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Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes

Evgenie Rudometov

Company Apacer releases the wide nomenclature of cards of the flash-memory. One of the upper models is SD 150X size of 4 Gbytes

The nonvolatile memory is one of the major components of modern computers and many arrangements of consumer electronics. Presented usually disk drives on hard magnetic (HDD) and optical disks (CD/DVD), and also holders with magnetic tapes, it provides an information storage even in the conditions of absence energopitanija. At all advantages of the enumerated resources it is necessary to recognise, that they possess also a number of lacks. As an example it is possible to mark, for example, presence of moving units that is negatively mirrored in metrics of dependability and energopotreblenija. Besides, dimensions of the specified resources of an information storage often mismatch modern requirements of miniaturization.

The enumerated lacks are deprived a flash-memory card. The given cards are released different size and different form factors. Production occupies many corporations among which there are world famous companies.

The greatest prevalence was received by cards of standard Secure Digital (SD) which size is now in a band of 16 Mb – 4 Gbytes. And if low representatives hardly whom interest, parametres of representatives of a high bound of the specified band deserve the most steadfast attention. Really, their dimensions the little have more than stamp, and the information capacity corresponds 3,5 ”to the hard disks, released all any 5-10 years ago.

As an example of card SD concerning the upper band of size, it is possible to result model Apacer SD 150X in size of 4 Gbytes (4 Gbytes =   4 000 000 000 byte, 1X there correspond 150 Kb\ss). External this card it is presented on fig. 1, and the parametres declared by the manufacturer, — in table 1.

Fig. 1. Flash-memory Apacer SD card 150X 4 Gbytes in firm packing

Table 1. Key parametres of a card of flash-memory Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes


Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes

Compatibility with the specification, the version


Maximum read rate, Mb per second


Maximum speed of writing, Mb per second


Supply voltage, In


The sizes, mm


Weight, g


Real parametres have been defined in the course of testing. Considering orientation of cards of flash-memory SD to sector of transportable arrangements, their operation is expedient for estimating together with the transportable systems added corresponding maps-readers.

As test system notebook Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M1420 (the processor — Intel of Pentium M 735 with kernel Dothan and clock rate of 1,7 GHz, a chip set — Intel 855GME + ICH4M, the built in videoadapter — ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 PRO c 128 Mb RAM, dynamic storage — 512 Mb DDR333, HDD — 80 Gbytes) and maps-readers Transcend Multi-Card Reader TS-RD13S has been used         . And if the notebook possessing rather high efficiency and high-speed interface ports, most likely does not call questions the choice of the second arrangement demands explanations. The matter is that, as have shown numerous researches, estimations of parametres SD strongly depend on type of maps-readers. The selected model supports modern specifications, than favourably differs from competing models of similar arrangements. Nevertheless, for objectivity of an estimation of high-speed parametres of a card of flash-memory Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes standard model SD — Transcend SD 80X 1 Gbyte has been used  .

Results of testing of the specified cards of flash-memory Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes and Transcend SD 80X 1 Gbyte are resulted on fig. 2 – fig. 3 and in table 2.

Fig. 2. The schedule of linear reading Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes

Table 2. Results of testing of cards SD



SD 80X

WinBench 99/Disk Access Time (Milliseconds)



WinBench 99/Disk Transfer Rate: Beginning (Thousand Bytes/Sec)

 20 000

 11 300

WinBench 99/Disk Transfer Rate: End (Thousand Bytes/Sec)

 20 000

 11 400

Fig. 3. Results of performance of test WinBench  99/Disk Transfer Rate

The resulted results of testing allow the underplate to assert, that the card of flesh-memory Apacer SD 150X 4 Gbytes is really characterised not only the big information capacity, but a data transfer high speed. However to realise its high-speed potential it is possible only by means of appropriate means.

Flash-memory SD unit 150X 4 Gbytes has been given by the European representation of company ApacerTechnology Inc.

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