened Michael Fechina's performance, the representative of the corporation of Intel in the Northwest.

Photo 1. Michael Fechin, the representative of the corporation of Intel in the Northwest appears

(On a photo from left to right: Michael Fechin, Intel corporation; Kevin Bark, Abit corporation; Nikolay Prokofiev, Abit corporation; Alexander Mironov, group of the companies NORM)

This performance has been devoted new chip sets and the processors which release is carried out so often, what even experimental experts occasionally have not time to watch appearance of new products. For this reason the audience with the big attention has met the information on the newest modifications of chip sets of a series i845. These chip sets are oriented to support of processors of Pentium 4. And first of all those who are calculated for frequency of the bus 533 Mgts. The greatest interest was called by details about the flagman model working on frequency of 3,06 GHz and realising the newest processing technique Hyper Treading. This processing technique originally calculated for support in servers and powerful workstations, will receive for the first time the incarnation in desktop computers, starting with model of the processor of Pentium of 4 3,06 GHz.

The main sense of processing technique Hyper Treading consists in support of multistream fulfilment of programs. This processing technique allows to execute simultaneously on one physical processor two jobs or two code snippets of one program. Thus, one processor is perceived by the operating system as two logic units which hard work is carried out in a parallel way. Productivity of such systems, as a rule, considerably exceeds similar parametres of the computers constructed on the basis of processors of the traditional architecture. Cases when productivity of single-processor solutions with implementation Hyper Treading raises on 30 % are frequent. And it for a pattern about 3 GHz the processor is equivalent to application of model with frequency of operation of 4 GHz. It is necessary to add, that audiences have been shown various mixtures of tasks in which productivity growth exceeded 60 % that corresponds already, at least, to the processor of 5 GHz — level while practically inaccessible even for overklokerov, operating with traditional resources of cooling.

Support of processing technique Hyper Treading is carried out by multitask operating systems. As such systems it is possible to result, for example, Linux (from the version of a kernel 2.4) and Windows XP. And here popular Windows 95/98/ME for these purposes any more does not approach. As to Windows 2000 Microsoft corporation urgently recommends to use in the computers created on the basis of Pentium 4 with Hyper Treading, the operating system of Windows XP.

For implementation of possibilities of similar processing techniques of rise prizvoditelnosti, realised by means of new processors and chip sets, appropriate motherboards, for example, such as the newest models created and released by Abit corporation are required.

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