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Evgenie Rudometov

Developing the bar of a handheld computer, company Fujitsu Siemens Computers has released handheld computer LOOX N520

Thanks to successes of modern solid-state technologies pocket personal computers step-by-step become high-grade multimedia arrangements. In some cases they are capable to substitute not only notebooks, but even desktop variants of computer systems. And, considering their compactness and mobility, quite often and to exceed on functionality of the high colleagues.

As an example of such is functional-sated compact computers it is possible to result the bar of handheld computer Pocket LOOX of company Fujitsu Siemens Computers (further - Fujitsu Siemens). It is necessary to remind, that this corporation was among the first manufacturers of the pocket computers announcing model with the processor of Intel PXA250 of microarchitecture of Intel XScale and with built in resources of wireless interface Bluetooth. It the handheld computer became Pocket LOOX 600, become by the ancestor of the appropriate bar of the six-100-th arrangements. Making use of the stored experience, experts of company Fujitsu Siemens have adjusted release of a handheld computer of Pocket LOOX set of a series 400. And recently they were replaced by three models LOOX N5xx, average of which is Pocket LOOX N520.

Package structure

Fig. 1. A package of handheld computer Pocket LOOX N520

Into structure of a standard package of a handheld computer of model Pocket LOOX N520 enter (a Fig. 1):

·        HANDHELD COMPUTER Pocket LOOX 420,

·        the Adapter of power supply with a network cord and plugs of different standards,

·        Cable USB used for synchronisation of programs and data at hooking up of a handheld computer to the PC (Desktop, Notebook),

·        the Automobile holder,

·        the Automobile battery charger,

·        the Protective cover for a handheld computer,

·        the Map of the flash-memory,

·        Microsoft Companion of CD with programs ActiveSync and Outlook 2000,

·        Paragon CD with programs of the cyrillic driver and PalmGIS,

·        the Short documentation in several languages, including Russian,

·        the Guarantee coupon.

The main technical parametres

Fig. 2. Appearance of handheld computer Pocket LOOX N520

The pocket personal computer Pocket LOOX 520, which appearance is resulted in a Fig. 2, constructed on the basis of the special transportable processor developed by the company of Intel. This processor developed by the company of Intel and announced several years ago, has received the name of Intel PXA270. It is, as a matter of fact, the successor of extremely popular Intel PXA255 and realises well-known XScale architecture.

 The processor used as a part of handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 combines high values of productivity in calculations and profitability. Last allows to extend an operating time from the standalone electric power supply presented compact lithium-ionic by secondary generator PL500MB, having power 3,7 In and an intrinsic capacitance 1200 mach (a Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. The Underside of handheld computer LOOX N520 and marking complete secondary generator lithium-ionic

Here it is necessary to mark, that handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 concerns models with replaceable lithium-ionic the secondary generator. It allows in the course of a hard work in absence of possibility of operation from an electrical network to substitute the used secondary generator the spare. In many respects specified possibility managed to be realised thanks to the new version of the operating system — MicrosoftWindows Mobile 5.0, providing storage of programs in the read-only memory. The given feature of the organisation of memory promotes saving of especially important information at secondary generator changeover, the truth, except for results of current calculations.

Thus, thanks to the specified innovations necessity for application of the built in backup secondary generator used as a part of models of the previous bar 4хх has passed. It is necessary to mark, that in handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 the installed software is not lost even at durable storage of a handheld computer without possibility dozarjadki the secondary generator.

Well and in case of availability of an electrical network to work it is possible through the special adapter of power supply which will simultaneously charge the secondary generator in an automode. The given adapter, capable to work in a band of an input potential 100-240 In is supplied by replaceable plugs of different standards.

It is obvious, that energetic possibilities of handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 increase twice with usage of the spare battery, and it is essential more – at several. Unfortunately, additional lithium-ionic the battery is not applied on a handheld computer and gained by the user separately. It can be made, for example, under the directory of accessories for a handheld computer.

