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Compact notebook from MSI

Evgenie Rudometov

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) has developed and has released the next model of compact, rather powerful, multimedia notebook with the integrated functions of a wireless communication and possessing large-format matrix LCDTFT of a high-resolution

Today it is difficult to present the life without computers. Sleepyheads of millions users are occupied by processing of the various information for the desktop assistants. However, despite conclusive advantages of modern desktop systems, their construction, dimensions and weight do not admit transportable usage. The requirement for portable arrangements is extremely high. Increasing digits of sales of similar engineering testify to it all time.

High popularity of transportable computers is linked by that a considerable part of the users, forced long time to lead out of office and the house. Such users feel requirement for constant access to informational resources, and also to resources of office operation, including e-mail and the Internet.

For such users laptops of type a notebook are the optimal choice providing a high-scale of mobility. As an example of such computers, capable to substitute habitual desktop systems in a wide spectrum of tasks, it is possible to result model of notebook S260 of bar MEGABOOK released by well-known company MSI in the computer market.

Parametres MSI MEGABOOK S260

According to designers of company MSI notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 allows to work practically everywhere. Despite mesh sizes MSI MEGABOOK S260, contains the special functions including the full-function interface of input-output for video and data, the built in arrangement of reading / writings of memory maps, maps-readers 3-v-1 and optical drive DVD Combo. The improved system of cooling MSI ACS. As key feature of production MSI - a beauty and functionality combination affirms as the press release, MSI MEGABOOK S260 has the best system of cooling, saving grace of appearance

The notebook provides excellence of a drawing and considerable connectivities. Increased time of offline work gives long time for operation and games. Appearance of notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 is presented in a Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260

Application of the powerful transportable processor of Intel of Pentium M (in the given variant it is installed Intel of Pentium M of 1,6 GHz) allows to combine high values energoekonomichnosti and productivity in calculations. Economic functioning of the processor created on processing technique of 90 nanometers of kernel Dothan, is supported by the special chipset of system logic of the set of Intel  915. It provides an optimum behaviour of operation of the processor and will organise teamwork of subsystems of the transportable computer. This set is specially developed for transportable solutions and provides usage of high-powered memory. Implementation of a wide set of functions energosberezhenija provides economic operation not only the processor, but also dynamic storage units, and also other components of a notebook. As a result of operation of the given functions in each instant only the involved units actively function, the others are in a sleeping mode at minimum energopotreblenii.

Fig. 2. Ports of notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260

In spite of the fact that in a notebook the drawing built in a chip set uses, by the way, more perfect in comparison with the prior solution, realised in chip sets of the bar of Intel 855, computer MSI MEGABOOK S260 provides rather productivity high level.

The built in resources of wireless access, components third after the processor and a chip set to a component of processing technique of Intel Centrino, provide high-speed data transfer under standard IEEE 802.11.b/g in allowed band of presence of points of "hot" access (Hot Spot). Link are usually accessible on a distance in some tens metres, and on open space — an order of hundred metres, but in some cases — can be and more.

In addition to Wi-Fi the structure of the architecture of a notebook optsionalno includes resources Bluetooth.

All specified resources provide productivity high levels, energoekonomichnosti and mobility. Added with modern high-speed interfaces, multi-channel audiosolutions, capacious disk drives on hard magnetic and replaceable optical disks they allow to fulfil a wide spectrum of tasks, including office applications and processing of the multimedia information. Video information output is carried out on built in large-format screen LCD TFT with permission WXGA (1280 x 800) or the external screen monitor which is hooked up to a notebook

It is necessary to add, that the specified hardware-software resources provide not only productivity high levels, energoekonomichnosti and mobility, but also comfortable performance of office and multimedia tasks, and also convenience of maintenance.

Computer MSI MEGABOOK S260 key parametres are resulted in Table 1.

