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The world of computers, radio and optics (on substances IDF). A part 2.

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

The following perspective processing technique is a silicon radio and dynamically reconfigured radio.

Here it is necessary to remind, that the modern products grounded on usage of radio-waves, are characterised by the big variety of units which did not manage to be created until recently forces of integration technology. For demonstrating of this circumstance Patrick Gelsingera during the report on IDF even has effectively divided the mobile phone, having thrown it into demonstration desktop.


Having shown audience fragments, he has commented on contents. Thus it has explained, that the greatest place occupy not vysokointegrirovannye semiconductor chips, and passives: capacitors, resistors, spools, switches etc. And these passives prevented to reduce until recently the size of radio products as could not be created resources of the integration technology underlying of production, for example, of processors and chip sets.

However the specified units of radio circuits can be created by means of MEMS and other traditional processing techniques. It will allow to integrate all together with other components on a uniform silicon body.

As a result of the given integration it is possible to create the new desksize products of radio providing wireless interconnection of components of computer systems, including possibility of operation in networks. Considering that fact that it is necessary to switch between different networks it is a question of implementation at once several arrangements, for example, network, radio. And, certainly, it is expedient to bank all of them in one product (Silicon Radio), having provided support of their functions.

Already there are ready developments in this direction. Thus it is necessary to mark once again, that all is fulfilled only from silicon with traditional additives for support of necessary types of conductance and mechanical properties with usage of metal interconnectings and parts in a semiconductor chip. At present already there are the arrangements steadily functioning on frequencies of 10 GHz and above.

Engineers of Intel have developed arrangements which are capable to switch automatically between networks for the purpose of reaching, for example, the greatest flexibility and high-speed performance at the least cost.

However implementators of Intel are gathered to embody the specified processing techniques and further, usage of high-frequency radio chains in difficult arrangements as it is made, for example, in mobile phones is rather than simple. It is planned, that in the near future practically each silicon chip will be completed with the built in radio resources. For example, the next years it there will be each chip set and the processor, and further radio will be in each unit and the arrangement. It also is implementation Radio Free Intel.

It is linked, first of all to a problem of the wires accompanying practically each computer product. Really, with increase in quantity of arrangements for any user too many wires round a workstation are stored. Radio is that is capable to reduce quantity of these wires essentially. Besides, radio usage allows to raise level of mobility of computer arrangements and peripherals.

Simultaneously with implementation of the specified purposes the processing technique of a broad-band information transfer on a radio channel (UWB — Ultra-Widwband) is developed . It will allow to handle the big streams of the information and in due course will substitute traditional ways of interconnection of components, for example, popular interface USB 2.0.

But, estimating possibilities of modern electron technologies, it is impossible to consider computers exclusively only as resources of diverse calculations. Really modern high-powered arrangements can successfully use and as measuring and controlling complexes. Especially, if them to add with radio resources and appropriate sensors.

Using the operating time which have been carried out by experts of the corporation of Intel in the field of network processing techniques and special sensors, supplied with radio resources and miniature logical elements, it is possible to create self-configurated networks. This rather new processing technique allows to extend computers and their interconnection in space. After the layout analysis in space there is an optimum interconnection. Thus in attention the distance, energopotreblenie and other characteristics of operation is taken. The network itself adapts to possible change of parametres, dynamically reconfiguring itself entirely in an automode for very small time.

Some tens such arrangements have been installed in a hall for demonstrating of possibilities of the given arrangements and processing techniques. Then in a hall balloons with similar arrangements inside have been started. And the audience, throwing spheres, could observe on the central screen of the changes occurring in structure of a network.

Usages of the given sort of arrangements are extremely various, for example, in the field of link, transport, leisure, derivation, medicine, agriculture etc . As the sizes of sensors can be reduced, as it has been specially marked, to 25-tsentovoj coins with appropriate reduction of price already in the near future.

Considering advantages of radio, it is necessary to mark, that capacity of the given data link is limited by physical laws. In the same cases when there are high data flows, it is expedient to use optical processing techniques. It can be carried out by means of lasers directly through the air environment or through volokonnoopticheskie communication circuits. High frequency of the electromagnetic oscillations making an essence of light, is pledge of high information capacity of such transmission mediums, as rayed light of the laser — a basis opticheschkoj communications.

Optical communications —Optical networks (Silicon Photonics) are arranged in the most common case as follows. The light source (laser) and the modulator of a signal is necessary for signal sending, and also the photofilter and the diode for signal reception. Such system should be customised on a certain wavelength. At such architecture rather easily it is possible to reach speed approximately 50 Gbit/with.

The information transfer which is carried out by means of light, is fulfilled usually through volokonnooptichesky a cable. The main advantage of such cable consists that now it is possible to handle light to very big distances, practically, without essential losses in power of a signal. One more advantage consists in possibility of transmission at once several (tens or even hundreds) signals with different lengths of waves through a unique fiber optic cable. For implementation of this possibility as a part of such systems of data transfer the transceivers customised on certain waves of optical signals use.

Thus now basically the different lasers which emanation occurs on the fixed frequencies use. In systems of following generation already same lasers use, change of which frequency of emanation is carried out by individual customisation of each of them.

The resulted systems are rather difficult also roads. Solution of these problems is multiplexing of the big number of accessories in one simple arrangement constructed on a small number of chips. It is possible thanks to the modern silicon and other reachings used in Silicon Photonics.

Advantages of this method — simplicity of a construction, cheapness, and also, easy customisation, probably, even remote.

As the proof of possibility of implementation of the specified schedules resources of existing processing techniques in the course of Patrick Gelsingera's performance on IDF had been presented examples of the newest arrangements.

Now every possible arrangements of reception and transmission of optical signals which are much easier and in tens, and sometimes are developed and in thousand times is cheaper than the widely used clones.

On IDF in the course of the report were the system from two such transmitters and receivers is presented, and also the system adjustability is shown.

For this purpose it has been used specialised GUI. For few seconds the system has been customised. With existing arrangements it occupies much more time.

Wide usage of processing technique Radio Free Intel as its implementators calculate, radically will change a life. Even daily arrangements will gain the new value, new functionality.

Computers will inspect various home arrangements of the house, will give possibility of automatic and automanual handle of them, including even the remote control, for example, from the car or office.

Already in the near future there is a reality the miniature mobile phone which sizes it is no more, than, for example, a female ear ring. And the radiomicrophone can be fulfilled, for example, in the form of a button. For such microphone not only the sizes, but also cost will correspond to the specified attribute of clothes.

The purpose of the experts who are engaged in development of new processing techniques and products to give all specified possibilities and in the near future. And it not the next Utopia is already a reality. And for pledge of it experience and authority of experts of the corporation of Intel are.

Part 1.

In article substances IDF Spring 2002 and documents of the corporation of Intel have been used.

It is published in log "you and your computer"

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