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Rise of information capacity HDD (the Part I)

Evgenie Rudometov, Victor Rudometov.

Practically all users are familiar with a problem of unsufficiency of information capacity of the hard disks used as a part of personal computers. This problem in many cases can be weakened by means of various software of compression of the information without acquisition of the additional equipment. As such resources the archivers which are carrying out at the command of the user effective compression of the information can be used. However at all of them advantages quite often considerably it is more convenient to use the resources of dynamic compression which are carrying out the extension of an information field of hard disks in an automode.

Of some features of some resources of dynamic compression of the information, Windows used in the environment of popular operating systems, offered article is devoted a choice, customisation and the analysis.

Short introduction

Constant complicating of the tasks solved by means of personal computers, makes stimulating impact on development of appropriate industries. Thanks to successes of current technologies there are more and more efficient processors and videoadapters, dynamic storage sizes grow, the architecture and interfaces are perfected. However high rates sizes of the system and applied software demanding for the operation more and more powerful hardware support increase also. As a result practically to any user of the personal computer possessing even a small store of knowledge and a modest operational experience with similar difficult arrangements, well-known, that existing computer resources, usually redundant at the initial stage, rather fast cease to suffice for effective and comfortable operation.

Certainly, the problem of insufficient resources can be solved by means of performance of uneasy operation of upgrade of system of the computer or even purchase of new model of the personal computer. Unfortunately, it is accompanied, as a rule, by considerable financial expenses. Besides, users should troubleshoot, linked to a choice of an optimal complete set of the future computer.

It is necessary to mark, that the problem of insufficient computer power to some extent can be solved by means of usage of the forced modes of accessories ( Such modes are named as dispersal (overclocking). Their usage, really, quite often essentially prolongs a life of promptly becoming outdated computer equipment. However, it is reached by some lowering of stability and dependability of maintenance of computer systems and their accessories. Nevertheless, it quite often is quite admissible in home and even some office conditions of service, but, of course, not in cases of potentially dangerous productions.

However despite the popularity this method is absolutely useless in case of a lack of information capacity of a subsystem of hard disks. Unfortunately, any, even weighed, nauchnoobosnovannyj, and, of course, accurate and cautious dispersal of units of a subsystem of hard disks, cannot increase their information capacity. Here similar modes are powerless, and it is necessary to search for other methods of struggle against boundedness of given extremely important resource of modern computers. Thus to use them, if and not for ever, at least, before acquisition new, more capacious and, unfortunately, more expensive disk drives of the information. Information compression can become such resource of struggle for the raised size of a subsystem of disk memory of the personal computer.

Generally speaking, such resources already are available as a part of the software, practically, any computer. It is a question of the various archivers widely presented in the computer market of software. They, really, expand an information field hard and floppy disks at the expense of effective compression hranimyh files. However it is necessary to mark, that usage of their possibilities usually demands feed by the user of appropriate commands and, as a rule, in dialog mode that is not always convenient.

From the specified lack the available assets providing dynamic compression of the information without involvement of the user. Their operation is equivalent to the considerable extension of an information field of a subsystem of hard disks of the personal computer. It is thus important, that similar resources do not demand acquisition of any additional equipment.

More low such resources become the object of consideration of offered article. The substance presented further is devoted customisation of these resources, and also the analysis of results of their operation.

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