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Intel toys

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Intel toys

Traditionally business of large computer corporations is grounded on development and release of the difficult and rather expensive products released in the mass edition. As an example of similar products it is possible to result such accessories, as modern processors and appropriate chip sets, motherboards, videoadapters and hard disks. Besides, large firms willingly develop and release finished articles, for example, such as the computers calculated for the mass user, workstations and, of course, cost-intensive servers. And cheap, nizkorentabelnaja production remains, mainly, destiny of small corporations, whose modest budget, the limited industrial base and insufficient qualification of employees do not allow to be engaged in large and cost-intensive projects.
Such policy of orientation to the high technology and expensive products provided long years constant and fast growth to large firms, whose industrial, financial and marketing activity is objectively interfaced to considerable expenditures. The given growth not in a small degree was promoted by indisputable successes of last two-three tens years in the field of the computer processing techniques, allowing to realise more and more arrogant projects, bringing to corporations and shareholders good dividends.
The added state of affairs linked to appropriate sharing of the market, seemed firm, and to it began to get used not only experts of numerous computer corporations, but also the users who are potential buyers of the high technology products. However crisis which branches of high technologies in last undergo couple of years, has solidly shaken foundations and has forced to reconsider bases of computer business.
Possibly, the era of the extensive methods linked to constant overgrowth of financial resources and sizes of production in computer branches, is step-by-step ended or even was already completed, probably, definitively and for ever.
It is linked, first of all to varied demand for such high technology arrangements, as computers and products accompanying them. Laying aside questions of dialectics, political economy and to that the similar reasons to try to explain new trends in the computer market it is possible, for example, by means of such new conditions, as modify structure of set of potential buyers and users.
Really, all last years the park of computers basically increased at the expense of addition of new arrangements to already existing. Even in case of upgrade of computers old accessories, as a rule, got to less exacting users. Thus if among the first wave of buyers, the overwhelming majority was made by professionals, that is those users who should not explain where and how to use computers the subsequent years the maximum of consumer demand obviously drifted aside less prepared levels of population. The last years computers were bought mainly for children. As the main arguments of these acquisitions appeared the high school requirement, defined by computer science lessons, and also usage of computers as the resources distracting children from influence of street and its accompanying dangers. Not in a small degree for computer acquisition played also such reasons, as prestige and unwillingness to lag behind neighbours, of course, within reasonable frames of the family budget. It is obvious, that all these reasons, nesmotrja even on aggressive advertising of manufacturers of modern engineering, could not provide non-limiting development of the computer processing techniques demanding constant upgrade of park of existing arrangements. Necessary level of upgrade rather the small number of users-professionals, of course, could not carry out. For output of branch from crisis not ordinary steps for adequate stimulation of user's demand and appropriate development of the market in which result it would be possible to expect upgrade of park of existing computer products are required.
In these conditions, practically, all corporations develop schedules and carry out appropriate steps on reorganisation of the activity. The corporation of Intel offering the new processors and chip sets, and also various network products, including high-powered servers has not stood aside also. But it appears, that this corporation has undertaken also really not ordinary steps on release of nonconventional products. It is a question of a game component of business of the giant of the computer industry of the corporation of Intel, presented while a small number of products. However in case of good luck this component can bring millions, and can be and billions dollars to the creators. And the most important thing, new arrangements of the corporation of Intel, fill with the new maintenance house computers, expanding their functionality. And for many potential users appearance in the market of such products, undoubtedly, is strong stimulus to acquisition new or upgrades of already existing computers. As a result the industry has an opportunity for further development, and new, interesting resources for entertainment and self-education are given to users. Thus users can not limit themselves to exclusively games representing, as is known, quite often danger to mental health of children.
And now after so extensive introduction it is necessary to consider, at last, functionality and features of maintenance of the first toys released by the computer giant and which, probably, can make considerable impact on development of the computer market.

Computer Sound Morpher

The first of set of the given original products which are banked by a uniform label of Intel Play and subject to consideration in the given browse, the arrangement named as implementators Computer Sound Morpher — the computer converter of sounds is. Its functionality is designated at once on a packing box: Sound Recorder and Editing CD-ROM - the arrangement for writing of sounds and CD-ROM for their editing.
The given arrangement represents rather simple arrangement for a sound recording with its subsequent conversion. This conversion can be carried out or by means of the arrangements of hardware built in a construction, or special programs after audioinformation overwriting in the computer.

