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Motherboard Abit KT7

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Article is grounded on substances of books Arrangement of the multimedia computer, Motherboards and chip sets and PC: customisation, optimisation and dispersal.

In development of the architecture of the motherboards which are one of the major completing modern computers, occurs not only improvement of parametres, but also configuration resources, and customisations. In particular, the resources providing rise of the common productivity of system at the expense of usage of forced functional modes for units and subsystems of the computer are perfected.

Competition between corporations of Intel and AMD which are the main manufacturers of processors proceeds. In the course of rivalry of giants of the computer industry there is not only improvement of parametres and reduction of prices of released processors, but also a perfection of other accessories, and also architectures of computers. First of all it concerns chip sets and the motherboards created on the basis of these units. Without qualitative products of this group complete disclosure of potential possibilities and successful maintenance of processors as a part of computers is impossible.

However the problem of development and release of chip sets and motherboards is complicated not only permanently increasing requirements, but also different interfaces, characteristic for processors of corporations of Intel and AMD. And though behind Intel products, the huge finance, experience and traditions of the whole branch, processors AMD use the deserved popularity. Moreover, thanks to excellence, concerning low cost, the successful architecture and high efficiency of processors AMD their popularity permanently grows, step-by-step overtaking by this criterion similar products of the corporation of Intel. Especially it concerns last processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and AMD Duron, created in konstruktive PGA and calculated for special Socket A plug (Socket 462), incompatible with Socket 370, used with with processors of the corporation of Intel and similar products of other corporations.

Despite popularity and vysokooe quality of processors of the traditional architecture, according to varying realities of the computer market grows release of the products oriented to processors AMD. Among such products the visible role is played by chip set VIA Apollo KT133 and motherboards on the basis of this popular chip set. Importance of the given products cannot be overestimated, as they have allowed to realise powerful technological potential of processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and AMD Duron, thoroughly having pressed in competitive struggle of system on the basis of processors of Pentium III (Coppermine) from Intel. Besides, chip sets and motherboards of the given group, and also processors AMD of the new architecture, have allowed to break monopoly of the corporation of Intel for the given products and have put in pawn a basis for alternative architectures and the processing techniques providing further accelerated development of computer branch.

However, giving due to computers with processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and AMD Duron, it is necessary to mark, that they concede to alternative systems on such metric, as dispersal (speeding up of operation of units and subsystems), being powerful and already popular resource of reaching of maximum productivity of computers. Modes of dispersal after arresting of private coefficients by manufacturers of modern processors are carried out recently exclusively through increase frequency processor FSB buses.

Difficulties of usage of the specified way of dispersal it is linked to a high transmission frequency of data and features of implementation of the processor bus Alpha EV6 applied together with processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and AMD Duron. All these circumstances somewhat were the deterrent on path of wide implantation of the perspective computer architecture and high-powered processors of AMD corporation. But, using features of processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and AMD Duron, implementators of motherboards all the same have solved also this uneasy problem, having adjusted release of the motherboards providing change of frequency multipliers of processors, defining working (internal) frequency of the processor through clock (external) frequency of the bus, the resources which have been built in the architecture of cards. Solution of this uneasy task not only still has above lifted a lath of popularity of processors AMD, but also has begun new and perspective set of motherboards.

 — Abit KT7 the substance presented more low is devoted short consideration of one of such motherboards .

The cores параметрыAbit KT7

Processors: AMD Athlon and AMD Duron with processor Socket A plug (Socket 462) and clock rate of bus FSB Alpha EV6 of 100 MHz.

Chip set: VIA Apollo KT133 (VT8363+VT82C686A).

Dynamic storage: to 1,5 Gbytes in 3 DIMM (168 p, 3,3 ) PC100/PC133 SDRAM, frequency of the bus of memory of 100/133 MHz.

BIOS: Award Plug and Play BIOS.

Video: support of 1 arrangement AGP 1X/2X/4X.

Input/output resources (I/O): 2 ports IDE (to 4 arrangements Ultra DMA/66/33), 2 PS/2 plugs for keyboard and mouse hooking up, 1 floppy-port, 1 parallel port (EPP/ECP), 2 serial ports, 2 ports USB (+2 dop.) etc .

Slots: 1 AGP, 6 PCI, 1 ISA.

Forms the factor: ATX (305x230 mm).

Package structure:

The motherboard,

80-zhilnyj a 40-contact cable for hooking up of arrangements IDE UltraDMA/66/33,

Cable for the floppy-disk drive,

CD-ROM with the software,

The instruction,

Cable USB (optional).

There is an expanded variant of motherboard Abit KT7 — Abit KT7-RAID. The main difference of the given variant is that in the card architecture specialised chip HPT-370 uses. It has allowed not only to realise UltraDMA/100, but also possibilities RAID. As is known, RAID allows to raise speed of operation and dependability of data storage on hard disks which thanks to presence of chip HPT-370 in this variant of the motherboard can be to eight IDE-arrangements.

It is necessary to mark, that, despite usage as South Bridge chips VT82C686A which structure includes built in resources AC ’ 97, audiofunctions are not supported by the architecture motherboard Abit KT7. It, of course, limits possibilities of the given product. Moreover, it is probable, that the given circumstance even will frighten off any group of potential buyers. However, considering rather low quality of similar audioresources, their absence is not an essential lack of this card. Besides, it is necessary to remind, that motherboard Abit KT7 is not calculated for systems of the lowest category of cost (Low End).

And here advantages for this card are available. And one of them is a presence of cooling resources for chip North Bridge of a chip set. Thus except the traditional heat sink on a chip, the fan uses. On a plan of implementators application in addition to a powerful cooler of the processor of one more fan installed on chip North Bridge VT8363, should raise stability and dependability of system.

It, apparently, quite was possible to implementators of the considered motherboard. During testing, at least, in regular modes of problems with the card did not arise. It is necessary to mark, that stability of operation, as a rule, is usual for Abit corporation products. Remains and in given browse to confirm this tradition of excellence of products of the specified corporation quantitative estimations of high efficiency of the computer created on the basis of motherboard Abit KT7.

System pattern

Testing and the analysis of received results were made in two patterns of the computer. Motherboards of one manufacturer, and also the processors concerning one class have been thus selected. Processors AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) and Intel of Pentium III (Coppermine), calculated on identical internal frequency operations in this case used .

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