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Current technologies in the architecture of motherboards on i440BX

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Article is grounded on substances of books "Arrangement of the multimedia computer" and "Motherboards and chip sets"

Appearance of new high-powered models of processors is accompanied by release of new, more efficient chip sets with the improved architecture and the expanded spectrum of functionality. It promotes more complete disclosure of potential not only processors and other accessories, but also implementation of the newest computer processing techniques. However successful models of the previous generation of specialised sets of system logic do not hasten to give way to more perfect descendants, compensating lacks by means of additional chips.

It is obvious, that functionality of the computer, such as, for example, metrics of its productivity, depend not only on the central processor unit, but also from other accessories. Thus the central place among them is occupied with the motherboard which basis is the specialised set of system logic — a chip set.

The chip set by means of the controllers integrated into its structure ensures functioning of the main subsystems of the computer. The central processor unit, the videoadapter, dynamic storage concern their number.

Access to subsystems and computer components is carried out by means of the specialised buses which are trunks by means of which informational link and handle of operation of given extremely important parts of the computer is carried out. Thus the main load high-speed buses of the processor (FSB), the videoadapter (AGP Bus) carry, memories (Memory Bus), and also bus PCI participating not only in operation of controllers of peripherals, but also quite often jointing North Bridge components (Northern Bridge) and South Bridge (the Southern Bridge). The given components are a basis of specialised sets of system logic of the traditional architecture.

Controlling operation of the specified high-speed buses, a chip set, using the developed mechanisms of arbitration, buffering, queues etc ., optimises the main informational streams in computer system.

From perfection of the architecture of a chip set, how it copes with the functions assigned to it, the overall performance of other units of the computer, and, eventually, and the common productivity of all system depends.

It is necessary to mark, that modern chip sets are characterised by very difficult inner pattern. The chip set architecture is, as a rule, always on the reached limit of existing electron technologies. Also there is nothing surprising, that the large firms which carrying out release of processors or have brought the contribution to their development are engaged in production of these units. All it speaks complexity of the tasks solved by components of specialised sets of the system logic without which effective operation implementation of potential possibilities of processors is impossible, memory modules, videoadapters, hard disks, and also other components of system of the computer.

For this reason at the heart of such extremely difficult units as processors and chip sets, quite often lay similar architectural solutions, the same computer processing techniques, and their release is often carried out on the same productions.

As is known, specialised chipsets, their inner pattern and functionality should be closely co-ordinated to features of the architecture of concrete variants of processors, with which they are oriented to operation also which intended to help with implementation of their considerable potential possibilities. Besides, the specialised set of system logic forms taking into account various patterns of computers and a possible variety of solved tasks. Usage of optimally designed specialised set — a chip set is pledge of high efficiency of the computer and on the contrary, application of the nonoptimal chipset of a surrounding of the processor leads to lowering of the common productivity and limitation of functionality of all system of the computer, and not just the processor.

Considering all aforesaid, also delight rather long life of a chip set i440BX (i440BX AGPset), created by Intel corporation especially is amazing. Despite release of new high-powered processors, this remarkable specialised set continues to be popular manufacturers of motherboards, collectors of computers and, of course, users.

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