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Memory customisation in BIOS Setup

Rudometov E, Rudometov Century

Article is grounded on substances of books "PC: customisation, optimisation and dispersal" — SPb: BHV, 1999, 256 with. And "PC: customisation, optimisation dispersal" Изд.2-е, dop. — SPb.: BHV-Санкт-Петербург, 2000, 336с.

Sophisticated users know, that productivity and functionality of the computer depend not only on the central processor unit. They are defined by all aparatno-program components which are a part of system. And not last role among them is played by the dynamic storage which optimisation of operation quite often possible to raise computer power. And to start customisation expediently from parametre setup in BIOS Setup.

BIOS ROM has the built in setup-program which allows to change a base pattern of system. This information is written in special chips of memory CMOS RAM. Such organisation of an information storage about a base pattern of system allows to protect it in the absence of computer power supplies. Transition to setup-program BIOS — BIOS Setup — is carried out on pressing of key keys at inclusion of the computer or its reboot. Usually for these purposes the key <Delete> uses.

The common productivity of all system of the computer often depends on installations in BIOS Setup. In many cases there is a real possibility considerably to raise computer power, having changed parametres in BIOS Setup. It concerns also parametres of operation with memory.

More often all necessary parametres controlling operation of dynamic storage, are in menu BIOS Setup which is named Advanced Chipset Setup which items are enumerated more low. Usually to change values it is possible by means of keys <+> and <-> or <PgUp> and <PgDn>. Values Enabled/Disabled mean to include/switch off an appropriate option.

  • Auto Configuration

Automated installation of parametres by the computer.

For a possibility of correction of parametres manually it is expedient to switch off the given option. Otherwise many parametres will be automatically installed.

  • DRAM Read Timing

Quantity of cycles at call to memory.

The given parametre can accept values x111, x222, x333, x444. The quantity of cycles, the less better. It is necessary to reduce to minimum possible value. It will increase productivity. However it is necessary to be convinced without fail of stability of operation at a new option value. Possible (recommended) values: EDO RAM — x222 and x333, FPM RAM — x333 and x444, SDRAM — x111 and x222.

  • DRAM Write Timing

It is necessary to change the given parametre under the circuit similar to the previous.

  • RAS to CAS Delay

It is necessary to try to instal this parametre as small as possible. However not any memory can work with low value.

  • DRAM Leadoff Timing

Value of this parametre depends not only on used memory, but also and from a chip set on the motherboard. At reading the chip set of Intel Triton FX does not allow to instal (usually) cycles of operation less, than 7-x-x-x, chip set TX or HX — 5-x-x-x, and at writing — 5-x-x-x (FX) and 4-x-x-x (TX and HX).

At value 5 system will be efficient in case of usage of memory EDO of 50 nanoseconds or 10 nanoseconds SDRAM. As always, it is necessary to try the least possible value.

  • Turbo Read Leadoff
  • Turbo Read Pipelining
  • Speculative Lead Off

It is necessary to try to include these parametres and to look at productivity and working capacity of the computer. Sometimes there is a memory which productivity considerably increases at inclusion of the given parametres.

At a choice of the parametres defining operation of RAM chips, practically always it is possible to start with a principle, the it is less than delay, the better. At the same time installation of too low data values of parametres can lead to astable operation of memory, and, therefore, and the computer. In this case it is enough to load default settings (menu BIOS Setup Defaults), and the system will return to an initial state. Changing parametres BIOS Setup linked to delays by operation with memory, it is impossible to do any harm to the computer. If the system works not stably or in general refuses to function, it is necessary to return only to initial installations.

The detailed description of each of parametres can be found in the documentation on the motherboard or in the appropriate technical literature.

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