Table 1. Short parametres MSI MEGABOOK S260



Processor type

Intel of Pentium M 725 / 735, application of Intel Celeron M 330 / 340 / 350 is possible

Chip set

Intel 915GM + ICH6M

The screen

12.1", TFT, WXGA (1280 x 800)

The videoadapter

The built in drawing


-1 * VGA Output (D-Sub, 15-kont.)
-3 * USB2.0 port
-1 * IEEE1394 port
-1 * a microphone Input terminal
-1 * the Output on ear-phones
-1 * modem Port
-1 * LAN port





Dynamic storage

256 Mбайт / 512 Mбайт (it is maximum 2ГБ)

The keyboard

Standard Windows

Floppy disk (FDD)


Hard disk (HDD)

40/60/80 Gbytes

The optical drive

Combo/DVD Dual

PC Card

PCMCIA2.1, Type II

Card Reader

MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro of maps-readers 4-v-1

The manipulator

TouchPad with 2 keys

The modem

Built in


AC ' 97 2.2, compatible SoundBlaster

The secondary generator

Li-ionic 4/8 units, 2200/4400мАч

Operating time from the secondary generator

Operating time from the secondary generator more than 4 hours

The power supply adapter

General-purpose 19 In DC, 65 W / the Input terminal: 100~240В AC, 50/60Гц

The operating system

predustanovlena Microsoft Windows XP Home

The sizes, mm

The sizes: 303 (dl) x 225 () x 26~28 ()

Weight, kg

Weight: 1.8кг

In spite of the fact that the specified transportable computer is capable to fulfil a wide spectrum of tasks with high efficiency, it is necessary to remember, that high efficiency modes are characterised considerable energopotrebleniem. With a view of maximisation of time of offline work with usage of the regular secondary generator expediently to select a mode Saving of batteries. In this mode of value of clock rate of the processor and a supply voltage of its kernel decrease. It, of course, in appropriate way is mirrored in productivity. Nevertheless, data, an economical mode promotes considerable lowering teploobrazovanija units and increases an operating time from the computer secondary generator. Thus productivity remains at sufficient level not only for performance of traditional office applications, but also a considerable quantity of multimedia tasks.

And, nevertheless, parsing computational capabilities of the given compact computer, it is necessary to remember, that notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 concerns bit of the arrangements intended in main for the transportable operation. The main advantage of the given model — small weight and dimensions, at high functionality of communication facilities.

As to numerical estimations of productivity some values are resulted more low.

Results of testing

For an estimation of productivity MSI MEGABOOK S260 as the measurement standard notebook RoverBook Nautilus E410W (Intel of Pentium M of 1,5 GHz, Intel chip set 855GM, the built in drawing, 14.1"LCD TFT, XGA - 1024 x 768, HDD 40 Gbytes, DVD/CD/CD-RW/CD-R) has been selected  .

The pattern of researched notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 in which architecture the processor of Intel of Pentium M of 1,6 GHz and Intel chip set 915GM is used , is resulted in Table 1.

Results of testing are resulted in Table 2

Table 2. Results of testing



RoverBook Nautilus E410W







Fig. 3. Results of performance of the test 3DMark2001

Estimating the received results, it is possible to see, that notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 shows higher results in comparison with the standard computer concerning two-three years ago to elite arrangements. The received results should not call surprise as in the name of MSI MEGABOOK S260 we have the arrangement concerning the following, to more perfect generation of the notebooks created on the basis of high-powered processors and chip sets.

However, despite high levels of productivity and, for example, the prompt extension of a network of arrangements of wireless access, the main advantages of the given modern transportable computer consist in rather small weight, width of functionality, comfort of the operation given by large-format matrix LCD TFT with the permission 1280х800 (16:10).

Among indisputable advantages also it is necessary to mark noiselessness of operation of the given computer that long time allows to work with it. The last circumstance is especially attractive to those who a lot of time leads behind the computer and to whom stirs noise of modern desktop systems.

Coming back to value judgment of results of testing MSI MEGABOOK S260 with processing technique of Intel Centrino, it is necessary to mark, that the given notebook is effective in a wide band of office and multimedia tasks. This notebook can be useful not only at office, but also houses.

Notebook MSI MEGABOOK S260 is given by the Moscow office of company Micro-Star International

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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