Computer Sound Morpher

The data recording is carried out in the solid-state memory which is integral part Computer Sound Morpher. Unfortunately, the size of the given memory is sufficient for writing realisation only within 4 minutes. This duration cannot be increased at the expense of overgrowth of an informational memory size, at least, this possibility is not mentioned in the accompanying order bookings, differing can be even excessive short. However, considering its orientation to children, this circumstance is not an essential lack of the arrangement as simplicity of a construction allows rather fast and without special difficulties to seize functionality Computer Sound Morpher. It is necessary to mark, that the product has been researched standartizatsionnoj by commission ESRB and has received characteristic E (Everyone), that means, that the product does not carry in itself harm and it is recommended to children of all age and adults.
Now is a little bit more detailed about these possibilities.
System requirements:
OS: Windows 95 or Windows 98;
The processor: Pentium of 166 MHz, is recommended 233 MHz;
Sound map with an input terminal for a microphone and a column.
The arrangement includes rather high-quality microphone. It also has the small LCD-screen on which the information on that is displayed, what is the time for writing remains, and what quantity of audio records has been already made. Pressing appropriate buttons, it is possible to write, lose and delete audio records, and also to dump ready writings on the computer.

Microphone Computer Sound Morpher

Operation Computer Sound Morpher

The arrangement is hooked up to the computer through a special cord with two plugs. One (dark blue) is hooked up to a dictophone, and another (red) to an input terminal for a microphone on a sound map of the computer.

Cable for hooking up to the computer

In a package to the arrangement ear-phones through which it is possible to hear to the written information, and a disk of CD-ROM with the applied software are delivered still. The software has the short documentation in electronic form. The structure of the given software includes resources for creation and processing of the sound information on the computer: writing, playback and various special effects.
Possibility to create from parts of the person an image nekotorovogo the character, for example, the boy, the girl, the robot or the monster is given to the user. This character in the course of operation will move with lips in clock tick to a sound, and also sometimes to blink eyes. To begin with the user is offered to make writing, speaking in an arrangement microphone and then to lose the written sound. It is necessary to mark, that by means of software possibility of review ostsilogrammy the written sound is given. If necessary it is possible to select a certain special effect and to "superimpose" it to or after writing. For example, the sound can be changed in such a manner that it will be, for example, a voice of the alien or the person who is in a bathroom.

Writing and sound playing
With imposing of a special effect "alien"

Having clicked on the appropriate picture allocated in a top of the screen, the user can pass in other three subroutines. So, for example, having clicked on a picture with the computer and a cable it is possible to pass to a window where possibility to copy ready writings from the arrangement in the computer is given. Then these writings can be saved on a hard disk and further to update.

Writing of sound data
From memory of the arrangement on the computer

One of variants of operation with the sound information is a selection, pasting together of fragments of sounds, imposing of effects on a writing part etc. The given function is present at the offered program.

Window of operation with writing fragments

One of interesting possibilities of operation with a sound is a speech synthesis. The user enters the text, and the computer says the written words or even the whole sentences. Here it is possible to view received ostsilogrammu, and also to change the character which voice is imitated by the computer.

The speech synthesizer

It is necessary to mark also, that many audiopossibilities of the given arrangement can be realised by means of usage of a good sound card, a microphone and the appropriate software. The exception makes what to carry out writing by means of Intel Sound Morpher it is possible far from the computer, cкажем, nature sounds in wood.
It is necessary to add, that the price of the specified arrangement makes the little more 40у.е. The price value in many respects also defines some boundedness of a functional set of possibilities of the given arrangement. Estimating these possibilities, and also merits and demerits of the given arrangement, it is necessary to remember, that Соmputer Sound Morpher is a toy and it cannot be compared to more expensive dictophones which differ essentially higher price. However even with such rather primitive arrangement the child not only has a good time, but also receives some knowledge and even the elementary skills of audiomounting.

Computer Microscope

Computer Microscope - Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope - the microscope is more difficult and, perhaps, more interesting arrangement in comparison with Сомputer Sound Morpher.


