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Network as an intellectual platform

Evgenie Rudometov

Under the slogan Intellectual informational network Cisco – the platform for new possibilities in the Russian capital has transited on October, 16-18th conference on information technologies CiscoExpo2007

In Moscow this action has transited the eighth year successively and the attention of 2016 persons who have gathered from 107 cities of Russia, of some foreign countries has drawn. Moscow conference Cisco Expo 2007 has drawn attention of representatives of various sectors of economy. The majority of them represented telecommunication and the IT companies. Moscow conference Cisco Expo 2007 has been devoted innovative developments Cisco in the field of the network processing techniques changing ways of human dialogue, link and cooperation.

The program of conferences CiscoExpo of 2007 is devoted creation of the protected intellectual informational networks. Such networks become centre of innovations and rises of productivity of firms of any scale, the organisation of entertainments and services in real time are for platforms for allocation of the adapted and personalised possibilities necessary for users of the XXI-st century, as a delivery system of new services. Necessity for such developments is proved in reports of "a development Direction" and “Processing techniques for the varying world” the head of department of vertical sales Cisco Mark Miller (Mark Miller) and the head of department of engineering systems Cisco Akselja Klauberga (Axel Clauberg). They have led an estimation of an existing situation in the market and have made a number of interesting forecasts.

In particular, they have marked rapid growth of the stored data which size annually doubles. So, for example, the size hranimoj worldwide information counting on one person in 2005 made 4 Gbytes, but in 2010 it will reach 128 Gbytes, and in 2020  — 131 Tbyte (a Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Growth of size of the stored information counting on one person

Thus the fastest growth of accumulation of the information is observed in an Internet network. The digits resulted in reports testify to it. Really, in 2003 through the Internet it was handled 1,8 petabajt data ( 390 000 DVD-disks are equivalent ), but in 2005 through the Internet it was handled already nearby 1000 petabajt data (increase in 500 times for 2 years).

Fast the multimedia component of the information stored and handled through networks increases. So, for example, in 2005 through the Internet it has been shown 5 billion video streams, and 2006  — 31 billion Experts predicted in 2007 to 60-70 billion video streams. But in May, 2007 it has been registered 6 billion video streams only in the USA. As a result the estimation of experts is already raised to 200 billion video streams. And further will be, certainly, it is even more.

According to the forecast speed of accumulation of the information only will be prompt to increase. Thus the most interesting is, perhaps, that the considerable part of the information contains in a so-called "shadow" part of a network. This part is allocated behind numerous corporate internetwork screens and hidden from eyes of indirect users. Affirms, that there is in 500 times more data, than in shirokodostupnyh wide-area network sections.

Estimating all stored riches of informational stores, it is necessary to mark, that one of the major characteristics of the IT world today is a constant interconnection with local and global computer networks. Moreover, users require moment access to huge size of the network information. It is promoted by growth of capacity of data channels (a Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Growth of capacity of data channels

To rise of efficiency of usage of the possibilities which have opened in the last years for users global and local area networks the newest processing techniques which development is promoted by company Cisco are called. This company is one of leaders of the network market. It releases the various equipment and develops the newest processing techniques, for example, such as development of the unified communications. It provides transmission on digital networks of the various information, including the multimedia.

However role Cisco is not limited to traditional tasks. As it was repeatedly underlined in reports of conference CiscoExpo 2007, the company pays attention to all perspective computer to directions (a Fig. 3). These directions are characterised not only fast metrics of growth, but also solid profits.

Fig. 3. The perspective markets

Following digits testify to success of operation in the given markets:

       Cisco has put on the market more than 14 million IP-phones and every working day all over the world on IP-phones Cisco substitute 17 thousand traditional telephone sets,

       Solutions Cisco for the unified communications uses more than 50 thousand customers from the different countries. Solutions Cisco apply to the unified communications more than 70 % of the companies from the list of 500 largest corporations under log "Форчун" version. Since 1996 Cisco has gained 27 companies-implementators of processing techniques for unified communications,

       Cisco has received orders for systems TelePresence from more than 50 customers. C the help of system TelePresence company Cisco has organised about 29.000 conferences and 5883 virtual meetings with customers. System TelePresence usage has allowed Cisco to save on business trips about 46 million dollars

Certainly, much of this list concerns corporate sector. But would be an error to consider, that products Cisco are oriented only to the companies and their business.

Strangely enough can seem, but many can find its production at home. Really, Cisco has gained a number of the companies which products are oriented to end users. It is enough to recollect company Linksys. It is division Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) also releases wide gamma of the equipment for wire and wireless networks. The considerable part of this equipment is intended for private users who successfully use hardware-software solutions Cisco, not suspecting about it.

However, estimating perspectivity of traditional and new sectors of the IT market, it is impossible to forget, that a variety of methods of operation existing today in global and local area networks do not promote operative information interchange. For this reason developments of new types of the networks creating the uniform environment for users are actual.

Company Cisco heads transition to "setetsentricheskomu to the world", leaning against the huge experience and knowledge in the field of (IP Internet protocol, and also on the intellectual network functions, allowing to create powerful communication platforms. Cisco the first has started talking about transformation of networks from a simple resource of hooking up of arrangements in an intellectual platform (a Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. A network as an intellectual platform

Flexibility of networks Cisco allows to move to absolutely new communication horizons, for example, from a radio communication to IP-TV and delivery of applications.

As have predicted the addressed to conferences heads Cisco, in the future the corporate environment it becomes essential more intellectual and intuitively clear. It will bank experience of various users with principles of handle of business processes, and also to promote implantation and usage of difficult applications.

The important characteristic of perspective architectures is possibility of transmission of audio and a video information with possibility of operative interaction. By the way, importance of the visual traffic follows, for example, from this, that 30 % of a bark of a brain are occupied by processing of visual sensations, 8 % – tactile and 3 % – acoustical, and more than 60 % of dialogue – nonverbal.

It is obvious, that intensive development of new possibilities demands new computer solutions. And as it already happened time and again, traditional architectures do not cope with arising new tasks and problems. Already essentially new ideas and new solutions Here are required.

One of paths of prompt evolution is complete revising of computer architectures. And it is completely not surprising, that experts Cisco search for them in network solutions (a Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Evolution of architectures

Now systems with high allocation are applied, but in the future become a reality completely virtualizovannye the environments. Nevertheless, already today new network solutions Cisco allow to handle the various information that promotes rise of an overall performance of users. Existing, and the main thing — future solutions Cisco will allow to change how the world lives, works, plays and studies. Many of them have been considered during conference.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that operation Cisco Expo 2007 was carried out on four technical streams:

       routeing and switching (Routing&Switching);

       safety (Security);

       the unified communications (Unified Communications);

       data-processing centres (Data Centers).

It is necessary to add, that some of the solutions described in reports have been presented at an exhibition in which company Cisco and conference partners have taken part.

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