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"PC: Overclocking, Optimization and Tuning" 2-nd Edition
Customer Reviews

Excellent information.,
March 18, 2001
Reviewer: Michael Woznicki from Holland, MA.

When it comes to upgrading a computer there are a number of ways to add hardware, but what if you want to make it faster using only the hardware the computer comes with? This book is tailored made for you and you can have that fastest pc on the block.

The authors' start off with the BIOS and the setup of the computer, they also delve into the BIOS Update and what to do and not to do. The next thing you read about is the optimisation and compressing of the hard drive. While I do not agree with drive compression, the authors present a fairly good argument in favour of the technique.

Then you get to the meat of the book with the ability to over clock the CPU, from Intel 286 to the P3, and they also include Cyrix and AMD. Further they discuss the over clocking of the video and motherboards. There are examples of the techniques discussed and tips and hints are also included.

While the book details things can make the user dangerous if there is no experience, they also explain the do's and don'ts of the ideas. I personally do not find the over clocking to be a viable solution to speed after seeing what can happen if it done wrong, but as a repair technician I like the money it brings in.

Over all the authors are very complete and detailed in the information presented, they include tables, diagrammes, figures and examples to make sure you have the right information at your fingertips.

The Best book about overclocking, optimimization and tuning.,
February 7, 2001
Reviewer: John Jackson from US

This book is the best choice for people who want to get everything out of their computers. But it will be also very helpful for persons, who want to just improve their computer skills. Authors of this book discussed a great number of different topics how to improve computer performance and stability (and not only that). Optimization and Tuning are well known topics and they are described in many other books I've read. But this book does it's job the best. As for Overclocking it is one of the most interesting topics. I'd say this is the only book about overclocking. Authors gave a very good idea what exactly it is and how to do it. They gave a lot of recommendations and (that is important) many examples. When you do something you would like to know what you are doing, what for, and what will be the result. This book gives answers to these and many other questions. I would recommend this book to everyone - both beginners and professionals. It is nice written. Many pictures help in understanding the material.

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