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D845PESV architecture of the corporation of Intel

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Intel corporation releases the motherboard of Intel D845PESV. The given motherboard, is oriented to creation of high-powered computer systems and calculated for support of a wide spectrum of processors of Intel of Pentium 4 and Intel Celeron of NetBurst architecture.


The architecture of the modern motherboards concerning the most difficult, important accessories, is grounded on application of the newest electron technologies. Personifying the newest processing techniques, they substantially define possibilities of computers. Their parametres depend on used units and quality of manufacture. It, eventually, operedeljaet such important parametre, as productivity.

However much more important, than productivity, for the majority of users stability and dependability of operation are. Motherboards of the corporation of Intel became the original measurement standard of these parametres.

One their such models the card of Intel D845PESV is. A card basis is Intel chip set 845PE.

The given chip set possesses the successful architecture and an integration high-scale. It provides not only productivity high level, but implementation of the big number of controllers of peripheral devices, as has been realised by experts in the given motherboard of Intel D845PESV.


Intel chip set 845PE the motherboard of Intel D845PESV


Fig. 1. Structure of the computer created on the basis of a chip set i845EP


Intel chip set 845PE (i845PE), being a basis of the motherboard of Intel D845PESV, is developed on a basis before the released sets of specialised logic of Intel 845 (i845) and Intel 845Е (i845E). The chip set i845PE is oriented to systems with processors of Intel of Pentium 4 and Intel Celeron with Socket 478 plugs and with clock rate of bus FSB of type QPB of 100 and 133 MHz (Quad-Pumped Bus).

Bus FSB of type QPB at clock rate of 100 MHz carries out data transfer with frequency of 400 MHz, an address part — 200 MHz that capacity to 3,2 Gbytes/with provides peak. At clock rate of 133 MHz data transfer is carried out with frequency of 533 MHz, and an address part — 266 MHz. In this mode peak capacity reaches values of 4,3 Gbytes/with. The bus supports 32-bit addressing that provides to 4 Gbytes of dynamic storage.

Traditionally for line products i8xx the chip set consists of two components named Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and I/O Controller Hub (ICH). For other manufacturers of chip sets similar components are known as North Bridge and South Bridge.

Chips MCH and ICH are jointed by the special local bus which is traditional solution for link of components of chip sets of a series i8xx. This link is carried out by 8-bit wire Hub Link working on frequency of 66 MHz and supporting Hub Interface 1.5. This solution provides a transfer rate of 256 Mb per second.

The MCH component is presented by Intel chip 82845PE. It contains resources of interfaces of operation with the processor, AGP videoadapter, dynamic storage and chip I/O Controller Hub fulfilling functions South Bridge.

Built in Intel 82845PE controller FSB of type QPB supports the bus with clock rate of 100/133 MHz that provides data transfer on frequencies of 400/533 MHz.

The built in controller of memory provides support: memories DDR SDRAM (Double Data Rate SDRAM — SDRAM with data transfer on lobbies and back edges of clock pulses of the bus of memory), DDR266/333, a maximum memory size — to 2 Gbytes, chips 64, 128, 256, 512 Mbit SDRAM, Unbuffered units, unregistered 184 pin without ECC DDR. The maximum transfer rate makes to 2,1/2,7 Gbytes/with at DDR266/333.

The built in controller of a drawing supports one arrangement AGP with support of modes AGP 2X/4X.

Handle of peripheral devices is carried out by the second component of a chip set. Thus it is necessary to mark, that in a chip set i845PE chip ICH of the fourth version is used. According to this fact it has received name ICH4 and is presented by Intel chip 82801DB ICH4. This chip enters into a base set of a chip set i845PE.

The built in resources of a base set support: two channels IDE with support ATA 33/66/100/133 (to 4 arrangements IDE), three controllers USB 2.0 (six ports), six PCI (32 bits/33 of MHz), LPC (Low Pin Count), AC ' 97 with support of 6 audiochannels (20-bit interface AC-Link), the integrated controller 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, SMBas, ACPI 2.0, and also other resources and functions.


