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Rise of productivity of computers through dispersal of units

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Article is grounded on substances of books "PC: customisation, optimisation and dispersal" — 2 izd., the reslave. And dop. — SPb: BHV, 2000, 336 and "the Arrangement of the multimedia computer".

The computer step-by-step turns from luxury goods to the widespread tool which necessity step-by-step understand all. This thought steadily seizes weights. From the theory it slowly and steadily turns to style of a life. And even if today the purpose of acquisition of the computer are a fashion and games tomorrow are already office and house information retrieval systems on the basis of databases, e-mail, the Internet.

And all is good, but one thought spoils so joyful picture. The matter is that the computer is not TV and not a washing machine which can serve faithfully decades. The computer starts to grow old promptly practically from the date of the acquisition. It is possible to assert, that that arrangement which is gained today, in any two-three years will hopelessly become outdated. The hope to find something more long-time it is faster from area of groundless imaginations and is admissible to some extent for housewives, but not for those who has already received some experience and furthermore, for the advanced users.

And nevertheless all not so is sad. It is possible to show, that processes of a fast obsolescence of computers can resist somewhat. First of all, it is careful customisation and the service consisting, for example, in periodically led operations of scanning and defragmentations of hard disks. To it it is necessary to add обновлениe drivers and BIOS. By the way, as shows experience, even a dust and the more so bad contacts can reduce productivity.

However even carefully customised and regularly serviced computer cannot correspond long time to permanently increasing requirements. Sooner or later each user of the computer faces a problem of its insufficient productivity for solution of tasks in view. After all spares on increase in productivity at the expense of all-round optimisation of operation of equipment rooms and computer software are completely settled, it is necessary to pass to more radical measures. As a rule, one users solve a problem of insufficient productivity by purchase of the new computer, others - upgrades (upgrade) existing. Unfortunately, both variants are linked to considerable financial expenses, is frequent rather essential.

However it is necessary to mark, that there is one more path prolonging the period of maintenance still new, but already promptly becoming outdated computer technology. This path quite often gives the second life and to those computers as which modern already in any way you will not name. It is a question of a method which in English is named "overclocking", and in Russian - "dispersal". The essence of the given method consists in maintenance of some units and computer sites in carefully selected forced modes. It, as a rule, allows to raise essentially high-speed performance of each of them and accordingly productivity of all system. However, it is necessary to mark, that sometimes all it is reached by some lowering of dependability of operation and abbreviation of a resource of accident-free maintenance, that in many cases is quite admissible.

Really, in the conditions of constant development of computer processing techniques and development of more and more perfect programs-but-hardware period of expedient maintenance of sites and computer technology units is permanently reduced. At appearance of modern, better and efficient components becomes economically unprofitable eks-pluatirovat out-of-date prototypes. Now for processors, videoadapters and hard disks expedient period of operation in computers usually makes no more than 2-3 years. Many users even before the expiration of the given period try to substitute these, as a rule, serviceable and well working units, on more efficient samples. At the same time it is necessary to mark, that high dependability of computer units allows to maintain them more than 10 years. Therefore possible some lowering of dependability and a resource (for example, with 10 till 5 years) is often justified and quite admissible, as the period eks-pluatatsii computer units - is short also all resource all the same will not be worked out.

And as to possible glitches and lags at correct performance of procedure of dispersal they are extremely rare and in usual conditions, as a rule, do not lead to the big troubles. Certainly, it is not necessary to use the given modes in management systems of potentially dangerous productions and the vital processes. There computer glitches are not so harmless and, certainly, cannot be considered as the admissible.

It is necessary to underline, that recently dispersal became popular and among owners of absolutely new computers. Such users quite often already during purchase ask to instal the forced modes for units and subsystems of the computer. Their more experimental colleagues fulfil it in house conditions, selecting an optimum behaviour at the hard control and careful testing. Have appeared the computer corporations performing similar operations and rendering to consultation.

Estimating possibilities and dispersal troubles, it is necessary to remind, that these modes are not such new processing technique. As it often happens, new is well forgotten old. Really, in computers with type 8086 processors, 8088, 286 mode TURBO which, as a matter of fact, often was a dispersal mode widely used. So the forced modes used at a dawn of appearance of personal computers, but only the last years dispersal became comprehensively researched and proved processing technique of rise of productivity of computers.

Popularity of dispersal speaks not only natural desire something to improve in the computer. It is necessary to search for the main reason basically in the field of economy. Really, given procedure applied, by the way, not only for processors, allows at rather low expenses and reasonable risk to reach rather high efficiency for computers. Growth of productivity for the processor can reach 20-30 %, and at the tighter and risky modes - to 50 % and more. It is similarly possible to raise productivity of the videoadapter and even a hard disk essentially. Such considerable growth automatically translates the computer in higher category. Thus quite often completing an initial performance level successfully compete to more powerful and expensive representatives who are on the opposite end of a number.

Despite obvious economic radicals, it is not necessary to consider a dispersal method only from these positions. Often enough in the forced modes maintain the advanced, the newest, units and the sites, which productivity it is very high. This metric is defined by the reached level of current technologies. Dispersal allows to lift the given lath still above.

Popularity of dispersal is promoted also by appearance of appropriate motherboards and chip sets, and even special programs th of the resources exercising administration and the control over modes of maintenance.

To research of the forced modes and framing of appropriate guidelines have devoted itself not only separate enthusiasts, but also many serious corporations, both foreign, and domestic. Sometimes such operations are fulfilled not only with the consent of manufacturers, but even at direct encouragement of the corporations performing given operations. For an example rather durable cooperation of KryoTech corporations, AMD, Compaq can already be. Teamwork of the given corporations has allowed in a dispersal mode at extremal cooling of processors AMD to double a kernel operating frequency, having reached level of 1 GHz long before an experimental output of the processor for which this frequency already was regular!

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