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Evgenie Rudometov

On the basis of modern components firmaFujitsu-Siemens Computers has released handheld computer Pocket 420

The history of personal computers includes hardly more than three tens years, however today it is already difficult to imagine not only business, but also a life without these useful arrangements. Playing a role of the assistant, they help to adjust the registration of the goods, carry on accounts department, and in a rare leisure-time give possibility to have a good time games, music, video. Added with the special resources providing Internet connection, computers become access centres to world informational resources. Besides, they are the centres of high-speed link successfully substituting traditional mail which does not possess due level of efficiency on delivery messages among which already considerable share is made by the multimedia information.

Desktop computers, at all of them advantages, have one basic disadvantage. The matter is that neither the construction of these arrangements, nor dimensions and weight do not admit their transportable usage. And the requirement for portable arrangements is extremely high. It is linked by that the considerable part of the users who are carrying on an active way of life, feels requirement for constant access to informational resources and resources of office operation, including e-mail. And if on operation, and today and houses, they can calculate for possibilities of stationary solutions in road, business trips and in rare instances rest this category of users quite often tests discomfort from absence of computers and link.

For these users laptops a notebook are an optimal choice. Such arrangements have ceased to be for a long time a wonder or luxury. For many they are the most convenient, and in some cases, — even the main tool of operation. Access to e-mail and Internet resources dare by means of usual or transportable phones with usage of widespread paid services.

However in many cases even more compact products possessing smaller weight and dimensions are required. In such cases for optimal solution pocket personal computers (Pocket PC) — a handheld computer or as it is accepted to name them all over the world, PDA — Personal Digital Assistant can be   . In favour of this choice says that fact, that thanks to successes of modern solid-state technologies these compact computers step-by-step become the high-grade multimedia arrangements capable in some cases to substitute even desktop variants of computer systems.

As an example of such is functional-sated compact computers it is possible to result the bar of handheld computer Pocket LOOX of Fujitsu-Siemens Computers corporation both its last and most powerful model Pocket LOOX 420.

Fig. 1. Handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 and stilus, delivered in a package

The pocket personal computer Pocket LOOX 420 constructed on the basis of the special transportable processor from the corporation of Intel PXA255, realising XScale architecture, allows to combine high values of profitability and productivity in calculations.

As a result of usage modern completing the given handheld computer it is capable to work from the built in secondary generator till 10 o'clock, and in the switched off state — till 350 o'clock.

Fig. 2. Substituted lithium-ionic the secondary generator in handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420

Here it is necessary to mark, that handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 concerns rather small number of models in which construction replaceable lithium-ionic the secondary generator is used, in size 1100 mach. It allows in the course of a hard work in absence of possibility of operation from an electrical network fast to substitute the used secondary generator spare, having given to itself possibility of further operation. Safety of data within 30 minutes will provide special built in NiMH the secondary generator. Well and in case of availability of an electrical network to work it is possible through a special power supply unit which will simultaneously charge secondary generators in an automode.

Feature of handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 is presence of the built in resources of a wireless communication which concern the controller of data transfer by means of infrared radiation IrDA, and also controllers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, carrying out high-speed link on radio channels.

By the way, presence IrDA allows not only to exchange data, for example, with a mobile phone, computer peripherals but also to use a handheld computer, of course, by means of special software, as a remote control, the TV, the videorecorder, the radio complex. As to resources Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the first well-known owners of modern mobile phones and in remarks do not require, the second will provide wireless Internet connection in the public places supplied Hot Spot. In St.-Petersburg this possibility is available in a number of the central hotels, and also cafe, restaurants, stations.

It is necessary to mark, that the handheld computer of handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 gives possibility to perform traditional office operations. For this purpose the manufacturer has already installed such programs as, PC Word, PC Exel, etc. In spite of the fact that initially handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 is delivered with programs in the English-speaking version, in a package there is a special suite of russification of the arrangement.

Fig. 3. The menu "Start" and «FSC the Fast Menu» in handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420

There is in a handheld computer a notepad and the calculator. Data entry, typing in a handheld computer and its editing can be fulfilled, using input and handwriting recognition system. Besides, these operations conveniently and simply to carry out by means of the virtual keyboard displayed on the display screen. In addition to it, it is possible to take advantage of the special keyboard developed for a handheld computer. It is specified in the list of additional accessories. Application of the given keyboard gives possibility of operation with documents standard, habitual for the majority of users in the way.

All programs and data it is possible to save on the desktop PC or a notebook for what there are appropriate programs and cables.

By means of additional resources there is a possibility of usage of a handheld computer in various presentations.

It is necessary to add, that, using hardware-software possibilities of multimedia, by means of a handheld computer it is possible to look video data, including video films, and also to listen to the audio records created, for example, in widespread standard MP3.

It is convenient to use a handheld computer as a dictophone. Here it is necessary to mark, that a sound current recording quality in models Pocket LOOX 420 rather high. At least, it is essential above many competing models which are carrying out writing, as a rule, on distance to 1 m.

It is necessary to mark, that applied value of handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420 can be raised at the expense of usage of the appropriate applications widely presented in the computer market. Thanks to such programs of a handheld computer it is possible to use as, for example, compact quick reference, the sensible multilingual dictionary, the navigator, etc .

Fig. 3. The dictionary and map of the city programs, installed in handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420

In conclusion of the given short browse it is necessary to mark, that such arrangements it is real in many cases allow to refuse other computers. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to consider pocket personal computers as complete and equivalent changeover to traditional notebooks or desktop PCs. Handheld computers can be considered as successful addition to these types of computers.

Wide functionality of modern handheld computers already on advantage was estimated by numerous users. As a result the number of sold computers of the given group promptly increases all over the world.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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