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Multimedia combines MSI

Evgenie Rudometov

On the basis of modern components company Micro-Star International (MSI) has developed and has released supercompact multimedia combines MEGA VIEW

As all well-known, a little tens millions years ago on our planet dinosaurs reigned. However, having transited the course of life, these monsters have given way to more perfect descendants, differing in the smaller sizes and more perfect anatomy. Despite some attractiveness of former giants, their disappearance there was a bright illustration of laws of the evolution which universality confirms, for example, electronics development. Thanks to fast perfection of solid-state technologies there were the new units, allowed to realise many plans of designers. As a result of their efforts routed on multiplexing of reachings of computer equipment and audio/video of arrangements, there was a reality compact audio and videounits. As an example of such products it is possible to result the supercompact multimedia combines, the known computer company company Micro-Star International (MSI). Besides motherboards and videocards MSI successfully enough develops the multimedia direction.

Models 561 created by these company and 566 concern the bar of superportable multimedia combines MEGA VIEW, the weight and which sizes allow to carry in a ladies' handbag and even in a jacket pocket. Really weight each of the given arrangements has weight less than 250 grammes at the notepad sizes: 119 h 76 mm. A thickness of the most "wound" model 566 makes only 25 mm, and the predecessor and that has less — 21 mm.

As a matter of fact both models represent miniature computers with the processors, memory modules, the interface chains and even with a miniature hard disk (hard disk) of a form factor of 1,8 inches.

But to the potential users of the given arrangements who not in time perfectly to familiarise with modern computers, it is not necessary to be frightened possible difficulties. Designers have taken care and of them: handle of the specified multimedia combines is not more difficult than traditional audio and videorecorders. As the given arrangements also are intended to fulfil their functions, only not traditional analogue, and digital with inherent in such products quality and possibilities of copying: the 100-th copy is completely equivalent to the original.

Thanks to presence big, light, polnotsvetnogo 3.5 inch is liquid-crystalline screens combines MEGA VIEW are good for survey of videoclips of different formats and digital photos everywhere wherever there was their owner. Thus for review in road it is possible to use the built in screen, and houses the big television. MEGA VIEW 566 has entry and output plugs of audio/video hooking up providing possibility to the TV with the big screen.

It is possible to hook up MEGA VIEW to the computer cable USB 2.0 and to load the favourite films, pictures and music. Possessing solid memory in 20 Gbytes of model MEGA VIEW gives more, than there is enough place for musical collection, allowing to enjoy it in road.

Besides, they have and some more pleasant functions, for example, FM a radio receiver with the writing, allowing to listen and write FM broadcasts, a dictophone with the built in microphone for writing of lectures, interview and oral notices, and also the arrangement of audio/videorecording for copying of films from traditional sources. CD/DVD-player or a videocamera can be them, for example, videomagnitof.

However it is necessary to tell about possibilities of this wonderful engineering more in detail, especially that who is not afraid of such arrangements.

So, both models podderzhivjut a complete set of formats of multimedia, allowing to play various video files including WMV, MPEG4, DivX, and the most popular sound formats MP3 and WMA.

MEGA VIEW have considerable information capacity which provides a hard disk with informational size of 20 Gbytes. The high capacity allows to write easily and everywhere to carry with itself the multimedia information. The disk can store till 80 o'clock video in format MPEG4 or 5000 MP3 songs or 100 000 JPEG photos. And model 565 in a construction has a slot for cards of the flash-memory of CD/MMC that allows to communicate with the arrangements using given resources of memory, for example, by digital cameras easily.

Both models support video formats MPEG4, DivX 3, MotionJPEG, WMV9, audioformats MP3, WMAV9, WAV and formats of pictures JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF. The video decoders which are a part of given models, support systems PAL/NTSC.

The built in FM-tuner allows not only to enjoy music of favourite radio stations, but also even to write them. For simplification of using possibility to remember to 8 fixed frequencies is available a tuner.

Arrangements MEGA VIEW at their hooking up to computers are supported by Windows operating systems 98SE, WindowsME, Windows 2000, WindowsXP, MACOS9. It allows not only to exchange video and audio records, but also to apply the given multimedia-combines in quality vysokoemkogo the external disk drive providing transportation and storage of the computer information. Link is carried out by means of high-speed interface USB 2.0, that, by the way, allows to duplicate a high-grade video film less than for one minute.

Hooking up is provided through specialised plugs by means of the appropriate cables which are a part of a package where, by the way, CD-ROMs with the software and the documentation in several languages (while except Russian) enter also.

Energopitanie by arrangements it can be carried out or from the electric system through the desksize rectifier, or from the replaceable secondary generator recharged lithium-ionic (Li-ion, 2200 mach, 3,7 In, 1элемент)

It is necessary to mark, that with model 565 it is delivered two secondary generators, each of which provides till 3,5 o'clock video or till 8 o'clock audioplayback.

Handle of arrangements is carried out by means of the several keys allocated on frontal to the side and in the upper end face.

But it is possible to use and a miniature remote control, that essentially raises level of comfort of using the given arrangements, especially considering presence in packages of a desksize support.

In summary it is necessary to add, that company MSI continues to develop the bar of multimedia combines MEGAVIEW and plans release of new models.

Models of arrangements MEGA VIEW 561 and MEGA VIEW 565 have been given by the Moscow representation of company MSI

Article is published in log the Computer the Price (Computer Price).

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