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The electronic dictionary

Evgenie Rudometov

Modern high technologies which we face practically every day, mean a high information content. Its text part is presented far not always on the native language. Certainly, it is possible to study foreign languages, and it is possible to calm itself thoughts about fast release of the computer synchronous translators which approach of an era, nevertheless, all time is postponed. Really, if to look through old filings of logs, for example, the end of the fiftieth years there predicted appearance of portable automatic translators already to the middle of the sixtieth. On a court yard the beginning of the twenty first century. Power of computers has increased in hundred thousand times. But the attached devices which are carrying out simultaneous interpretation by ear, both was not, and is not present. In a word, learn languages. And how? Usually, by means of dictionaries. And here which dictionaries is an uneasy question.

Thick volume traditional mjullerovskogo the dictionary you will not take with yourself: it is heavy for daily socks. Other issuings also do not solve a problem.

Then it is possible to use a handheld computer, the blessing they have essentially decreased in the price. As a result these fine instruments have gained the big distribution. But here a trouble: not all potential users easily adapt for difficult computer equipment.

But there is an alternative – electronic dictionaries. Some of them possess big enough vocabulary and are supplied even by phrase book functions. Unfortunately, while such arrangements do not speak. Nevertheless, some of such models deserve special attention.

As an example of such electronic dictionaries it is possible to result MultiLex Assistant AT-3000 - joint development of companies "MediaLingua" ( and Tiwell Assistant LLC (USA) ( The new translator which has got on testing in laboratory "Computer Price", is calculated for  1 000 000 words. According to implementators of this arrangement, it contains exact copies of popular dictionaries of V.K.Mjullera and A.I.Smirnitskogo. The given electronic interpreter contains a phonetic transcription, and also possesses function of "the electronic teacher» who can easily check up the acquired substance by means of 18 tests for knowledge of English language.

Photo 1. Electronic interpreter MultiLexAssistant AT-3000

Unlike the predecessors, MultiLex Assistant AT-3000 combines possibilities not only the dictionary, but also a phrase book. Also the new model was enlarged by an explanatory dictionary which helps to be oriented better in diversity of English language.

Arrangement MultiLex Assistant possesses not only functions of the translator, but also possibilities of an organizer. A set of useful applications - the 12-bit calculator, hours, an alarm clock, the converter of currencies, world time, translation of systems of measures and scales.

The arrangement contains the telephone book (8 Kbytes) with possibility of writing of phones, addresses and any contact information in Russian and English languages, and also the schedule mode, allowing to bring in an electronic organizer the important events and to put reminders. All data it is possible to protect the personal password to avoid unauthorized access to the information.

According to experts of company "MediaLingua", the bar of electronic interpreters of company "MediaLingua" will include possibility of translation on 5 languages and specialised dictionaries.

As to lacks at desire they can be detected. For example, is liquid-crystalline display. It black-and-white. In the conditions of a wide circulation of colour screens some can count this circumstance for essential disadvantage. But, considering raised energopotreblenie the colour displays, the given choice is justified. Besides, refusal of the colour display in favour of the black-and-white has allowed to reduce the finite price of the arrangement that it is necessary to recognise as the positive fact.

As to the keyboard with which help information input layout of the majority of keys – standard is carried out. However for active users of computers there can be unusual an upper layout of cyrillic and lower Latin.

Someone can and continue the similar list, but it is necessary to recognise, that basic functions are realised correctly.

In summary, it is necessary to mark, that usefulness of the given arrangement for a significant amount of users does not call doubts. Nevertheless, for many enthusiasts of computer equipment received a wide circulation of a handheld computer with the installed program dictionaries, by the way, developed by company "MediaLingua", will be more habitual and more convenient. But this business already of taste, however, should be marked, that multifunctional handheld computers while essentially more expensively and demand accurater call. The definitive choice remains for users.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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