This microscope is intended for children is higher 6 years. It is necessary to mark, that the product has been researched standartizatsionnoj by commission ESRB and has received characteristic E (Everyone), that means, that the product does not carry in itself harm and it is recommended to children of all age and adults.
This microscope unlike the traditional clone does not provide offline work. The given arrangement is calculated for operation exclusively complete with the computer to which it is hooked up through standard port USB. It allows not only to carry out informational link with the computer, but also necessary power supplies of the arrangement.
Operation with the computer allows not only to observe the objects increased by a microscope, on the screen monitor screen, but also gives a number of the possibilities defined by the specialised software, delivered on CD-ROM complete with the given arrangement. Handle of a microscope is carried out as the built in hardware, and by means of the applied program.
The microscope consists, generally speaking, of two parts. First, it is the plastic cylinder with mechanically switched optics (three eyepieces) and the electronic stuffing which is carrying out necessary conversion and the appropriate interface with the computer. Secondly, it is a plastic bed with a subject little table on which researched samples are located. It is necessary to mark, that the construction of the given arrangement admits usage of the cylinder separate of a bed with optics and electronics. It allows to expand possibilities of the arrangement and to research the samples which sizes do not allow to place them on a subject little table of a microscope. However in this case there can be problems with focusing and lighting.
Regulation of focal point and choice of levels of increase (it is digital х10, х60, х200) is fulfilled manually on a microscope. There is a possibility of a choice of one of two variants of highlighting: from below, from above. This function is carried out program. Program resources fulfil also arresting of maps. Thus there is a possibility of arresting both static, and dynamical maps with their subsequent editing or the built in resources of the control program, or standard for systems of Windows handlers of maps. Thus, there is a possibility to receive not only pictures, but also to shoot the whole films.
It is necessary to mark, that before operation with a microscope, even before its hooking up to the computer through USB-port, it is necessary to instal necessary drivers and the applied software. The structure of this support includes the documentation, programs of handle and the image processing, received from a microscope, etc. The involvement of the user in installation process is shown to a minimum.
Carrying out process instaljatsii, it is necessary to remember, that, probably, the distribution kit of appropriate system of Windows is required. Unfortunately, the software supports only Windows 98 operating systems, and support of Windows NT/2000 is absent now.
The common menu of the program and possibility of saving (export) of the received figures are presented on screenshots.

The program menu

Saving of files of maps

In the program also there is the elementary editor of maps. Thus, the picture received by means of a microscope it is possible podredaktirovat to select, for example, necessary subpictures on which it is necessary to pay attention, superimpose effects etc.
Examples of the maps received by means of a microscope are more low presented.

Mosquito. (Increase х10)

Mosquito sting. (Increase х200)

Mosquito sting. (Increase х60)

Denomination fragment in $100. (Increase х10)

Denomination fragment in $100. (Increase х60)

Chip of a series 134. (Increase х10)

Chip of a chip of a series 134. (Increase х60)

Chip fragment
Chips of a series 134. (Increase х200)

Unfortunately, the given arrangement is not free from a number of lacks.
It is possible to carry to them, for example, sometimes arising problems with lighting of researched samples. Power of the built in light sources has not enough. Especially obviously it appears at increase х200. In such cases it is necessary to use external lighting. By the way, it is necessary to consider, that the colour temperature of the used photoconverter is not regulated and calculated for artificial lighting (possibly, approximately 3000К). At sunlight usage dark blue shades obviously prevail. But quite good results provide an incandescent lamp and a daylight.
Other lack is complexity of positioning of the researched object on a subject little table. Especially it appears at increase х200. The matter is that object moving of all on 0,5 mm is accompanied by rather considerable change of position on the screen (about 10 sm) and it is easy to lose the object from a field of view. Certainly, the situation would be easier, if there was a possibility of moving of the subject little table supplied in addition with a grid chart.
However, estimating merits and demerits of a microscope, criticising imperfection of the given instrument, it is necessary to remember, that it is oriented to children and concerns rather simple and cheap arrangements. Lighting lacks (the lamp of the lower highlighting has power of 1,5 W) are in many respects linked to features of its power supplies which are carried out from port USB of the computer. It not only simplifies hooking up and microscope maintenance, but also provides necessary level of an electrosecurity of children. As to quality of optics (mainly insufficient it svetosily) and problems with positioning it is necessary to realise, that it is in direct relation with the price of the given arrangement which, of course, does not apply for professional level. Nevertheless, this arrangement even as it stands could decorate many laboratories of high schools and higher educational institutions. By the way, under the information available for authors to Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope the Academy of sciences which has ordered rather big number of given arrangements for laboratories of scientific institutions has shown attention. Whether it has measured success!
Requirements to the computer:
The processor of Intel of Pentium or Celeron with frequency from 200 MHz,
32 Mb DRAM,
Not less than 75 Mb of the free space on HDD,
USB (the majority of the computers created after June 1998г, satisfy to this requirement),
Video and audio, compatible with DirectX 6.1,
800x600, 16 bits,
Windows 98.


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