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Essay on a transportable subject

Evgenie Rudometov

Wide functionality and unique consumer properties of transportable computers with processing technique Centrino provide their popularity not only in corporate sector, but also among the private users gaining them for personal usage as rather powerful multimedia complexes.

To horizons of the light future the mankind permanently experiences various difficulties in the continuous development and thorny path. On any segment of the history it depends on weather conditions and acts of nature, from fresh water sources, from power resources and minerals and it is a lot of still that. And here it is unexpected for the majority of us it appears, all of us now it is still dependent and on computers.

It is real, difficult to imagine a life without these arrangements which have promptly received a wide circulation practically in all spheres of human activity. It both defence, and the industry, both medicine, and derivation, and even leisure.

Moreover, recently thanks to a rapid progress in solid-state technologies the given arrangements began to supersede actively traditional multimedia products of a family life which TVs concern, FM-radio receivers, players of CD and DVD, audio and videorecorders.

Added with the special hardware-software resources providing Internet connection, computers become access centres to the stored world informational resources of mankind. Besides, they are also the centres of high-speed link successfully substituting traditional mail which does not possess due level of efficiency on delivery reports of information.

It is necessary to add, that functionality of modern computers continues to grow, and first of all it concerns such parametre, as productivity.

However desktop computers (Desktop) which are now a dominating class of computers, at all of them advantages have one basic disadvantage. The matter is that the construction of these arrangements does not admit their transportable usage.

However the requirement for transportable arrangements is extremely high. It is linked by that the considerable part of the corporate users who are carrying on an active image of an industrial life, feels requirement for the constant contact electrode to the computer. And if on operation, together with houses, they can calculate for possibilities of stationary solutions in road, business trips and in rare instances rest this category of users quite often tests discomfort from absence of computers and e-mail.

For such users transportable arrangements which laptops Notebook concern, are an optimal choice. Such arrangements have ceased to be for a long time a wonder or luxury. Moreover, for many users they are the most convenient, and in some cases thanks to high consumer properties and functionality — even the main tool of operation. Access to e-mail and the Internet dare by means of usual or transportable phones with usage widespread paid servesov.

But not all so is simple, as can seem at first sight. The matter is that until recently such computers possessed all the same the considerable weight exceeding quite often three and even four kgs.

Certainly, it is impossible to consider three-four kgs of weight as great values when business concerns movings of the computer from desktop on desktop. However hardly it is possible to name it pleasant when with the similar arrangement it is necessary to go all the day, dragging it in a briefcase in addition typed by documents, and on business trips also as personal things. But, as they say, position obliges, and transportable computers became usual arrangements of an active part of employees of numerous corporations as thanks to successes of computer processing techniques the weight of laptops step-by-step decreases from year to year.

However until recently there were problems with rather low time of offline work. In addition, productivity of transportable solutions quite often considerably conceded to desktop variants. Besides, and access to e-mail demanded phone lines that limited mobility level.

As the answer to requirements of the market of portable systems, rather recently experts of Intel the complex solution which has received the company name — processing technique Centrino is offered . This solution allows to lower a sharpness of some the problems facing to users of transportable computers.

Here pertinently to remind, that processing technique Centrino provides presence of three computers of components built in the architecture. Them are:

       the Processor of Intel of Pentium M,

       the Chip set of the bar of Intel 855

       the Adapter of wireless interface Wi-Fi under standard IEEE 802.11.b (Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100).

It is necessary to mark, only presence as a part of a laptop of all three given components admits possibility for manufacturers to use on tanks of computers emblem Centrino supported by marketing efforts of the corporation of Intel.

Application of the processor of Intel of Pentium M allows to combine high values energoekonomichnosti and productivity in calculations. It is provided by the optimal architecture of a kernel providing presence of the cache memory of great volume, the high-speed bus, and also nearby original energosberegajushchih processing techniques.

Processor operation is fulfilled in several frequency modes with respective alteration of levels of a supply voltage of a kernel. It is supported by a chip set which is specially developed for transportable solutions and provides usage of efficient memory DDR SDRAM.

The built in resources of wireless access provide high-speed data transfer under standard IEEE 802.11.b in allowed band of presence of points of "hot" access (Hot Spot), usually on a distance in some tens metres (on open space of an order of hundred metres, in some cases — it it is more).

All specified built in resources provide productivity high levels, energoekonomichnosti and mobility. Typical computer Notebook possesses weight less than three kgs and is calculated for the durable operation quite often exceeding five business hours with traditional office applications.

Such arrangements have opened ample opportunities for the corporate users who have received computers, capable not only to fulfil traditional office functions, but even to handle the multimedia information, including audio and video data.

But the most interesting, that all laptops with processing technique Centrino gain the big popularity not only in corporate sector, but among the private users gaining transportable computers for personal application, in particular, for house usage.

In the light of it there is a question, whether modern computer Notebook with processing technique Centrino for house usage is necessary today? Whether gives it any advantages, especially considering, what cost of similar arrangements usually essentially above the computing systems which have become by traditional desktop variants?

To answer this uneasy question with all responsibility, it is necessary to get acquainted, first of all, with such arrangement personally, having worked with it long time. It also has been realised in practice.

As the studying object has served modern and concerning inexpensive (it is finite, among similar arrangements) computer Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W.

