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Optical manipulator V-mouse

Evgenie Rudometov

In the computer market the considerable quantity of manipulators of type "mouse" of various design with which help information input in computers is provided is presented. Among these manipulators a part concern type pen-mouse, whose design and the arrangement facilitates operation with some program applications

Detecting on counters of computer stores new products, you are often amazed to that, it is how much inventive there is an engineering and design thought. Here and TVs in hours, and flash-stores in brelkah, and kard-readers in the thumbwheels named as manipulators "mouse" or it is simple mice.

By the way, about those mice. Manipulators of this type for short time of existence of personal computers have transited the path of evolution. This path is stretched from heavy, clumsy, not aesthetic "bricks" (in the late eighties domestic manipulators of type and did not name the mouse differently, than rats) to existing elegant, often ergonomic sort.

Question history

Today already many also will not recollect, that this type of the arrangement, providing computer input of the information, engineers Xerox have once invented. However creators have not estimated the child on-advantage, and therefore have not taken the patent. Moreover, even have allowed to pull down, as a matter of fact, idea to "apple" children. And for them no more lawfully it was borrowed big but then still absolutely ma-and-lenky, it is possible to tell, mikro, by Bill who has constructed further the soft macroempire with superturns and fantastic incomes. About drama peripetias of this process thick books are written and narrates, for example, a known film Pirates of a Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley).

Result of absence of patent Xerox on the manipulator invented by its engineers the mouse was that perfection of this arrangement of a steel of ten, if not hundreds big and small corporations. In the course of evolution this computer "rodent" has promptly lost angularity and weight, but has gained elegant features on which perfection designers with very loud names worked quite often. There were attempts even was constructively to turn this device, having named its trackball, however this innovation has not got accustomed neither in desktop solutions, nor in notebooks.

I parse process of evolution of a construction of the manipulator, it is necessary to mark, that in development there were numerous buttons, and further and castors. It has raised universalizm and has facilitated information input in computers.

The hooking up interface was rather fast perfected. Arrangements with parallel LPT and consecutive COM have disappeared. There were mice with PS/2 and USB. Rather recently computer "rodent" began to lose the tail, substituting it on wireless processing techniques in which basis infrared rays and radio but while such arrangements in obvious minority lay.

However here that was really important is a loss of a traditional ball. It have substituted simple optics and the camera which has been built in a construction. It has allowed to troubleshoot at once proskalzyvanija and watchings of the small movings influencing positioning accuracy of the cursor on the screen of the screen monitor.

Considering features of manipulators of this type, it is necessary to mark, that long time the mouse all the same had in many respects the classical oval form, it was for the time being. But designers and designers knowingly eat the bread. And as result of their efforts, there are the new solutions a little reminding the traditional mouse. Affirms, that new forms provide more effective solution of many specialised tasks.

As an example of one of the similar solutions differing from traditional design and constructions of the mouse, it is possible to result recently offered manipulator V-mause concerning type pen-mouse. The substance offered more low also is devoted the short browse of this arrangement.

Package of delivery V-mouse

        the Packing box,

        Manipulator V-mouse,

        the Interface cable USB which is hooked up to V-mouse by means of mini Jack plug,

        the Rug with the special, built in magnetic support for the manipulator.

Fig. 1. Package V-mouse

The description and the instruction on usage V-mouse are in Russian superimposed on a surface of a packing box and duplicated on a site of the manufacturer.

System requirements

Manipulator V-mouse is calculated for operation in structure with computers with following operating systems:

        Win98 (SE) / Win 2000,

        Win Me / Win XP,

        Mac OS 8.6 and above.

The arrangement supports only USB hooking up and does not support hooking up through port PS/2.

Key features

Paraphrasing the information given by the manufacturer and discarding a marketing component, it is necessary to mark following key features of manipulator V-mouse:

        Optical system "AquaBlue" possesses the superhigh permission, the raised accuracy and a blue luminescence of an index light-emitting diode;

        the High-resolution and the raised accuracy of photocell V-mouse allow to minimise working space;

        Ergonomics the weight and the tank arrangement allows to perform exact operations during long time, not calling power in a hand paintbrush, approaches;

        the Compact sizes provide possibility of transportable usage.

Basic performances

Wire optical computer mouse V-mouse (model VM-101) is fulfilled in the form of a traditional pen for the letter (type pen-mouse). It is capable to work practically on any surface.

Fig. 2. Manipulator V-mouse

Fig. 3. Optical system and buttons upravlenijaV-mouse

The manufacturer has presented basic performances of manipulator V-mouse in the form of the following table having a little subjective character.

Comparative characteristics V-mouse and usual computer anipuljatorov

The compared characteristic


The usual optical mouse

Optical resolution

1000 dpi

400 ~ 800 dpi

Colour of an index light-emitting diode

The quiet blue

Razdrazhajushche the red

Optimally for exact graphics operations

It is as much as possible adapted

It is as much as possible adapted

Necessity of installation of drivers




High level

Average level

*Минимальная demanded square of working space

5 sm h 5 sm

11,5 sm h 16 sm


40 g


*On the screen 1024х768, in a mode of the disconnected expedition.

Usage experience

It is necessary to mark, that in the course of acquaintance to manipulator V-mouse and its testing the given arrangement has not called any difficulties. At hooking up V-mouse by means of USB plug to a notebook WindowsXP operating system has recognised at once the manipulator as new arrangement USB.

Fig. 4. Manipulator V-mouse usage

Fig. 5. Manipulator V-mouse which has been hooked up to a notebook

Fig. 6. A menu fragment the Manager of arrangements before manipulator V-mouse hooking up to a notebook

By the way, existing in a notebook construction the touch panel at all did not stir and did not enter the conflict to the new arrangement. The cursor at using the given manipulator moved smoothly. Buttons were pressed well without appreciable efforts. One key was an equivalent of the right key of the standard mouse, and another – left.

It is necessary to mark, that the applied rug is optional. The manipulator perfectly works and on other surfaces, for example, on desktop or a surface of a notebook applied in testing.

To use the manipulator in graphic applications it is much more convenient, than the built in touch panel or the traditional mouse. However it would be even more convenient, if the construction of the manipulator would be even more thin, that is in bolshej to a degree would remind a pencil. However it, possibly, a problem of an existing technological level and units used in a construction.

The conclusion

In summary it is necessary to mark, that manipulator V-mouse is a new and interesting enough product, the original construction protected, by the way, as warns an inscription on a packing box, a number of patents. This product combines all necessary tags of the modern manipulator. Its lacks as, however, and some advantages, lay more likely in the field of psychology, instead of the realised construction. Well and to perfection, as is known, – there is no limit.

Considering all above told, it is possible to assert, that manipulator V-mouse can be useful not only to the users working with graphic applications (it is finite, not to all), but also that who has got tired of traditional touch panels and mice.

And the main output will be made by users the purses.

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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