The main technical parametres of the motherboard of Intel D845PESV


Fig. 2. The Motherboard of Intel D845PESV


Fig. 3. Plugs of the motherboard of Intel D845PESV


The processor

  • Support of processors of Intel of Pentium 4, Intel Celeron with Socket 478 plugs and with FSB QPB 400/533 MHz, support of processing technique Hyper-Threading.

Chip set

  • Intel 82845PE (MCH) / Intel 82801DB (ICH4),
  • It is supported Ultra DMA 100/66/33,
  • Accelerated Graphics Port with support of modes AGP 4X (only 1,5 ).


  • Two plugs (184 contact electrodes) for dynamic storage DIMM (unbuffered Non-ECC DIMM), DDR 266 or DDR333, a maximum to 2 Gbytes,


  • Integrated 6-channel AC 97 CODEC. (AC ’ 97 Audio with SoundMAX Cadenza)

USB 2.0

  • About 6 ports USB 2.0 with a transfer rate to 480 Mbit/seconds are supported 


  • The integrated network controller 10/100M Ethernet.

System BIOS

  • 4-Mb Flash EEPROM,
  • Autoconfiguration of IDE-arrangements,
  • Processing technique of Intel Rapid BIOS boot, accelerating POST-test passing (Power On Self Test).

Internal plugs

  • 1 x AGP slot, 6 x a PCI slot,
  • 1 x Floppy port (supports arrangements in size to 2,88 Mb),
  • 2 x connector Ultra DMA 100/66/33,
  • 2 x USB 2.0 plug.

External plugs

  • 1 x PS/2 the keyboard, 1 x PS/2 the mouse,
  • 4 x USB 2.0 plug,
  • Network RJ45-LAN plug,
  • 1 parallel port (Parallel), 1 serial port (COM),
  • Audio plugs (Line-In, Mic-In, Line-Out),

Monitoring of hardware,

  • Monitoring of powers and temperatures,
  • Automatic check of rotation of fans.

Form factor

  • ATX.

Package structure

Into package structure enter:

  • Box,
  • The motherboard,
  • The user manual in English;
  • Cables: one ATA66/100/133 and a loop for hooking up of the drive;
  • Stub on a card backboard;
  • Compact disc with the software into which drivers and, by the way, a manual in format PDF enter.


The design of the motherboard of Intel D845PESV as a whole corresponds to referens-design of similar products. This design usually forms and it is recommended corporations which release sets of system logic. In this case the given initiative belongs to the implementator of a chip set i845PE to Intel corporation.

The functional mode of memory modules DDR SDRAM can be or synchronous — clock rate coincides with frequency FSB, or asynchronous — clock rate differs from frequency FSB.

Integrated into structure of the motherboard of Intel D845PESV network tools allow to include easily the computer through built in RJ45 (LAN plug in local area network structure.

In a two-channel impulse surge protector of the processor 3 capacitors on 3300 mkf, 4 on 1000 mkf and some less capacious capacitors are applied.

Fig. 3. VRM the motherboard of Intel D845PESV


Stability and dependability

And as to an estimation of the main operation parametres of the described motherboard it is necessary to mark, that at performance of numerous, durable tests the card of Intel D845PESV worked steadily as it usually and is characteristic for products of this manufacturer. To estimate dependability of the tested card rather difficultly on the basis of operation of a unique accessible copy, however it is traditional for products of the corporation of Intel this parametre it is high enough. For more exact answer to this question it is necessary to access or to the computer corporations realising this product, or it is direct to the manufacturer of mother chamber — Intel corporation.

The card can be recommended a wide range of users which does not interest possibilities of dispersal both which prefer dependability and stability of operation.

The motherboard of Intel D845PESV is given by the Moscow representation of the corporation of Intel.

It is published in log "Terabyte"

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