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Invekom at centre of the digital Universe

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

In St.-Petersburg there has transited the traditional exhibition Invekom devoted to information technologies and a computer technology. The bench of the corporation of Intel became the largest and, perhaps, the most popular and visited object at this exhibition.

Exhibitions, as well as press conferences, seminars and symposiums became the integral attributes of our life. The new products, the new processing techniques, new links and ratios. If more recently the main emphasis became on production of goods existing tendencies show prompt transition of a civilisation to a society mainly informational. In our life the information and appropriate processing techniques start to play really, step-by-step predominating role. To it testify also transited in October Moscow IDF, and exhibition Invekom.

It is finite, difficult to compare these two events though they and are devoted the similar purposes linked to representation of advanced achievements of branch and popularisation of these reachings among experts, and through them and finishing of results to wide layers of the public.

The grandiose success of action rather new to Russia which is IDF, in any measure is already mirrored in numerous articles. Results of the past of all still should be comprehended and estimated several days ago exhibitions Invekom.

Become traditional exhibition Invekom devoted to information technologies and a computer technology, was led in our city already in twelfth time. On idea of organizers this exhibition should show high level of development of current technologies and show the newest products. With that end in view two pavilions of expocentre for some days have been given known computer corporations. But whether they here have managed effectively to take advantage of this possibility?

Here opinions can possibly be divided, though and is not so strong, as it would be desirable. Certainly, a skill level and knowledge of visitors the different. Possibly, there were also for whom similar exhibitions are almost unique source of knowledge of computer processing techniques. However it is possible to assert, that the majority was made all the same by users, whose level of preconditioning thanks to the Internet and mass media is already enough high. To satisfy inquiries of such visitors, their bent for to new knowledge it is rather hard.

It is especially difficult, as the last years the exhibition of reachings has step-by-step found features of any fair on which computer corporations consider itself obliged to be present that them have not forgotten. Thus presence for the majority at all does not mean demonstrating of the newest products and processing techniques. More likely their main slogan - look, we are still live. And the sparse products presented by computer corporations, were similar, as brothers-twins, however, as well as the form of clothes of numerous representatives.

On this background first exhibitions Invekom are recollected. Before eyes there are huge benches of the famous corporations — grandees of the world computer industry. They showed the newest accessories and the products created on the basis of perspective processing techniques. Exhibitions of that period, really, were perceived as computer holidays and used surprising popularity of wide layers of the public.

But there was a default of 1998, and soon and world crisis of modern branches of the industry. Possibly, to corporations became any more to exhibitions. Here Invekom also has lost a part of the person and, possibly, a part of the admirers.

However not all so is sad. Though many large firms which have been knocked down by most powerful in history of high technologies by an economic crisis, have refused involvement, modern products all the same were present. And in two pavilions in which the exhibition was allocated, it was not empty.

Were at an exhibition and the motherboards created on the basis of modern chip sets, were both videoadapters, and hard disks, and also screen monitors and miscellaneous computers konstruktiva and the sizes.

But as it was already marked, oppressed monotony of benches a little... The first pavilion.

And here in the second pavilion of exhibition Invekom the people invariably crowded. A basis of this pavilion, certainly, the bench of the corporation of Intel (AMD and VIA, and where your benches was?) which was one more incarnation of its program known as Centre of the digital Universe. At an exhibition the exposition was named "Travel to Centre of the digital Universe — entertainments for all family". For five days (on November, 26-30th) operations of this exhibition of reachings of modern computer equipment on it has visited more than 20 000 visitors. Before the exposition was shown in a number of other largest cities of Russia: Novosibirsk, Moscow, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Nizhni Novgorod. In total her has visited about 230 thousand persons.

Photo 1. Intel bench at exhibition Invekom

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