Parametres of the bar of computers Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W



The processor

Intel of Pentium M with clock rate from 1.30 to 1.60 GHz

Chip set

Intel 855GM

The screen

14.1"(35.8 sm), TFT, XGA (1024 x 768)


Monitor port, 3 x USB 2.0, FireWire, RJ45 (LAN), RJ11 (fax/modem), an input terminal for a microphone, an output for ear-phones





Dynamic storage

From 256 Mb to 1 Gbytes, SO-DIMM DDR266 SDRAM units

The keyboard

Windows; soft keys for call of applications the keyboard is Russified

Floppy disk (FDD)


Hard disk (HDD)

20-80 Gbytes

The optical drive

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo, 8xDVD/24xCD/10xCD-RW/16xCD-R

Resource video

Are built in a chip set; as a video memory uses 16 – 64 Mb of dynamic storage

Wireless communication

Intel PRO Wireless Network Connection 802.11b (Wi-Fi)

PC Card

1 x Type II, support of 32-bit bus CardBus

The manipulator

TouchPad (3 keys)

The software

Microsoft Windows XP Professional (rus.); Kaspersky's antivirus (AVP), PROMT Express, PROMT the Internet, Clipboard Translator

Network tools

10/100 Mbit/sek; a wireless communication of Intel PRO Wireless Network Connection 802.11b (Wi-Fi)

The modem

Built in; support K56Flex and V.90/V.92


Compatible with AC97 2.1, 3D Sound and Sound Blaster PRO; a full duplex; support АС3; the expanded wave synthesizer; built in stereospeakers and a microphone

Power supplies

Power supply unit from a network (110-240 In, 19 In / 3,16 ), lithium-ionic the secondary generator

The sizes, mm

316 h 274,5 h 27,1

Weight, kg



3 years

In tests the pattern of computer Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W with processing technique Centrino used: Pentium M-1.5 / 512 / 40 / DVD-CDRW / NoFDD / Fm / LAN100 / WiFi / Li-Ion / Windows XP Pro / 14.1"TFT.

Fig. 1. Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W

Fig. 2. Plugs of input/output Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W

Fig. 3. Multimedia Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W plugs

It is necessary to mark, that productivity of the given arrangement corresponds to computers with the integrated drawing. Its level is defined by the selected functional mode of system. At a rated frequency of the processor productivity Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W in a number of tests exceeds metrics of the desktop variants created on the basis of Intel of Pentium 4 with clock rate of 2,5 GHz.

However with a view of maximisation of time of offline work with usage of the regular secondary generator it is expedient to select a mode Saving of batteries. In this mode of value of clock rate of the processor and a supply voltage of its kernel decrease, that, of course, in appropriate way it is mirrored in productivity. But data, an economical mode promotes considerable lowering teploobrazovanija units and increases an operating time from the computer secondary generator. Thus productivity remains at sufficient level not only for performance of traditional office applications, but also multimedia tasks, for example, for review of films on disks of CD and DVD, and also many widespread popular games. However, it basically concerns those games which do not demand excessive performance levels in 3D, whose number is not too great, according to manufacturers of high-powered videoadapters.

In the given mode Saving of batteries makes an operating time of transportable computer Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W about two and a half hours per browse mode DVD and about three and a half an hour for office operation. Here it is necessary to mark, that in accompanying documentation the operating time is specified a little bit another — more than five hours of offline work. However in the given estimation of uptime of the computer resulted by the manufacturer, there is no inconsistency. Really, in case of the office applications which are not demanding of difficult calculations, for example, operation with texts in MS Word, the specified estimation is quite fair, the truth, only if to lower brightness of the screen of the LCD-screen monitor to a minimum. It, by the way, provides quite comfortable working conditions in the conditions of weak external lighting.

As to possibilities of the wireless access provided with built in adapter Wi-Fi it is really convenient functional mode, of course, in case of a finding in allowed band of appropriate resources of data transfer/reception under standard IEEE 802.11.b.

In advantages of resources Wi-Fi it was possible to be convinced on the past by autumn of 2003 of Moscow the second forum IDF (Intel Developer Forum). Hundreds users of transportable arrangements have taken advantage of the given possibility. Besides, communication facilities under standard IEEE 802.11.b are installed in a number of computer stores, cafe, hotels, and since recent time and in HIGH SCHOOLS and even schools.

In the same cases when possibilities Wi-Fi are unavailable, the built in resources of a faxmodem and dial lines to the aid come. However according to experts in the nearest some years thanks to successes of wireless processing techniques the situation radically will vary and existing necessity of traditional communication facilities will lose the sharpness.

And nevertheless, despite the prompt extension of a network of arrangements of wireless access, the main advantages of the modern transportable computer comforts of operation consist in low weight, width of functionality.

Last, in particular, it is linked also to surprising noiselessness of modern arrangements of the given class of computers. This property is especially bright appears in those models which architecture is grounded on usage the newest processing techniques. So, for example, noiselessness of computers with processing technique Centrino allows to work with them long time, not being exposed to negative effect of the noise, irritating which operation is known to all users of modern high-powered systems. It, perhaps, one of the main, positive properties of the similar systems maintained as rather powerful, house multimedia complexes. As to Notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W it is necessary to mark, that noiselessness of the given arrangement allows to use it even becomes the extremely tiresome at night when unlike day working conditions the external noise background practically disappears also dialogue with traditional systems.

Coming back to value judgment of results of durable usage of the transportable computer with processing technique Centrino in different modes and different conditions of service, it is necessary to mark, that such arrangements really in most cases allow to refuse desktop systems. However would be correct not to oppose a product of the given groups as each of them possesses a specific set of functional parametres and the consumer properties, to allowing computers of different types to occupy appropriate segments of the market.

Nevertheless, wide functionality of modern transportable arrangements already on advantage was estimated by numerous users. As a result the number of sold computers of the given group promptly increases all over the world, overtaking on rates of growth traditional systems of type Desktop.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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