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IDF Fall 2002, Moscow

Evgenie Rudometov
Victor Rudometov

On October, 2nd, 2002 in Moscow has opened Intel Developer Forum (IDF) — the largest international congress of implementators of a hardware.

IDF it is spent some times in a year, gathering leading representatives of branch for consideration of the various questions linked to the advanced computer processing technique and production for the PC, servers, the communication equipment and pocket computing circuits.

This year one of sessions of the Forum of Intel for implementators is organised for the first time in Russia. Intel corporation has selected Moscow, centre of roughly growing Russian branch of information technologies and telecommunications, for carrying out of the Forum of Intel first in countries of Eastern Europe for implementators. Intel plans to organise following IDF in Russia in 2003.

The forum was opened by the president of the Russian representation of corporation of Intel Steve Chejz.

After Steve Chejza the word was taken by Boris Antonjuk, the deputy minister of link and information. He welcomed present on behalf of the state.

Further the chief executive of corporation of Intel Krejg Barrett has appeared. He has declared creation schedules in Russia till the end of this year three communication laboratories which will be opened at leading profile high schools of Russia: the Moscow technical university of link and computer science (base chair "Processing technique of electronic data exchange" of the Socially-state multiplexing "Association of documental telecommunication"), the St.-Petersburg university of telecommunications of M.A.Bonch-Bruevicha (faculty "Communication networks, switching systems, a computer technology", chair "Systems of switching and information allocation") and the Nizhniy Novgorod state technical university (chair "Network analysis and telecommunications")

Created laboratories should become educational centres for training of students and preconditioning of experts in the field of the architecture of Intel of Internet Exchange Architecture (IXA).

It is necessary to mark, that Since 1999, Intel corporation annually selects more than 100 million dollars for science and education support, stimulating preconditioning of the qualified experts for branch of information technologies and creation of new university programs on leading-edge technologies.

It is necessary to underline, that in Russia and a number of other CIS countries the academic program of Intel operates since April, 1997 and has been declared by the head of corporation Krejgom Barrett in its performance before students and teachers of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova. Since then Intel has spent more than 3 million dollars for support scientific and educational programs in this locale, including on opening of 33 laboratories in 13 high schools and five high schools in 9 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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