By the way, some secondary generators approach to the given model from other similar arrangements. For example, handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 in the course of its testing steadily worked with the secondary generator from model of handheld computer Pocket LOOX 420. However, for some reason return changeover has not transited: handheld computer LOOX 420 has refused to work with the secondary generator from handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520.

One more feature of handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 is presence of the built in resources of a wireless communication which concern the controller of data transfer by means of infrared radiation IrDA, and also controller Wi-Fi which is carrying out high-speed link on a radio channel.

Besides, given model possesses built in GPS unit which at the expense of reception of signals from geosynchronous companions provides positioning on district.

It is necessary to remind, that possibilities of the computer are substantially defined by memory sizes. In the given model of a handheld computer it is presented 64 Mb of the working memory (RAM) and 128 Mb of the read-only memory (ROM). The accessible size can be expanded at the expense of usage of maps of flash-memory SD/MMC. The given model of a handheld computer supports the specified maps in size to 4 Gbytes inclusively. Unfortunately, maps of the newest standard SDHC (the size of some has already reached boundaries of 8 Gbytes) are not supported by model Pocket LOOX N520.

Key parametres of handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 are resulted in Table 1.

Table 1. Key parametres of handheld computer Pocket LOOX N520 of company Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Units and characteristics


The processor

Intel PXA270 of XScale architecture with clock rate of 312 MHz


128 Mb of ROM / 64 Mb RAM

The screen

The liquid crystal touch panel of 3,5 inches, the permission 240 x 320, 64 To colours


The built in microphone and the speaker, the plug for head dynamic phones

The secondary generator

1200 мАh Lithium Ion

External plugs and interfaces

The power supply plug, the plug for head dynamic phones, USB, IrDA, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g)

Additional possibilities

Built in GPS unit (chip SiRF Star III), possibility of hooking up of arrangements USB 1.1

Overgrowth of possibilities

The plug for maps SD/MMCard, hooking up of additional hardware units through this plug is possible


Less than 160 gramme


116 x 71 x 14 mm

The operating system

Microsoft Windows 5.0 Premium Edition

The software

Outlook Mobile, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, the Calculator, Windows Media Player, Pocket Internet Explorer, Voice recorder, Microsoft Active Sync 4.1 and other programs

The additional software

The russification program, and the program for GPS with map Sankt-Peterburga/Moskvy/Kieva. Usage of programs from indirect manufacturers is possible

Possible application of a handheld computer

Handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 provides possibility to fulfil and traditional office operations. For this purpose the manufacturer has already installed such programs, as, the special versions of Word oriented to a handheld computer, Exel, etc . As a part of handheld computer software there are also organizer resources, including a notepad, the calculator, etc.

Data entry, typing in a handheld computer and its editing can be fulfilled, using input and handwriting recognition system. Besides, these operations conveniently and simply to carry out by means of the virtual keyboard displayed on the display screen. In addition to it, it is possible to take advantage of the special keyboard developed for a handheld computer. It is specified in the list of additional accessories. Application of the given keyboard gives possibility of operation with documents standard, habitual for the majority of users in the way.

In spite of the fact that initially handheld computer Pocket LOOX  N520 is delivered with programs in the English-speaking version, in a package there is a special suite of russification of this arrangement.

All programs and data it is possible to save on the desktop PC or a notebook for what there are appropriate programs and cables.

It is necessary to add, that, using hardware-software possibilities of multimedia, by means of a handheld computer it is possible to look video data, including video films, and also to listen to the audio records created, for example, in widespread standard MP3.

It is convenient to use a handheld computer and as a dictophone. Here it is necessary to mark, that a sound current recording quality in models Pocket LOOX N520 rather high. At least, it is essential above many other things models. Generally speaking, for critics of the given function it will be difficult enough to pick up the competitor for Pocket LOOXN520.

