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Overclocking c FR33E

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Article is grounded on substances of books "Arrangement of the multimedia computer", "Motherboards and chip sets" and "PC: customisation, optimisation and dispersal"

Usage of the forced modes of maintenance of accessories becomes a popular resource of rise of productivity of computers. For implementation of these modes of the corporation manufacturers release a wide spectrum of the motherboards differing among themselves by a set of built in resources. Thus the greatest attractiveness rather inexpensive products, for example, such as motherboard FR33E from FIC corporation, created on the basis of chip set VIA Apollo PLE133T with built in drawing Trident Blade3D possess.

Prompt development of the architecture of computers is accompanied by rather fast complicating of the system and applied software demanding adequate overgrowth of computing resources. And first of all it concerns increases in the common productivity of system. This increase is carried out, as a rule, at the expense of periodic changeover of accessories by more high-speed models that is accompanied by quite often considerable expenses of financial assets. However, as is known, to raise productivity of new computers or it is essential to prolong period of expedient maintenance obsolete, but still efficient systems it is possible by means of accurate and cautious performance of procedure of dispersal (overclocking) computer accessories. Possibility of an intensification of their operation which is carried out at the expense of usage of forced modes, is caused by a high technological level of production of modern accessories, and also perfection of their architectures. First of all it concerns central processor units, whose big and quite often redundant spare of productivity can be realised by means of usage of the appropriate forced modes — the dispersal which is carried out, as a rule, at the expense of increase of clock rates.

It is necessary to mark, that the similar increase in productivity is reached by some lowering of dependability of operation of separate units and all computer system. Besides, as a result of dispersal probably and abbreviation of a resource of accident-free maintenance. However in many cases it is quite admissible. Really, in the conditions of constant development of computer processing techniques and development more and more perfect completing period of expedient maintenance of sites and computer equipment units it is permanently reduced. Quite often taking into account appearance of modern, better and efficient components becomes inexpedient and economically unprofitable to maintain their out-of-date prototypes.

Despite considerable period of possible accident-free maintenance of the accessories reaching of tens of years, many users long before the expiration of the given period try to substitute these, as a rule, serviceable and well working units, on more efficient samples. So, for example, it is expedient to substitute processors each two-three years, and in some cases and much more often. And it despite possibility of their operation during tens years! Therefore possible some lowering of dependability and an operation resource, for example, from 10-20 till 5 years, is often justified and quite admissible. As all existing resource all the same will not be worked out up to the end.

Despite the ambiguous ratio of computer experts and ordinary users to dispersal a number of known and dear computer corporations admit in the products possibility of maintenance of accessories in the forced modes. For implementation of these modes corporations-manufacturers of motherboards release a wide spectrum of the products differing among themselves by a set of built in resources and the price. Thus the greatest attractiveness, obviously, rather inexpensive products, for example, such as motherboard FR33E from FIC corporation, oriented to operation with processors konstruktiva FCPGA with Socket 370 plug , such as VIA C3, Intel Celeron and Intel of Pentium III, including products with kernel Tualatin possess  . The given card on the basis of chip set VIA Apollo PLE133T possessing integrated graphics resources is created.


Fig. 1. The architecture of the computer with chip set VIA Apollo PLE133T

For chip set basis chip North Bridge VT8601T with the built in video controller which basis is made by 64-bit graphics kernel Trident Blade3D which computational capability has enough not only for operation with office applications, but also the graphics tasks which are not demanding considerable productivity in the 3D-schedule is. Various controls for the peripheral devices, which controllers make a basis of the second chip of a chip set – South Bridge, allow to create on the basis of specified motherboard FR33E from FIC corporation of system of different patterns and possibilities. And the integrated units of overgrowth of frequency of the bus allow to increase productivity of system without additional financial expenses, as show the results resulted more low.


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