It is necessary to mark, that applied value of handheld computer Pocket LOOX N520 can be raised at the expense of usage of the appropriate applications widely presented in the computer market. Thanks to such programs of a handheld computer it is possible to use as, for example, compact quick reference, the sensible multilingual dictionary, the navigator, etc . Unique advice — to consider necessity of compatibility of selected programs with the used operating system. However even at an unsuccessful choice the user can always take advantage of possibilities program or even hardware reboot. The truth last will lead to erasing of the programs installed by the user that will demand their new installation.

By the way, presence of the built in microphone and the speaker, added with possibilities Wi-Fi of standard IEEE 802.11b/g, allows to use program Skype freely downloaded from the resource with the same name. It provides free remote audiolink with computers on which the same program is installed. The unique requirement — hooking up of both computers to the Internet network.

Concerning other built in interfaces it is necessary to tell, that presence IrDA allows not only to exchange data, for example, with a mobile phone, computer peripherals. So, for example, the specified model of a handheld computer can be used, of course, by means of special software, as a remote control, the TV, the videorecorder, the radio complex.

As to built in resources Wi-Fi they do not require special remarks to recollect wireless Internet connection in the public places supplied with points Hot Spot enough. In St.-Petersburg this possibility is already realised in several tens places. A part from them give access to the Internet without payment.

As to key feature of model of handheld computer Pocket LOOX N520 — built in GPS unit given possibilities it is real not only are interesting, but also are extremely useful. However, built in in system ON special the program — GPSLocator produces only numerical co-ordinates. The width and a longitude, and also speed of movement and height concern them above sea level.

However functions GPS can be essentially expanded at the expense of usage of the various software widely presented on the Internet. It can be both paid, and the free programs producing in a graphic form position GPS of the receiver on maps, displayed on screen LCD of the pocket computer. The user using such hardware-software resource will not lose the way any more in unfamiliar cities as will always know where is.

Here it is necessary to mark, that on one of two CDs except the cyrillic driver special program PalmGIS-OEM (PalmGIS GPS OEM — the Geointelligence system for pocket computers) is delivered also . This program created by company Kiberso, provides together with built in hardware GPS positioning. The creator of the given program gives to the user possibility to apply a map or Moscow, either St.-Petersburg, or Kiev. Program installation is possible only after reception of the special code supplementing a unique code of the applied program. Unfortunately, simultaneous usage of all three maps from the enumerated list is not provided by the complete program. It is possible only after acquisition of appropriate programs at additional expense. As the implementator confirms, paid variants of the program possess the expanded functionality and the big convenience of operation.

From essential lacks of a complete variant of specified program GPS of positioning it is necessary to mention not always comprehensible accuracy, and also rather low speed of plotting of maps. Especially obviously it appears after closing of the called menus providing adjustment of parametres of the program. In this case the delay can exceed ten seconds, that essentially reduces efficiency of usage GPS. The Same to whom similar lacks of program PalmGIS-OEM will seem excessive, it is possible to recommend to use alternative variants which can be found easily by means of the Internet. By the way, among them not few more perfect solutions with detailed maps of Europe, America, the Asian countries.

By the way, miniature computer Pocket LOOX N520 can be used successfully and in a motor vehicle. For this purpose in a package there is special a holder with a sucker, and also an adapter for power supply of a handheld computer and charging of its built in secondary generator from automobile prikurivatelja (a Fig. 4). In addition to it there is a possibility of hooking up of the external aerial GPS gained separately. She allows to raise speed and accuracy of definition of co-ordinates on companions.

Fig. 4. The automobile holder and the automobile battery charger

In conclusion of the given short browse it is necessary to mark once again, that handheld computers in many cases allow to refuse other computers. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to consider pocket personal computers as complete and equivalent changeover to traditional notebooks or desktop PCs in solution of all tasks. Existing models of a handheld computer can be considered as successful addition to these types of computers.

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